Sunday, February 6, 2011

Haiku Mondays: Water

Waiting for Direction by Paul Apps

* * *

Seal slick black Lab breaks
sun lit liquid scrim shedding
water like diamonds.

* * *

Do you haiku, too? Head here and play for fun and fabulous prizes!


chickory said...

love it love it love it. no ode to black and white and wrinkled brown dogs? grrrrrrr

Jenny said...

every time I look down on the beach to watch a dog in the water, it's a black lab.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping to see a visual for this fine haiku. Nice.

moi said...

Chickory: No, not with water as a theme. The Ivanator hates water and Maddie doesn't seem too fond of it, either. So, it was an ode to S.B.'s dearly departed black Lab and the chubby ol' gal who hung with us on our trek back in September.

Boxer: I've never, ever known a Lab that wasn't cuckoo for water. Ours had the misfortune of being born in the desert, poor thing.

Troll: Apps is an English wildlife painter/photographer. Some of his work is very good.

Pam said...

Don't go giving me doggy fever. I am in bad enoug way after the Puppy Bowl yesterday. Plus the fact that I think Sterling needs a puppy to keep him occupied. Although, we did try to have a black lab in our back yard at one point, and he chewed through about $400 in pool equipment. So I feel your pain about the home/pool maintenance requirements. There's no 'getting ahead' if you own property!

fishy said...

Have I ever met a lab I couldn't love? Our rescued yellow lab mix was the best dog ever. She loved the water. And me.

Great picture of the black lab but you know, I love the face of your Ivanator. It is very endearing!

moi said...

Pam: The only dog I've ever had who was a chewer was my dearly departed Beagle. I loved that dog, but she was impossible. Destroyed and antique velvet chair once, and I have books that still bear her teethmarks. Luckily, none of the dogs I've had since have been chewers.

Fishy: Labs are one of my favorite breeds. There are three next door that talk to my guys through the fence all the time and I wuv them terribly. Yeah, in all the years I've worked with and owned dogs, I don't think I've seen one as cute as Ivan. His looks are just so spayshul.

Aunty Belle said...

I like alliteration. What I like best about yore Haiku is strong visual imagery. As iffin' ya wuz viewin' the paintin' an the Haiku jes' came to ya'.

Doan need to convince me on Labs--all the clan dawgs is labs. All black, 'cept one yaller. Clan pups in dawgy heaven are Labs, save one Springer Spaniel.

moi said...

Aunty: Aw, I love that all of your dawgs are Labs. A good, hearty, happy-go-lucky breed that has even managed to escape ruin by the show breeders (although the AKC allows a stockier, bigger Lab than I personally prefer. Thanks for your kind words on the haiku. I write them first, then go searching for images, but I guess I could try it the other way around, too!

My favorite of yours was Boiled frogs don't jump! I laughed and laughed at that. Talk about vivid imagery :o)