Sunday, April 1, 2007

I No Longer Heart Bill Maher

Let me start first by saying that it is not my intention to discuss politics in this blog. While I am by no means disinterested in the subject – in fact I am deeply political – I have enough savvy friends and family with whom to discuss the issues.

But I just have to say a great big ol' "Shame on You" to Bill Maher. For a supposed libertarian, he sure didn't do Ron Paul any favors on this past Friday's "Real Time." For once, a limited gub'ment candidate who doesn't believe that Washington has any business in either our bedrooms or our pocketbooks is given airtime, and what did Maher do? He pandered to the lowest common denominator of thinker and made Paul look like a bigot.

To make his point about the evils of bloated government, Paul brought up the Civil War, stating point blank that he believes it was wrong. NOT because he didn't feel slavery should end, but because, in fact, the slavery issue was just an obfuscation of Lincoln and Co's real intentions: to once and for all smash State's Rights and consolidate power in a centralized United States government. Hmmm . . . when have we experienced that before? Our leaders telling us one thing so that they can get away with another?

Maher knew that Paul was right. But what did our pithy, libertarian host say in response? "Well I for one am glad the Civil War happened because it ended slavery." Ugh.

And what an ironic comment. One form of servitude ended so that another could begin. We're in the mess we're in today because the Federal government has outgrown its underpants. In fact, it doesn't look so much like a government than a bunch of fat-fisted little thugs run amok in a candy store. Over the past seven years, President Bush and his lackeys have snatched for themselves an unprecedented amount of power, with nary a check and balance in sight. Those democrats who now hold the majority in Congress? Heads. Buried. Sand. Limp-willed little fuckers.

And, hey, Maher? You know that sucking sound you hear? Those are your values going down the drain, along with your tax dollars and civil liberties.

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Doris Rose said...

Right on Rena girl, you give 'em what for. yeah, kick ASS! and as I am fond on saying...yeah, what she said!! You never cease to amaze.