Saturday, July 16, 2011

Haiku Mondays: HUNTER/HUNTED

Blondie's last album
like all late stage art devolved:
Baroque blows of chunks.

* * *

When we last left Haiku Monday two weeks ago, we found Troll in a bit of a conundrum about the winner, with things finally shaking out in favor of Aunty's husband, Uncle, and his gleefully naughty hit and run homage to Snow White and her "seven" dwarfs. We took a week's break out of respect for Miss Kym's impending delivery of baby Caleb and Haiku regular Miss Pam's impending status of grandmother to future OSU football star.

So now we're back on track with Uncle's choice of topic for this week—Hunter or Hunted—and I am hosting/judging.

Take aim, give us your best 5-7-5, post it here, and I'll pick the winner sometime on Tuesday. The prize? The fact that your record collection most likely DOES NOT contain this album.

But Blondie's new one, Panic of Girls, is majorly worth checking out. As is the video for the first single, "Mother," which features zombies, retro 80s dance beat/synth riffs filtered through a Zero-ish sensibility (RIP Jimmy Destri, yay Clem Burke), and a thigh-high patent leather booted Debbie Harry looking at least half of her 66 years of age. Dang; what IS she drinking?

Okay, Haikuers . . . Go!


czar said...

Dammit, Moi. This topic ended my totally irrational and now-delayed (but still pending) boycott of Haiku Monday. I guess I have Uncle to thank.

Anyway, here's the one-off, unedited, unpondered, and unagonized-over response to Hunter/Hunted:

Whiskey/drug-fueled screeds
Skewer Vegas, politics:
“Ah, Dr. Thompson.”

Anonymous said...

The Smug Zoology Student's Last Words. Unless, you count "Aaaarghhhhhh" as a word.

Let go! The book says
that you only hunt at night.
Illiterate Beast!

moi said...

Czar: Why on earth would you boycott Haiku Monday? Especially when your off-the-cuffs are as good as this?

Troll: Is it now your turn to be slightly inscrutable? Or is it my brain's fault that I can't quite grasp this haiku's meaning, even though I do like it very much?

moi said...

Wait a minute. Yes. It's coming to me . . . bwahahahahahaha!

Aunty Belle said...

Oooh, this is a good intro, Moi.

Czar? Did I miss somethin"? Why's ya' thinkin' to boycott Haiku Monday?

Troll, ..hooowwwl!

fishy said...

With stealth I approach
my unsuspecting victims
slap! slap! satisfied!

Master Basho's Ghost said...

Fox safe. Horn silent.
Ephesian Goddess mourns for
John Barleycorn's ghost.

fishy said...

Thundering foot strikes.
Gaining ground. Breathing closer.
Passing number two!

czar said...

Sights of the Season

stubbly faced grown men
gathered at gas tanks, wearing
camouflage jammies

Fleurdeleo said...

A True Story

Glue trap for the mouse.
I wait to hear its struggle.
So far, just a fly.

Fleurdeleo said...

I can only think that the Csar feels the Haiku Monday pressure to perform! But, why?? He's the type that would write a hit song in ten minutes on the back of a ketchup smeared paper plate in a juke joint. (I'm not exactly sure what era this song would be a hit in, but he could do it!!)

Aunty Belle said...

From Uncle Aloysius

Blind Daze

Sleet needled morn, he
crouches low amid the reeds-
to outwit a duck.

(Aunty tattles, Uncle had help from his S-I-L)

czar said...

"Sleet needled morn." Damn.

Too many ringers in here. Why don't y'all leave this stuff to us amateurs?

moi said...

Fishy: Toddler on a plane? Teen in a snit? Congress people on the take? I wouldn't want to mess with you these days.

Master: I had to look up John Barleycorn and then give this one another good think. Also. I have never understood fox hunting. Can't eat 'em. Although, I suppose they do make nice coats.

Czar: Very nice. Painted a perfect picture in my mind's eye.

Fleur: Ruh, roh. Poor mousie. Ours can be über pestilent but still I'm always sad when we snag one in a trap. As for Czar, he keeps protesting he's not a writah and we keep protesting that he is. Which, he IS!

Aunty & Czar: Yup. Now we all wish we'd written "sleet needled morn."

Buzz Kill said...

Left on desk - I'm sure.
Plan and place for everything.
Gone...damn you woman!

Hunting for...everything in my house.

I saw an 80s cover band this weekend that did a good version of Blondie's The Tide is High.

Jenny said...

I'm not boycotting, just spent the weekend working, so nothing from me this week.. BUT there are some great entries. Buzz's made me spit out my coffee (thanks, it was fresh) and yours is fabulous (as usual)

Happy Haiku Monday!

sparringK9 said...

Koby and Trout's rat
beady eyed babysitter;
an all day sucker

traffic said...


moi said...

Buzz: I would like to formally offer you an apology on behalf of my entire species for messing with your stuff. If it helps any, we can't help it.

Boxer: I hope the Great State of Washingtaxation doesn't clip you guys too badly.

K9: Bwahahahahahaha! That sucker still alive?

Traffic: Um? He was a low spark of a high heeled boy?

sparringK9 said...

yep. i shoulda found a way to write the DOGS are all day sukkas.

Steve Winwood said...

Nobody picked one of mine as "prettiest rock song"? Your readers are a bunch of morons!

moi said...

K9: I got that from the Haiku, definitely!

Steve: Well, dude, your problem is this: Oh, how you do go on. And on. And on. I just don't have time for all those 10-minute magnum opus(es). I have to BE SOMEWHERE in 10 minutes.

czar said...

Class, the plural of opus is opera, as I learned just a couple of years ago . . . which means I spent many more years blessedly ignorant of this fact.

moi said...

Czar: Although, it's now standard in this here English language to treat it as a singular noun and to pluralize it operas, right? And I've seen opuses written. Also, opi. Stupid Latin.

fishy said...

Search engine entry:
"Naughty,nekkid,smart, blonde Troll"
Searching ... still searching

Karl said...

Good evening Moi,

I feel like I came to the party late and missed all the fun. I will throw one in the mix.

See the prey so away.
Stay calm, breathe out, squeeze trigger,
Boom! One shot, one kill.

moi said...

Fishy: Aw, sweet. Except, shouldn't that be Trollette?

Karl: Always better late than never. So long as you show up :o)

fishy said...

I was thinking Trolls were a species. Like an equine is an equine if it's a colt or a filly a bay or a chestnut, etc.

Since day one of blogging it seems to me Secretariat's top fan has been on the hunt for his Helen of Troll.

moi said...

Nice work, everyone. I've got a busy day in store, but will be back later this afternoon with a winner.