Monday, July 11, 2011

Party Like It's 2011

Our Lady of the Perpetual Revolution and Glossy Good Hair

* * *


1. The following fashion accessories are de rigueur for desert travel: Frederic Fekkai's hair gloss, loose a-line cut garments in linen, cotton jersey, or nylon, Cole Haan Chukkas, and Evian face spritz. Oh, and aviator sunglasses. The Blogettes have deemed it so: Jackie O frames are so no-no.

2. One's home turf always looks way more interesting through the observations of others, whether they're ooh-ing, ahh-ing, or WTF?-ing.

3. If you need it to rain, just call Boxer. I think she carries the stuff with her at all times. She also brings a LOT of sunshine. She be complex like that.

4. There are few things in life more wonderful than people who don't edit their laughter, their opinions, or their ability to break out in spontaneous dance without seeming at all hippie-ish.

5. Life's too short to say no to ice cream.

6. We have some rockin'-ass husbands, to think there is nothing weird at all about a bunch a gals who met online getting together to travel and have adventures.

7. One of the prettiest openings of any ballad in existence is Bad Company's "Silver, Blue, and Gold." Go ahead, play it. I'll wait.

8. Grey Goose martinis served in a glass the size of a small tug boat are supposed to be cut with water and ice. Oopsie, sorry, Boxer. Then again, you didn't look any worse for wear the next day. But then again, again, I guess that's what aviators are for.

Our Lady of the Perpetual Martini and Lovely Smile

9. A "Deer and a Beer" is now a permanent part of my and S.B.'s happy hour lexicon.

10. We'll do this again, you betcha.


Sharon Rudd said...

What a great top 10 recap! I especially like #4, and I agree wholeheartedly with #5.

Hope you'll be able join in the Smackdown revival in some fashion :) If you'd rather bring dessert, that's cool too!

xoxo, eggy

Jenny said...

Yes to the ICE CREAM! Mine was fabulous.

You did a great job of supplying this alcoholic-in-training with a lovely bottle of boozee. I'm not going to complain. *hic* BUT.... I was a little too late in realzing what a big glass it is when ice isn't involved. Yikes.

May I say it again?

You.Are.Fabulous. So is;

S.B., Ivan and Maddie.

xoxoxo. Miss. :-(

Aunty Belle said... wait up a moment:
Cole Haan makes chukkas? No kiddin'?

Inquiring minds want to know--iffin' ya put SB, V, and Mr. Boxer in the same room, how good a time would them three have? ha!

Looks like yore rainbow wuz close enough to touch.

Chick9's geetar gun stance reminds me of that 6 year old stance she posted a year or so back...heh.

An' Boxer's smile is 10,000 watt light the night beauty. Who could resist?

Guess who is missin'???

Jenny said...

@Aunty; Chickie has been authorized to post a Moi picture. Me too. Stay tuned.

sparringK9 said...

grrrrrrehahahahaha. thats how i look on the NSA's heat mapping surveillance satellite screen. Yes dont boxa have a sunny smile to accompany that rain she brings?
avee-a-tores. there isnt any other way to fly is there?
I think you forgot to put on the de rigueur list the blueberry and grapefruit lipgloss and the emergency chocolate - healthy cause it has "fruit inside" grrerhahahaaa

what a great list. and I will always think of you and paul rodgers together. Chris Cornell is crushed that we arrived at this assessment after he held the spot for about 10 seconds or so.

our husbands are good. and I realize how weirldy parallel our lives are.

boxer was funny on that first BIG drink! whoops!

#10 NYC 2012

moi said...

Eggy: It's too short not to eat a lot of things! I'm a gonna try my best on the Smackdown, too.

Boxer: It's also like syrup when it comes out of the freezer. I should have known better based on that alone.

Aunty: I am so coveting Chickory's Chukkas. It's a good thing her feet are so tiny!

