Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowmageddon 2011

This nifty little device projects the time and temperature in bright red up onto the ceiling over our bed. Because of that, I didn't get much sleep last night because I kept waking up every hour to check just how far the temperature had plunged since I last looked. We went from 28 degrees at 10:00 p.m. to 6 degrees when I woke at 6:00 a.m. It' s now one full freakin' degree colder than that.

We got a thin sun trying to assert its way through now, but I'm not fooled. Six fluffy inches now coat the driveway, with another foot expected before this thing blows out of here tomorrow. So I got myself a date with this bad boy in an hour or so:

That's what S.B. gets for leaving the lil' woman all alone. I get to enter his man cave and play with his toys. If I can remember how to work this thing. It's all Charlie Brown's parents to Moi.

Just in case y'all are wondering what I wear in the snow. And, yes, it ALL makes my ass look fat, so, no, there will be no further photos.

Not only are these Ice Trekkers awesome for running and hiking on hard packed snow, they'll also come in handy for when all this turns into an ice rink. Everyone should have a pair. Thirty-four bucks, REI.

Worry. Worry, worry, worry, worry. All this snow means mom's mind is not on treat time. Can't miss treat time. Better stick by to remind her. Treat time. Two hours. Treat time.


czar said...

Does REI have some kind of S/M bondage supply aisle?

Karl said...

Good morning Moi,

Only you could turn cleaning the driveway into a fashion show. You will definitely be well dressed for the excursion.

Remember to check the oil and gas in the snow blower, before you start.

My package came in the mail. Thank you! I made a joke to Mrs. K about a massage, she didn't think it was funny. The label on the bottle is a hoot.

Your movie suggestion is a good one, it's been on the need to see list for a while. So No Country For Old Men it is.

Anonymous said...

78 Degrees and Very Sunny in Troll County.

moi said...

Czar: Interesting. Perhaps there is a relationship between the two forms of punishment gluttony.

Karl: Yay! The U.S. Postal Service proves itself once again! Don't worry, S.B. called a few minutes ago to make sure I remembered the instructions. Choke, throttle, crank. I think.

Troll: Show off :o).

Jenny said...

bwahahaahahahahha. I love this post. You be careful with your back hauling that thing out.

And I know you always look good, no matter what/where/how. All I have to do is remember our summit at Chickory. :-)

Can't you tie your dogs up to the snowblower and have them pull it? Ivan would have truly earned those treats after that.

Pam said...

Surely there is a neighborhood teenager who needs to earn a couple of bucks. I plan on waiting it out myself ... even with a snow blower that looks like too much work! But the outfit is wonderful and appropriate and if I had one, I might re-think my position.

Buzz Kill said...

That's the snow blower I wish I had. after I finally wear mine out, that's what I'm getting. I never knew snow blowing was a fashion contest. Bwahahaha I usually look like a hobo when I'm out doing the walks. But everyone is glad to see me.

@Pam - No way I'd let a teenager use a self-propelled snow blower. Last time I let The Boy use my snow blower (and it's the push type) he sucked up the neighbor's Christmas lights and the Mrs newspaper. He was texting - both times.

moi said...

Boxer: Oh, hon, listen, a good portion of my driveway is at a 12 percent grade. Whuddayakiddingme we didn't get a self propelled snow blower? Yes. We. Did.

Pam: The jacket is cute (and warm down to minus something degrees–—LL Bean doesn't fork around), but the pants are insulated snowboarding pants made for dudes that are about as flattering as if I'd ringed my body with Michelin tires.

Buzz: What IS it with these teenagers and texting?!? It makes me crazy. I was in the grocery store the other day and one of them was standing in the middle of the freakin aisle texting and I had to say excuse me fifty million times before she did that typical Frankenstein sludge walk out of my way. I gave her the evil eye and she gave it back to me, but I'm older and have more weapons.

P.S. This snow blower doth indeed rock. Try Sears. End of season sale.

Anonymous said...

"Frankenstein sludge walk" has inspired a Troll Stroll post.

You should have just kicked her after asking ONCE.

moi said...

Troll: Kicked her? I should have SHOT her. Bang. Next.

Jenny said...

true story, I bumped one with a shopping cart.

chickory said...

oh boy. I know, I know! we wont get it this round. I did get a snow suit for christmas from my sister. what a great thing to have! next, im getting crampons for my snow boots.

GRRRRRRHERHEHRHahahaha! to your "charlie browns parents"

be safe with that equipment. dont slip and fall in those twirling tines. owwwwwwwww

moi said...

Boxer: That works, too. But you gotta do it a good half dozen times to achieve maximum damage.

Chickory: I do believe S.B. spent most of the day worrying himself over his machine, but I called him at 3pm with the good news: all pavement cleared, no loss of limbs, snow blower in one piece. My marriage lives to see another day.

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