Sunday, February 27, 2011

Haiku Mondays: Peace

Immovable you.
Irresistible me. No
peace. Only detente.

* * *

Yoo hoo, do you haiku? If so, Troll is hosting again this week.
The theme is: peace.


foam said...

isn't he missing a piece? well, never mind that ..
i'm sure if he could unfreeze himself, he would ..
just for you. happy haiku monday! i like this one.

peace to you ....

moi said...

I love how in all the ancient depictions of the battle between the Amazons and the Greeks, the women are always dressed in these beautiful drapey Lanvin-esque dresses and the men are naked. "Excuse me? Does this sword make my . . . look big?"

sparringK9 said...

interesting. are we talking the marriage front? doubtful. maybe a client. can there be a peace between us? of cake perhaps!

happy haiku monday

fishy said...

Is this about .....Czar?
Peace can be elusive in many ways!
Celebrated too.

Jenny said...

I like this one too. Happy Haiku Monday.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. I tried to rewrite it in my head and couldn't.

moi said...

K9: Cake? There's always room for cake! But, no, this isn't about my hitch-up specifically, even if once upon a time in our early years, S.B. was the recipient of a few of my well-aimed pizza boxes and china plates (never the good stuff, though). I was just thinking in general terms. Aren't all marriages really just Korea?

Fishy: No; why would you think Czar? Outside of his penchant for jazz and an obsession with Keira-eat-a-sandwich-already-Knightely, I have no reason to throw a pizza box at Czar.

Boxer: Sorry your tummy upset precluded your play today. Is vodka helping?

Troll: Did you try it on paper? :o)

Milk River Madman said...

very clever. I'dont think I'm using enough big complicated words. Or punctuation.

Jenny said...

here's how sad it was; I didn't WANT vodka. :-(

moi said...

Milk: Dude, yours is seriously, seriously pretty. I think you should do what Chickory advised: go to Nashville, get rich. Remember us little folk.

Boxer: So that explains the rip I thought I heard in the space/time continuum.

fishy said...

Only because of the historic cliche of relationships between genii and editors .... and your recent statement about keeping your head down and cranking out the work.

moi said...

Fishy: Actually, if I could have Czar edit all my work, I would. No worries on that front, although I do suppose there are folks to whom he gives fits.

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