K9: Howevah, Chris C. is much better looking. Have you seen him lately? Dang.

Buzz Kill said...

Heavily armed, infrared Chicks (Chickories) are hot.

I haven't a clue about what you said in #1. For #6, like the rest of the male bloggers - we're hoping a video turns up on youtube. #7 - Bad Company is one of the most under-rated bands of the 70s. I still have the Straight Shooters album on vinyl and it's friggin' awesome.

#8 - Martinis are meant to be made with gin - period.

#9 - I rescently discovered that an Irish Car Bomb is a great happy hour drink - I think.

I can only imagine (again - video would help) that the 3 of you together are mad fun.

fishy said...

#2 and #4 are top of the charts!

Is it an illusion or is that gun nearly bigger than the Chick? She be little in stature but big in what counts?

If I try the drinkees from the freezer will I get to have perfectly shaped lips too? Is our Boxer available for importation? We have a severe drought threatening the SE. Maybe she could come for a month? I'll pour.

Looking forward to the Moi reveal.
It's going to be about legs isn't it?

moi said...

Buzz: Bad Company is TOTALLY underrated! I can't drink gin. Come to think of it, I can't drink vodka, either. I did sip at the Goose before Boxer got there, went, ruh roh, this stuff is good, then decided to put it away. I'll stick to tekillya.

Fishy: Chickory is a petite flower but also quick and tough. I wouldn't mess with her :o) Prolly no legs. I'm on a maxi dress kick these days and since we were doing a lot of walking, flat sandals. Except I did wear heels the last day!

Karl said...

Welcome back Moi,

Good to read that you guys had such a fun time.

I'm assuming that stock was set for SB or are you taller than I think you are?

I totally agree with #4. But breaking into spontaneous dance or song for that matter, isn't just for hippies.

You don't actually need a picture of Boxer to know she's cute. Although it does help to reinforce the mental image.

@ K9: Actually your face and arms are red, your shirt is orange and your blue jeans are yellow. Even from space, you look very good.

Karl said...

@ Buzz Kill: Thank you sir! I just looked up an Irish Car Bomb. The Mrs. is quite fond of Black and Tan and of Bailey's. I'm going to modify this a bit and see how she likes it.

moi said...

Karl: Adjustable stocks, although I do have semi-freakishly long arms.

Pam said...

Did Boxer just drive through OKC today, because we finally had rain after many many many days of over 100 heat to the point where everyone has road rage and yellow lawns. Sounds like you gals had a blast. I want to thank you for checking in on our situation, much appreciated.

Oh, and re your previous post? Where'd you get that photo of me? Give it back immediately please. Ha.

moi said...

Pam: Man, you all have been hit hard with the heat! S.B. is currently somewhere on the border of Arkansas and OK, and on his way there on Saturday, kept texting me the temperature on the truck's guage. It got to 112 at one point, but as of last night, he hadn't had any rain. Thank goodness for small miracles, rain and babies. You enjoy both . . . and put DOWN THE THONG!

Boxer the Rain Maker said...

You're welcome OKC.

fishy said...

BoxingRainMaker please come visit the Pond, we are parched here.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen Chickory and Patty Hearst together? Just a thought.

Disagree about "Silver Blue and Gold" although Bad Company rocked and Paul Rodgers is "The Voice".

Marilyn Manson has great song beginnings although they often descend into chaos.

And "Live", (bad name) were very good at song beginnings too although they usually descended into navel-gazing banality.

moi said...

Troll: That's why I called it the prettiest opening. Chickory and I both agreed that it quickly gets pretty standard. As for Manson, "Mob Scene" is great throughout. So is Live's "Lightning Crashes." But you just gave me a great idea for a meme: songs that start with promise and devolve.

sparringK9 said...

nice dig Troll! I think its YOU that has stockholm syndrome! grrrherhahahaha

darkfoam said...

well, i say .. it looks like fun was had by all. glad you were all able to get together like this.