Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bossy Pants


If you're watching Breaking Bad, then you don't need to read this. If you're not, then what on earth is wrong with you? Go buy yourself the first three seasons and get started right now. This show is so good, it begs, pleads, and hair pulls the question: why, oh why, is Hollywood even in existence anymore?

Bryan Cranston's Walter White is a man about as given up as it gets: crag-faced, slump-shouldered, ineffectual in his efforts to wrest some interest out of his bored-to-tears high school chemistry students, and about to become a father for the second time at the age of 50. Unplanned, naturally. But Walter wasn't always so beaten down, and watching him morph from Emasculated American Male into the MacGyver of Methamphetamine is about as fun as it gets. The supporting cast is pretty great, too, including Walt's sidekick in crime, Jesse, who in spite of his hapless Generation Yo-ster status, is the show's only hook upon which it can hang any kind of moral hat.

What's even more brilliant, is that the producers decided to shoot it all right here in Albuquerque, a city that wears its potential for progress like a pair of designer sunglasses while at the same time supporting an underbelly of neighborhoods so deeply scarred and barrio-ed, they make East L.A. look like Boca Raton.



Once upon a time, the music industry term, "All killer, no filler," was used to describe an album in which each and every song was written, crafted, and recorded with the intent of being a hit single. Unlike today, when an album (CD, whatever) is mostly just a compilation of lame-ass tunes designed to support one or two downloadable songs targeted for the Top 40. Most people in the music business consider the album a dinosaur.

The Foo Fighters are one of the exceptions, and so is their latest album, Wasting Light. It's all pretty much killer, but even if you don't literally and figuratively buy into the album concept, at least do yourself a huge favor and download these two songs:

"White Limo," a spastic retro punk/metal homage to the idea that a threesome between Motörhead, Ministry, and the Beastie Boys would be, like, the best idea ever; and the heart-wrenching, "These Days," which proves that it is possible to write a rock anthem without sounding like a douche.


Here, I'm at a loss. Unless one or more of you can save me from myself, I'm about to plunge deep into the heart of War and Peace. Any recommendations?


Anonymous said...

TV Rec: It's seemed like the type of thing I'd like for quite some time, but I haven't watched it yet. No way I'm buying the first 3 seasons.

Music Rec: "Once upon a time" must have been before dirt was invented and I was born. Not taking this rec. Paying for music is for suckers. As is supporting hate-fueled leftist freaks like Dave Grohl and his goons.

Book Rec: I've given up on my blog readers because NONE have them read any of "The Discworld" series by Terry Pratchett yet. NO, Pratchett's novels ARE NOTHING LIKE HARRY FUCKING POTTER! They're good.

moi said...

Troll: I have the first three seasons of BB. Chickory currently has my Season One and just finished it; have her send it to you. She'll get the other seasons in order, and can then pass along if you like it. As for music, if I let someone's politics affect what I listen to, I'd never get around to anything but Rush. As for litrechure, I'm averse to anything in the least bit nerdlit-ey, so if you can guarantee I'm not going to have to memorize a new language, lineage, or characters with names like Orlach or Squeamcrack, then I'll give DW a whirl. Re: Your readership . . . Don't give up on us, baby . . . or I'll make you listen to David Soul.

chickory said...

dont give up on us baby. grherhahaha

well i am on episode 7 of season two. I was getting a bit impatient until Saul the lawyer came into the picture last night. yes! *rubs paws together* I loved the last episode with saul telling "heisenberg" hes like his Tom , only hes not the Godfather yet -but more like fredo. Grherhahahaha. I like it. and yeah, Walt is a hard man to like. In fact he is a dick. Jesse is the best person by far (i hate skyler) I really wanted Jesse to punch him. and I cannot stand Badger. anytime he is on screen i cant take it. Actually, I like Hank too. I miss Tuco. you believe that?

music: i'll cue it up on Pandora and see how much of the new foo I can get. Today i heard "lay me down" by crosby and nash and wow -i wish i had thought of it on your beautiful song post.

Books: grrrehrhahahha - yeah right. last book i read was 25 vegetables anyone can grow.

Okay = paint is dry back to work!

chickory said...

troll i will send you the DVD. moi: i couldnt wait i just download them off amazon

Anonymous said...

That's a good point about having to memorize strange names and new languages. I'd hate that too.

On the DW, there is no nerdiness, the language is gritty English, and the Trolls are all named after rocks, so they're pretty easy to remember.

"Mr. Diamond. Him Shine!"

On the DW, Trolls, with the exception of Mr. Diamond, don't be speakings good English and ain't too smart.

moi said...

Chickory: Tuco was one of my all-time favorite television characters. I grew up with dudes who turned into dudes like him. The lawyer is truly awesome. Downloading off Amazon isn't a bad idea and it's pretty el cheapo; you just don't get the full scope of this show, which is actually brilliantly shot.

Troll: Alrighty, then; I'll give it a whirl. But the first sign of Nerd, I'm outta there.

Aunty Belle said...

groan..what language is y'all tawken?

This TV series sounds, ah, X rated. Moi, hep me some--WHY is it so good?
Can we jes' git Mad Men back?

Music--foo? For real, FOO? Doan mind me none, I'se a music illiterate.

