Sunday, March 20, 2011

Haiku Mondays: Sleep

Welcome to another round of Haiku Mondays, in which participants post their best 5-7-5 creations for the chance to win a Chickory designed badge of honor and other possible fabulous prizes. The great and powerful Czar is hosting this week, so drop by his place and post a haiku or two in the comments. This week's topic is SLEEP, and the judging will be blind.

* * *

Hot tub, iced room, stiff
drink. Delay sweethearts’s plea. Sleep!

Sprung from winter’s cold
cruel womb, newborn shoots bloom a
tribute to the sun.

Flash of kitchen knives
sunk deep into fattened flesh.
Psycho sous chef dreams.


Jenny said...

oh, I really love your second one, having enjoyed a weekend of actual Spring-like weather and your visual? It's a beauty!

Happy Haiku Monday!

sparringK9 said...

nice trio. i think i like the last one best. psycho sous chef? with the Pseudacris crucifers weve got two band names. lets rock!

happy haiku monday!

Aunty Belle said...

Quite a visual. She has cellulite too? Every woman's nightmare.

Fried sleepless brain--otherwise I'd give ya a run fer that Steppin' Stones volume.

Happy Haiku Monday!

moi said...

Boxer: Very interesting photographer. The work is highly staged and manipulated, but painterly at the same time.

K9: I can bang around a bit on the drums, but you're going to have to sing.

Aunty: We'll miss your wonderful word-smithing. Hope you are hanging in there.

fishy said...

looks like the knife wielding sous chef got your toe!
Happy Monday.

Anonymous said...

Very nice haiku. "psycho sous chef" really sounds good aloud.

happy Haiku Monday!

Karl said...

Good afternoon Moi,

Wait a minute! Hot tub, iced room, stiff drink and somebody wants to sleep? Nooo say it ain't so.

@Aunty: If you hadn't said anything, I would not have noticed the cellulite.

moi said...

Fishy: Mmmmm . . . tastes like chicken!

Troll: Soilent Green is people!

Karl: That, Señor, is called "irony."

Sharon Rudd said...

Loved the second one. Guffawed at the sous-chef reference in the third one :)

Happy Haiku Monday!

darkfoam said...

Great haiku's!
the third one is just too funny.
btw, czar has already judged.
you should go there.

moi said...

Eggy: There's a movie, can't remember its name, about cannibal chefs. It was weird.

Foam: That was fast. He must not be "sleeping."

fishy said...

Remind me not to sous for you.