Thursday, July 14, 2011

Be Pretty

Tell Moi: What are your top 3-5 choices for prettiest pop songs ever written?


Anonymous said...

1) A couple of other Alison Krause duets spring to mind. "Whiskey Lullaby" and "I'll Fly Away".

2) Warren Zevon's "Hasten down the Wind".

3) "All My Little Words" by I don't know who sings that.

4) My surprise pick is "Home Sweet Home" by Motley Crue. There's an even prettier cover version by some chick singer I heard recently.

If you think about it, just about ever rock band with longevity has cut at least one pretty ballad.

I.E. The Guns and Roses Song with the whistling. Others.

moi said...

Sure, everyone's wrote a pretty ballad. I'm looking for the prettiEST.

Zevon's a great pick, but GNR's "Patience" is my least favorite song of theirs (although I do like the last part.)

Interesting you mention "Home Sweet Home." Chuck Klosterman wrote a brilliant book called Fargo Rock City, which posits the cultural importance of '80s heavy metal hair bands, with MC reigning supreme in their artistry.

Jenny said...

Elvis Costello's "Alison" I just went and watched it on Youtube because of this post.

Still love it.

sparringK9 said...

this is going to take some time - i need to review my playlist. i forgot the discs you burned for me! and yesterday, dont ridicule me, i had a hall and oates day on pandora. but allison krause is a favorite channel.

the Nickelcreek song green and gray has the most gorgeous opening ever...but the whole damn song is perfection so im not sure it qualifies.

@troll. i saw your comment on last post. *very funny*

sparringK9 said...


moi said...

Boxer: Elvis Costello is great. "Did he leave your pretty fingers lying in the wedding cake?" is a wonderful line.

K9: There is something to be said for Hall and Oates—very of their time. Also, sorry, this post is for the whole song that's gorgeous, not just the ones that start out so and then peter out. So Nickel Creek qualifies. Very pretty!

Aunty Belle said...

well, huh. Lemme think.
Nope, I'se musically challenged. Most of the strummin cords over an over sound the same to me.

I reckon an ole timey ballad doan measure up much? How long since y'all listened to Hank William's Hear That Lonesome Whipperwill?

Mah Grandpappy, a trainman, used to croon it over his bourbon glass. 'Course, I like the Elvis version or the Johnny Cash version better--but fer Crackerfolk, any of them will do. Iffin' ya prefer a gal singer, Wynnona does it too:

Aunty Belle said...

Moi, Cherie,
is we gonna do a Haiku Monday thang?

Uncle say iffin' ya will host an' judge he would like to suggest the theme of hunter/ hunted.

If not, we can reset that whole meme by tippin' it home to Troll.

sparringK9 said...

aunty: i enjoyed that blast from the past. spare, plaintive and classic. thank you!

Moi: listing to a ton of son volt and wilco today. the heart wrenching voice of jay farrar, but then tweedy on "company in my back" kills too. lots of americana ballads. Course, you cant beat Ryan Adams on his game. I dont need to link - i know you know these.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Moi,

Pretty, That's tuff there are so many. The first few that came to mind were older The Mamas & The Papas: California Dreamin' ,Mama Cass Eliot - Dream a little dream of me and Simon & Garfunkel - Sound Of Silence I'm pretty sure all of these would qualify. Although I don't tend to think of pop or rock as pretty music. To me it's more like music to get your blood up.

Anonymous said...

@ K9, i thought you LOOKED like Patty Hearst in the famous iconic shot during the bank robbery. Not that you have "stockholm syndrome".

@ Karl, M@P and Paul Simon were really good picks.

moi said...

Aunty: Hank Williams is always a welcome sound. No one like him. Thanks for the cool link!

As for HM, sure I'll host and judge. Good theme!

K9: I like Wilco's new single, dang it, I can't think of the name right now. And Ben Harper's "Better Way," have you heard that?

Karl: Mamas and Papas is a great pick. What an awesome, distinctive sound they had. Very of their time, but still amazing to hear today.

sparringK9 said...

@Troll: grherhahahaha. okay, okay. easy mistake to make given you recently asked where is K9 and what have you done with him and charged me with having my head spun around by liberal doomsites.

I shoulda had on a beret!

moi, i need to design a north georgia mountains liberation front insignia for that beret. raspberry of course.

@Karl: the entire SandG catalog trumps 99% of what passes for music today. popular music, i mean.

Ben harper...queing up for todays work load soundtrack

LaDivaCucina said...

Jeff Buckley: So REAL

and from that same album, Grace:


and about a million other songs including The Cocteau Twins....Carolyn's Fingers:


(pretty is a pretty subjective word! haha!)

LaDivaCucina said...

Oh I didn't realize the songs had to be a ballad but just pretty....

moi said...

K9: Are you busy doing something close 2 nothing, but different than the day before?

La Diva: Pretty picks! And, yes, RIP to Buckley. Boy just wanted to swim . . .

Aunty Belle said...

Inquiring Trolls have been ter visit--wants to know whose hostin' Haiku Monday...
I mentioned it were a team effort, that Uncle offered the theme an' Moi wuz hostin' an' judgin' that right info?

moi said...

Aunty: Yup. I'm just being slow. I'll be up in a few.

czar said...

Had to think awhile, as "sweet" isn't usually my emotion of choice.

But I ultimately came up with two.

There's this kind of sweet:

Then, there's this:

I think the composer on the first is a genius, by the way -- not that I'm his biggest fan. But boy could he write some good pop.