Sunday, March 13, 2011

Haiku Mondays: Pulchritude

From the editor:
No! I does not mean you're fat.
Rather, beautiful.

* * *

Welcome to another round of Haiku Mondays, in which participants post their best 5-7-5 creations for the chance to win a Chickory designed great badge of honor and other possible fabulous prizes. Miz Foam is hosting this week, so drop by her place and see who else is playing. And if you want to, too, just post your haiku in her comments. It's about the best way I know of to whittle away at a Monday.


Jenny said...

oh. my. is there nothing more beautiful than this woman?

Good pick, great Haiku.

Happy Haiku Monday on(Sunday)

fishy said...

Definitely pulchritudinous.
Perfect visual. Who would edit that?

Anonymous said...

Who she be? Nice haiku!

moi said...

Boxer: I want to have violet eyes in my next life!

Fishy: She may not be skinny enough for today's fashion editorial, though.

Troll: That be Elizabeth Taylor, probably one of the most beautiful women ever to grace the silver screen.

Buzz Kill said...

That is probably the best picture ever taken of Liz. It's mesmerizing. When I fist read your haiku, I actually thought it was an editor's note. I kept looking - where's the haiku? Bwhahahaha

Milk River Madman said...

No wonder everyman in Hollywood was falling all over themselves. Yowza. Good haiku as well.

moi said...

Buzz & Milk: Obviously, Liz is overshadowing my haiku :o)

sparringK9 said...

she was the best. great haiku ode to the most pulchy of them all. some of these hollywood hags of now can only wish.

happy HM.

my entry is here

moi said...

K9: My grandmother actually met her at a party in the 1960s. Said she was so beautiful, it was hard to look at her.

Aunty Belle said...

She wuz a once in every generation beauty, no?

@K9--ok, I'se stealin' that word: Pulchy

darkfoam said...

yes, absolutely .. she is stunning!