Thursday, July 21, 2011

Space Cadet

I was watching the news tonight and caught a special interest piece on the impending opening of Spaceport America, which is located here in New Mexico just outside Las Cruces. According to the website, Spaceport's mission is to, "Develop and operate the world's first purpose-built commercial spaceport to attract the future space industry, deliver prosperity through public and private cooperation, and inspire the next generation."

I'm not sure what all that means, including if and when the average Joe with a not-so-average bank account can buy him or herself a flight into outer space.

Which leads me to wonder just how many people, if given the means and the opportunity, would take a trip beyond our great blue and into the void. Would you?

1. Hell yes. I'm all about adventure and fun, damn the safety and the money.

2. Hell no. I get scared enough riding on the bus.

3. Probably not. I just don't see the point of paying all that money to be shot off into a great big bunch of black nothing. Then again, if they were serving margaritas . . .


Pam said...

Don't know about that, but I thought there was a spaceport here in OK. Saw this today and thought of you:

Jenny said...

Hmmmm ... a combo of 2 & 3. What's the fun of catapulting ourselves into space? It's dark. :-) Plus, way too expensive and it would take too long. Hell, just taking a quick trip out of town is hard enough.

I think Spaceport America's logo and merchandise looks a lot like the Starship Enterprise and at first glance it struck me as a spoof. Galaxy Quest? However, they seem to be serious.

moi said...

Pam: I heard the other morning that a flying car prototye is ready to go. Thank freakin' goodness.

Boxer: Bwahahahahaha to "However, they seem to be serious." I, too, originaly thought this was a spoof. Nope. Looks like the Geeks of the World united.

Karl said...

Good morning Moi,

They must be putting them everywhere. Virgin Galactic has a spaceport is in the Mojave Desert. Only 200,000 to hop a ride.

Would I go into space, in a heartbeat. Would I pay that kind of money to do it, no way.

Enjoy your weekend!

chickory said...

isnt the point something like the concorde? to get to europe in 2 hours instead of 9 or 12 or whatever? if its just sightseeing then, no. but its all way out of my budget. fooey.

czar said...

Hell, I'm having a hard enough time finding someone to do the Upper Gauley with me.

The only person I know who's up for it builds sets at the theatre and can't get away during optimum release times.

Space? Not that curious.

moi said...

Karl: I think the ratio of women to men is pretty much in favor of men saying Yea and Women, ARE YOU CRAZY?!? :o)

Chickory: Like we all need to get to Europe that quickly, right? I can't imagine what sights we'd see. Unless I can get up close to Saturn or Jupiter, meh.

Czar: Water, like empty air, tends to scare me. I took white water kayaking lessons once from a world champion, and I was too freaked out to manage the roll. But this looks like it's well tended. Put an add on Craig's List :o)

sparringK9 said...

ill do the upper whatever, Czar. Love the whitewater.

LaDivaCucina said...

Space travel for fun? YAWN. Too scary and claustrophobic for me. It would be like being in a submarine, you can't go out and breath the fresh air. Space and dark = depressing. I like being on the ocean but like being on land too...I think I would want to get back to land and feel a bit anxious watching planet earth fade in the distance.

Until they find a way to travel faster than the speed of light, there will be no way to explore any farther than we've gone. We just don't have the technology to go that far. Imagine the fuel it would take and the size of the ship...just not capable. (but hubby keeps hoping)

LaDivaCucina said...

PS: I saw the flying car on the news. I don't like the idea of it. Roads are orderly, flying cars would mean idiots all over the damn place.