Onliest thang I can say is @ K9--on Crosby Stills Nash--Uncle would smile at yore endorsement
--Uncle used to ...ah nevermind.

War and Peace? Ambitious. Why not--as good a time as ever. I say, go for it! Good excuse to drag out that fur coat--jes' readin' it will freeze yore posterior.

moi said...

Aunty: Madmen is good, too, but probably more x-rated than Breaking Bad. In a nutshell? Oh gosh, it's not satire, certainly. But it is a pointed commentary on the state of the American family, and the family man in particular, the skewed nature of the American dream and his traditional place at the head of that dream. The questions it asks about responsibility versus burden, duty to one's family and duty to oneself. What are we capable of doing in order to meet those responsibilities? Are these choices or things we can't help? How bomb proof is our sense of right and wrong in the face of extreme circumstances, both good and bad?

Foo Fighers? A WWII term for UFOs or a reference to Chinese fighting dogs, I'm not sure which.

Fleurdeleo said...

Hi, Moi! Got the Bill Bryson book today. Am loving it! He's funny. Thanks for sending it!

Jenny said...

OK, OK, you had me at WATCH IT. I'm desperate for something of quality to watch so the timing of your post is good.

Of course, just in time for Project Runway to start, but that's only an hour.

How many seasons are out? I need to go check Mr. Boxer's collection to see if he's hiding it from me.

moi said...

Fleur: Wow! That took forever to get to you. I think I mailed it out over two weeks ago. Glad it arrived safely and that you're enjoying him. He's always good for a laugh and a think.

Boxer: Season 4 just started. We're on first episode, Season 3. If Mr. Boxer doesn't have it, I'll send to you after Troll finishes up.

moi said...

Boxer: Holy Schmoly; Project Runway starts TOMORROW! Yay!

Karl said...

Good afternoon Moi,

Tv questions: you guys talk about DVR recorders. Are there any available that you don't have to pay a monthly fee? If you download a television show like from Amazon is it yours or is it like a rental? Ever seen a British show called Doc Marten?

Listening to: lately I've been pushing the seek button. If that sounds good I listened if it doesn't the push the button again.

Reading: The road to serfdom (thank you Aunty) and Pirate latitudes by Michael Crichton. I likely won't finish the pirate one. It was written up as a historic novel, so far it's just melodramatic mush.

Pam said...

TV: I don't know of this series. Must find it. Where is it? What channel? Sounds very down my alley. But then again, so is Wilfred.

Music: Worth a listen. When I have more time, will give it a try. I need to compile some new tunes for the flying busride.

Books: Well, I guess I'm going to have to find something by Flannery, given Auntie and Chickie's recommendations. Have never read them. But what I do when I'm at this stage is go back and re-read something I haven't read in a while. Usually it is either GWTW or Tale of Two Cities. My faves. An old boss of mine loved DiscWorld, but I just don't ready sci-fi or horror, and only made it through one Harry Potter. I did start this summer on Pride and Prejudice, which strangely I had never read before either. Let us know what you pick! Where did June go?

moi said...

Karl: Good morning. Our "recorder" is part of the monthly television satellite service that way pay for. It can only record what's playing on those stations (up to two shows at one time, although we have to be watching one of them in real time.) We have an el cheapo DVD player we snagged from Best Buy a few years ago for about forty bucks. We use it to catch up with television shows we didn't in on the ground floor with—Justified (another excellent show—you might like it), Breaking Bad, Deadwood. I only ever remember liking on Crichton book—Airframe, I think it was. Taught me a lot about jet airliners.

Pam: JUNE? Where the heck did July go! Thanks for dropping by to say hello; I know you're a busy, busy lady these days. GWTW is about one of my most favorite novels ever, but I've only read it once. I've read just about every bit of Dickens, too. Oh, and Breaking Bad is on AMC. Project Runway starts tonight! Boxer, Chickory, Aunty? You all want to set up a live chat. Or, I could blog it . . .

At any rate, Pam, give Kym my best!

LaDivaCucina said...

This post 'splains why we are friends. "nuff said. xo

LaDivaCucina said...

Or not...


Because the recorder was set for the old day/time, the first ep did not record of BB. Hubby is upset, they've not played it again and he won't watch the second ep first! Still on our recorder...going to watch tonight, no spoilers!

moi said...

La Diva: First episode, first season, or first episode new season? We're on second ep 3rd season right now. Still want to bitch slap Skyler. Don't know why. I just don't like her. Like I can't stand Raylan's ex-wife on Justified. All these great shows, but no great FEMALE characters.

LaDivaCucina said...

First ep of this season we missed! Have one on the recorder, will watch it tonight. Gawd, I missed BB!!!! (remember it was supposed to start again last March!)

PS: I'm writing with my leg on my file cabinet. Lovely.

LaDivaCucina said...

As for Skyler, maybe it would be more realistic if they made her a bit older and not as "model-like" as her husband. That's the Hollywood part of this show.

moi said...

La Diva: You sound like me four months ago. I'm continuing to send you champagne wishes for a speedy recovery. I totally agree: Skyler needs to be way more disheveled than she is. Young, fine (there wouldn't have been the oopsie pregnancy if she'd been Walt's age), but she's way too attractive. I'd have switched the actress that plays her sister with her.