Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Heart and Haiku Day

Mountain goat’s gruff wool

cut and spun to gossamer.

Cashmere’s cozy warmth.

What’s better than skin

on skin? Lux intervention:

Silk, cashmere, satin.

Or, in my case, one of these.

Yes. You saw that right.

Look, when you've been together for sixteen years, some Valentine's Days are Chanel, some are chocolate, while others pass by with a couple of cards and waffles for breakfast. This year, when I opened my gift, I thought, "Aw, hell. Don't tell me S.B. wants to go the Furry/Plushie route."

Thankfully, no. It was just my honey bunny's way of being funny. And practical, because I'm one of those people. The ones who are always, always—regardless of season, venue, or time of day—freezing cold. Check my closet and look past the shoes and you'll find more blankies than a newborn, more sweaters than my bank account can support, and enough pashminas to supply an entire airplane of bereft passengers.

And now, to that arsenal of on-demand-warmth, I can add my very own Hoodie Footie.

And, no, there will be no photos.

But I will blow a virtual kiss to each and every one of my blog homies. You make my heart happy, too. And if you also want to haiku, Ms. Fishy is hosting this week with the theme of TACTILE and the offer of a fabulous culinary prize. Go there now. And then get in the pit and try and love someone.


Anonymous said...

I like them both. I'd have bought you a Vermont Teddy Bear with a gun.

Sharon Rudd said...

Bwahahahahaha to the hoodie-footie, but being one of those perpetually chilly people, I can relate.

Happy Valentine's Day!

moi said...

Troll: Which means it wouldn't be from Vermont, but from TEXAS.

Eggy: Been that way my whole life, too. In fact, it's never, ever too hot for me. Well, except when I sleep. In which case, I like an ice cold room and a pile of blankets.

fishy said...

From Laboutins to footies?
That's some range! I definitely want to see the pictures :-)

Jenny said...

Really? No pictures? Boooooooo.

I like a woman who like cashmere, so therefore I like your haiku.

Happy Haiku Monday AND Valentine's Day. I have one up for you! xoxox

moi said...

Fishy: Hmmm. I guess I could do something Lady Gaga-esque with the Hoodie Footie and some heels . . . no?

Boxer: Ooooo . . . I love getting Valentine's! I'll be right over.

The Poet Laura-eate said...

A sleepsuit for grown-ups - what a fab idea!

moi said...

Poet: It reminds me of the footie pajamas my mother made me wear as a kid. Which I loved wearing anytime except when I slept. Then I felt like I was being strangled. This I'll wear at night in front of television when it's super duper cold. And the spouse is out of town.

Anonymous said...

Is it the fourth of July already???

Karl said...

Happy Heart and Haiku Day Moi,

Dr. Denton's with the feet in um. Do they have the little trapdoor in the seat too?

Aunty Belle said...

@ Troll


Okay...SB done TOTALLY threw me off base now. Never figgered this--not that MOI wouldn't want it (sure--very reasonable fer a lady--Like Aunty too--who is cold all the time. But unless thar's a bikini under it, I never figgered a fella would actually advocate it fer his lady. (slinks off to reconcile SB, IVANATOR, gun-slingin' Moi wif hoodie footie)

moi said...

Bama: Not yet. But I'll let cha know. In the meantime, have a happy heart day.

Karl: Heck no! A trapdoor would just be. Wrong. Happy Valentine's Day to you and the Mrs!

Aunty: No, no, you're okay with your original assessment. S.B. also has a monumental sense of humor—he was making fun of me more than anything else. I also got a teddy bear, chocolate, and a night out.

Heather Cherry said...