Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer's Ready

Although, I'm not sure I am.

Regardless, I'm going to kick it off officially come Friday, with my annual trek to the desert to soak in some sun, fling my body around, and have someone else do the cooking and cleaning for three whole days. Boxer will be there, too.

I've got a lot to do before lift off, though, so in the meantime, please share with me your plans for the summer. Whatever they are, I hope they include some time for FUN.


Jenny said...

Weeeeeeeee. It's 58 degrees and raining sideways today. I can't wait for three days NOT wrangling dogs and a small bidness.

and when I come back I sure hope Summer would have arrived too.


Anonymous said...

It appears you neglected to mention the topless pillow fight portion of the agenda. Unless "fling my body around" was a round-a-bout way of saying it.

moi said...

Boxer: It's been so grey and weird here, we only just today opened the pool. Right in time for me to swim . . . somewhere else!

Troll: Dang it. I'm always neglecting to mention the topless pillow fight portion of the day's entertainment.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Moi,

Gee, I hope you guys have a good time and don't melt. Seeking out temperatures over 70°is a foreign concept to me. 50° at night and 70°during the day, is my comfort zone. When summer arrives here it generally a arrives with a vengeance temps in the 90°s and humidity the same.

We're planning five days off in August to go to Canada. To practice to speaking French and swim in cold water.

Work or play, we need to make life fun, otherwise why play the game.

Buzz Kill said...

Well, there goes my
imagination running wild again.

moi said...

Karl: I agree. Fun is always the point. As for heat, I'm a lizard. Give me a flat rock, in the sun, in the middle of the desert, and I'm happy as a clam. Anything below 70 and I'm wearing a sweater.

Buzz: Well you'd better go catch it before it gets you in trouble. Or it meets up with Troll's. That would be very bad.

Jenny said...

BWAHAHAHAH! I just noticed your tag. Regarding pillow fights; we'd need Chickory to make it true threesome and that will be happening in July so stayed tuned boyz.......

chickory said...

today was africa hot even in the mountains. i heard the ATL was 102 in the concrete canyons. Silk broke down and i forgot my cell phone. i walked 40 minutes to the garage that works on the truck. I was soaking wet when i arrived -beet red face but not mad or upset at least. how could i be? finally cnbc admits this sukka is gonna crash.

take some photos on that epic trek. I love thisone you posted -you didnt juice up those blues did you? spectacular.

my plans. lets see.

avoid failure
harden up
lay in the waterfall, and often
continue to chip away at the massive home improvement list (today i scraped windows and painted stain on the deck)
come to NM!! that is my BIG summer event. no. seriously.

feather pillows. it doesnt work with those fancy memory foam things

Sharon Rudd said...

Hope you and Boxer babe have a great rendezvous! I'm soaking up the awesomeness of South Dakota, complete with sightings of antelope, deer, and tatanka, plus a cave tour this morning. Big skies are good :)

xoxo, eggy

Aunty Belle said...

Doan lie.

We know Boxer-Babe is givin' ya Zumba lessons atop some flat rock--better'n pillow fights, Troll-man.

I'se wif Moi--under 70, ya build a fire.

I'se wif' Karl--otherwise, why play the game?

But Moi? Whar's the pic of the SHOES ya wear when lizarding?


@ Eggy, what the heck is a tatanka?

Plans? as in leave the back forty an' all the chores? Hmmmnnn. Lemme see. Uh, no. Baring serendipity, I'll be totin' mah load, hoeing mah row.So y'all send me a post card or two, now y'heah?

Have fun Moi Cherie and Boxer-Babe!

moi said...

Boxer: But there will be the active yoga class because one of my life's greatest joys is imagining fifty gazillion ways to shoot holes in that uni-tarded New Age-voiced instructor.


In the year of the scavenger
The season of the bitch
Sashay on the boardwalk
Scurry to the ditch
Just another future song
Lonely little kitsch
There's gonna be sorrow
Try and wake up tomorrow.

Eggy: South Dakota rocks! But I don't remember getting a single good thing to eat there :o) Let me know what (if) you find in that case . . .

Aunty: Tatanka is the Sioux name for buffalo, and I'm barefoot when I'm lizarding. P.S. Join us in July!

Jenny said...

Moi, I knew you were the kind of friend I wanted to know the first year at the Spa when you turned your hand into a gun and pointed it at the instructor for a pool workout.

I've been looking at classes; Yoga in the Pool! maybe I'll take the stretch class?

moi said...

Boxer: That dude was a real piece of work. I was all, "Seriously, man; this isn't Fat Camp." Nor is it AA. They should let you have your vodka at dinner, already.

LaDivaCucina said...

Oh my God, I found these flasks at the likka sto that sells these plastic bag flasks that will pass through airport security and thought of the boda youse. Their tag line is: Helping People Sumggle Alkeehol on Their Bodies" Perhaps you two would like the "Cruiseship package?"

Don't wanna know my plans, they are too fun, ok, I'll tell you anyway: making Diva TV videos (one in 3d!) going to the Keys, starting a cooking club and hopeully moving. And that's freakin' June! Yippee!

Youse two have a blast, I'll be thinking of you! xoxoxo

LaDivaCucina said...

(Sheesh, sorry about the typos!)

Aunty Belle said...

ooooh...a BYOP gathering?
I'se impressed ya speak Sioux. Clever lady.

Pam said...

Ah, an escape sounds like bliss. Ya'll have a grand time, please! My summer will be welcoming the Grandboy and spending as much time with him as his parents will allow me. And then we were off to see the husband's mum across the pond for a short time. And then, and then, I plan on sleeping as much as humanly possible before next year's bizzy season hits again.

fishy said...

Still trying to decide if Troll is the eternal optimist or the eternal opportunist.

Your photo is spectacular! Heat and all,
a hike through beauty can only be about good.
That and choosing yoga over zumba.

The Poet Laura-eate said...

I'm going to an English seaside town for a week next week - can't wait!

Enjoy the desert!

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