Saturday, February 5, 2011

South Park Saturday


Karl said...

Good afternoon Moi,

Sorry, I only made it to a little bit after a minute, I just can't see how this is considered entertainment.

Pam said...

I can't see Cartman without thinking of an old boss of mine who had this voice down perfect. Respect my authoritay!

moi said...

Karl: Southpark is very much love it or hate it. I'm continually amazed at all that it gets away with. It spoofs so many sacred cows I'm surprised its creators aren't in jail.

Pam: I have a talking Cartman doll that says just that. But my favorite character is Butters.

Aunty Belle said...

well... huh.

I think I need this explained to me cause I'se jes' dense, an' not too pop culturally conversant.

I think I git that it pokes big holes in all the PC icons left/right/ or supine, but admit the crude language punches mah prude button.

Is this one of those "if it has to be explained to ya', thar's no point" ? Mebbe I'se beyond the pale.

Iffin' ya wanna say yore mind on Egypt, I's be pleased to see ya on the BACK PORCH in the next day or so.

LaDivaCucina said...

Sigh. South Park. The messed up voices of REASON and HUMOR in a sea of political correctness, mediocrity and absurdity. ahhh....

HATE Lady GAGA, she makes me gag-gag and barely was able to get through this but thank you for posting! I often watch SP when I'm frustrated and mad at the world cuz they say just what I'm thinking. And I love how they have two concurrent themes in every episode, usually a current event and a movie.

PS: One time when I was visiting L.A. while living in Sydney, I went to a party in Venice beach. There was a conversation about SP and this guy says to me, "I hate SP." I asked why? "Cuz they make fun of my friend." Diva: "Wow, who's your friend?" Dickhead: "Jesus." La Diva was flabbergasted and I COULD NOT WAIT to get back to Australia again.....Long live CARTMAN! (I love Timmah and Stan's dad is pretty awesome too! But have to say, I really miss Satan!!!)