Monday, March 7, 2011

Haiku Mondays: Signs

Photo courtesy National Archives

* * *

Tales told in the dust
of how the West was won: Heads
up, then eyes to ground.

* * *

Welcome to another round of Haiku Mondays, in which participants post their best 5-7-5 creations for the chance to win a Chickory designed great badge of honor and other possible fabulous prizes. Aunty is hosting this week, so drop by her place and see who else is playing. And if you want to, too, just post your haiku in her comments. It's about the best way I know of to whittle away at a Monday.


Aunty Belle said...

hey hey!!

Real fine Haiku an' wunnerful visual--sign of their time, them early Westward Ho! folks.

Moi, Cherie....must tell ya' I is humbled by how hard the judgin' is gonna be--oh, mah gracious--new found admiration for yore wise discernment an' entertain' critiques in recent weeks.

Aunty Belle said...

oh, an' Moi....please invite yore friend Czar to play Haiku too--if he would care to join us? I recall he posted a few really good ones --an I cain't seem to find his blogger page. Anyhoo--he would be a fun addition.

fishy said...

How's the healing?

I love your haiku.
When Mermaid was in grammar school she got her first computer game; it was Oregon Trail. It's purpose was to teach logistical planning via history, geography, weather and cultural challenges. She loved the game, I nearly had a seizure every time we played. Once I started the journey with a fine strong husband, 6 children, 4 oxen, 2 horses, a wagonload of household goods and sewing supplies to barter. At the end of the game I had buried all my babies, my love, and watched the wagon and the oxen fall into a ravine off the high mountain passes. There were snake bites and cholera, whooping cough,indian attacks, drownings , etc. In the end I was a dusty woman shuffling down the road alone.

These ancestors were BRAVE! Your haiku is so keen. Eyes up to keep the goal in sight, eyes down to concentrate on right foot, left foot, right fo....snake!


moi said...

Aunty: It is a tough thing, judging. But if anyone can handle it, it is you :o) Also, Czar's blog is Land on Demand, right to the left on my home page. I think he's up to his eyeballs in work, though.

Fishy: I HAVE to get that computer game! I'm a history nerd/student of the West. It's unbelievable to me what these people went through, how tough they were, how focused. And we bitch and moan today when the air conditioning goes out . . .

Jenny said...

Oh! I love this. When my parents first movied us to Oregon we spent nearly every weekend exploring the Oregon Trail, going to Eastern Oregon many times. What a beautiful picture you found too.

I remember the Oregon Trail game, but I never played it, now I want it too!

Buzz Kill said...

I really take for granted how easy travel is for us today (except for airline travel and the TSA). A 20 minute trip to the food store would take the settlers all day. Nice Haiku.

@Fishy - I watched the Pudge play a video game last night that sounds similar to yours. It's called Bulletstorm and you get extra points for kicking the bad guy into what amounts to be a gaint blender. Good fun.

moi said...

Boxer: Do you know the game was originally developed in 1971? Did we even have computers back then?

Buzz: Traffic was stopped on I-40 west this morning, just a mile from my front door, because someone hit a mountain lion. I like that things can still get a little wild and woolly in this world. Well, except when I'm on a plane. Then, I want: A. A cocktail. B. The kid in back of me to keep his boogers in his nose. C. The plane to stay in the air. No hitting mountain lions allowed.

Anonymous said...

Excellent haiku and really cool old photo. I'd rather travel by horse and face bandits than fly Continental and face TSA goons.

moi said...

Troll: Right. One can carry a gun on the back of a horse . . .

Aunty Belle said...

How's the foot? The cabin fever?

I'd go to Oregon too if somebody would movie me to it.

fishy said...

The way things are now, there's probably an app for Oregon Trail. Should be every bit as entertaining as bowling down pigs with birds.

@ Boxer, I bet there is a way to play each other online!

@ Buzz,
Throw that game out right now!!!!!

@ Troll, I'll take the TSA over months on a buckboard !

Jenny said...

well, I've grown tired of Angry Birds, so let's hope I can find this game and Moi needs something to keep her occupied.

@Aunty - bwahahaha. I just saw my mispelling. That's what I get for blogging before coffee!

moi said...

Aunty: Foot seems to be progressing. I'll know more at the follow up appt. this Thursday. Cabin fever is getting bad, especially since work doesn't kick back in until next week, but I have a project planned.

Fishy: I found Tetris and Majong :o)

Boxer: Let's have YOU movie Oregon and we'll all be crew!