Wednesday, March 2, 2011

American Idol Snark Station: Boys' Night

James Durbin today:

James Durbin tomorrow:


Kymical Reactions said...

James sounds just like Adam L to me. Only, not quite as good.

Not a fan of the Jovany guy. There is something just awful about his personality that makes me want to punch somebody.

And is it just me, or is Paul McDonald just a new version of Kenny Loggins?

Pam said...

Paul McDonald is my fave so far. He can't help it that he has a beautiful smile. You are nailing the look-alikes. Ed Grimley! Grrhahahhaha. What are you going to do with all these girls who look just alike?

Anonymous said...

You're bleeding into my real life. I was watching this with Trey-J and I started laughing when Alfred E was introduced.

General thoughts:

1) Judges better than last years.

2) Contestants good.

3) Jacob Lusk, who has the best voice, may be a negro Rainman or something.

4) Casey Abrams, who's probably a Troll, will consistently get fewer votes than he deserves and the Judges know this.

We're a GREAT but small minority group. And the kind of people who actually text to Vote a hundred times are so far removed from the Troll Lifestyle that will never get him.

5) I still despise James (welfare boy) Durbin who is sort of a white Rainman, but he was more restrained this time and picked a good unique (for Idol) song.

6) King Red The Effette has a good tone but I'm not sure he CAN sing in a forceful manner.

7) Paul McDonald has a good tone but I'm not sure he CAN sing in a forceful manner. Kenny Loggins is similar, but he CAN raise his voice and sound like a man when he chooses. Not sure if Red or Paul can.

In summary, Please Vote For Casey every week because Generation Yo! simply will not.

A Troll probably can't WIN American Idol but if he sticks around for a while he could have some sort of an entertainment industry career. And it needs a Troll badly.

sparringK9 said...

well you know what i thought: red frizzy is the neo geddy lee - in looks and sound. Didnt like him. and did not like the imagery conjured with him wanting to have his fire lit. um, no thanks.

i liked the last guy with "i put a spell on you". it was so out of the realm of expectation on the typical borefest that is AI. I hated whoever sang sarah mclaughlin. paul is the scruffy bearded good looking guy? he was alright but didnt think he nailed it - maggie may is a seminal song. big famous songs are not a good idea to sing. to etched in the minds of all of how it should be. and he doesnt have the roughness needed to cover it.

the luther vandross guy can sing big. but he needs to show his amazing range over the series not all in one show. I had guests for dinner last night and missed the girls.

how do you think the girls stacked up against the boys?

the judges: is randy now the heavy? good. they need one. Miss Simon, but JLo is a big improvement over previous lady judges.

moi said...

Kym: You hit the nail on the head with James. Only he fancies himself more of a straight (in both senses of the word) rocker dude. If he shows up wearing an Alexander McQueen scarf for a tail, I'm going to punch my television.

Pam: Paul is a very good looking guy and that will get him votes. Voice so far for me is so-so. Oy. These girls. I'll get to them later . . .

Troll: I wouldn't start worrying about me until you see Cheetos crumbs on your carpet. Seriously, though, you think the judges are better? I thought they were across the board way too soft on the boys (marginally better on the girls). I agree that J-Lo is a HUGE improvement, but why is Steven Tyler suddenly not capable of giving real criticism? I'm pulling for Casey at this point. Maybe Paul Loggins.

K9: I nearly peed myself when you first brought up the similarity between Geddy Lee and Brett. Only Geddy Lee is way, way, way cooler (if there is a more stunningly pop-heavy, built-for-stoner-food intro than the one to "Spirit of the Radio," I don't know what it is and that ALONE will get him into heaven). Still, if Brett gets rid of those cabaret mannerisms and goes full on rock and roll, he could have a career. It worked for Rob Halford.

Anonymous said...

@ K9,

"Spell on you" guy is Casey aka "Guy who is probably a troll".
Vote for him!

@ Moi,

I think we actually agree because the salient word in my statement was "BETTER". Previous judges have been TERRIBLE.

Cut Steven some slack, man! Boy's night was his FIRST time judging in this format and he probably had too much "coaching" from AI producers floating around in his bulbous head along with the remnants of mescaline already there.

As YOU said, he was better on his SECOND night especially when he stood up politely but firmly against Randy's bizarro world critique.

That's showing improvement.
Something Kara didn't show in TWO FREAKING Years. And Paula didn't show in MANY years.

Jenny said...

How did I miss this post? I'm laughing at the picture and the comments. I thought the guys were better than the gals.

How many leave tonight? 2?

Any predicitions?