Thursday, April 5, 2007

Big Love

Several things to know about S.B.

1. He's very, very funny. Really. Yesterday afternoon I found him emptying all the trashcans in the house in preparation for this morning's pick up by our good buddies L. Mora. "I like to think ahead," he said to me. Then he paused and grinned. "I wish I could say that I think ahead like I was playing chess. But I think it's more like I'm playing Tic Tac Toe."

2. He pays attention. After twelve years together, he fully understands that there are two women living inside of me: Martha Stewart (all about the clean) and Sophia Loren (all about the bling). So for Christmas this year I received one of those cone-shaped Dust Devil hand vacs and a very blingy Swiss timepiece that has been known on occasion to distract me terribly from the current task at hand – including driving – if the sun hits it just right. But officer, look at how it sparkles!

3. Which goes along with the fact that S.B. just tickles himself pink looking for the perfect gift for people. A couple weeks ago, he sent a good friend of his who lives in Florida a pair of flip flops with a bottle opener in the sole. And just yesterday, after emptying the trash, he was thumbing through a Sunglasses Hut flier that must have come with the day's mail. "I was going to throw this away but then I saw these," he said, pointing to one of the pages. "They are so you." Now, not once have I ever mentioned to S.B. my secret desire for ridiculously over-sized tortoiseshell D&G sunglasses but somehow, damn, the man just knows. Even when you are sure he doesn't, he knows. The first present he ever gave me was a pair of blue canvas, down-stuffed Carhart coveralls, (you know, the kind Alaskan mechanics wear?), which he excitedly told me were, "Triple insulated and perfect for when you're out plowing snow." Uh, huh. But I think S.B. knew something about me even then. Because I still have those coveralls and they are perfect for plowing snow. And I think they'll go perfectly with a pair of D&G tortoiseshell sunglasses, don't you think?


Doris Rose said...

so now your sleepless nights are over...yo' baby's back.;-)

mighty thoughtful fella and a special Valentine of mine!

Wicked Thistle said...

Your man is so soft and squooshy and delectably delicious! In a redneck, manly kinda way, of course. I'd vote for him on American Idol whether he sang or not. Just on principle.

Anonymous said...

I always knew he was a big teddy bear.
Like you site.

Ken Soileau