Friday, April 27, 2007

Sugar Rush

I have such wonderful friends. I really, really do. They take time out in the middle of the week from their busy schedules to drop by mi casa for cake and chit chat. They bring wine. And Doritos and queso. And they eat my cupcakes and say nice things about them and tell me that, au contraire, and despite the fact that I have been eating cupcakes and frosting all week, my ass is oh so NOT the size of a dump truck. Little liars. But I'll take 'em. Wish the others had been there as well, but I DO live rather far out.

This is COWW girl Doris Rose contemplating the utter deliciousness of my cupcakes:

The COWW girls also brought gifts.

Like this Moon Magnet that COWW girl E! made all by herself. She is so ultra crafty. I am so glad. Because I am not. But I can be a professional appreciator. I can't quite get a good photo of this one, but trust me, it's really, really gorgeous.

COWW girl Doris Rose brought me some delightful, cheery mums. I love mums. All flowers in the daisy family, really. They're just so optimistic. Oh, and all her back copies of Entertainment Weekly so that I would have plenty of crap reading for the weekend.

COWW girl Wicked Thistle brought me blingy beads to hang on my Black Jesus and this:

We all agreed that this is definitely a . . . birka veil? 'Cause, Lord honey, if you're going to take the matrimonial plunge, just cover up that face and pray it all goes well. I made everyone put the birka veil on. COWW girl E!'s expression was the least resigned. I think she looks very lovely and wistful in this photo, as if she's thinking of the man of her dreams and how he may be dreamy now but just wait a few months after he takes over one of the bathrooms.

All in all, a good time was had by all. Or, as COWW girl Wicked Thistle, smart ass that she is, would say:


Doris Rose said...

Rock on Rena!More about the "Bash" later.... great pictures. FABulous cupcakes, mmmmmm. Sugar rush, phooey.

Wicked Thistle said...

But I say it with love!