Sunday, May 29, 2011

Haiku Mondays: CLICHE

As our esteemed winner of last week's Haiku Monday, Pam in OKC will be judging this here contest and offering up a prize. I'm hosting. Here's how it works:

1. Post your haiku(s) on the theme here, in the comments section, on or before midnight PST, this Monday, May 30th.

2. If you'd like, post your haiku, along with visuals, at your own blog and let us know that you're up. Pam is considering visuals in her judging.

2. Check in with Pam, who will post her winning haiku and prize sometimes on Tuesday, May 31st.

Simple. But a not so simple topic. So give it a good think, thank, thunk, and hit us with your best shots quick as a wink and before your creativity goes to the dogs.

* * *

Did you hear the one
about the blonde in the bar?
Joke’s on you; you bought.


czar said...

Thanks for hosting, Moi, and judging, Pam.

I'm up w/ visuals.

Lines meet dots — just not
Inside the box. Folks recall
Clichés, not sources.

Anonymous said...

Grrherhahaha on the Blonde Cliche Joke Haiku. Mine is:

Tres Cliche Haiku

It's a bromide, but...
Big Brother IS watching you.
For the greater good.

Will have to check out Czar's. Cause I ain't getting it sans visuals. His usually be good.

Fleurdeleo said...

I'm up with visuals.

Cracked heart on my sleeve.
You could save me, but withhold.
Like "Little Foxes."

Princess said...

Hi Moi.

I'm up at "The Palais"
With pictures again...
Only one tis week,,,,

High heeled and lipsticked
Can I be such a cliche?
You betcha Dhaaarling...

czar said...

Thanks, Sir Troll, for the vote of confidence. The cliché is "thinking outside the box," and the image is the puzzle that provides the phrase's etymology.

moi said...

Czar: All the ways in which Czar's haiku this week is NOT like Coltrane: 1. I don't understand it, but I do like it.

Troll: Perfection of Orwellian proportions.

Fleur: I'm just tickled pink that I get this . . .

Princess: You go with your bad self.

Czar: I still hear crickets (but, thankfully, not arty dissonance of clarinetic proportions). Still, I like this haiku.

Aunty Belle said...

Off topic: Jimmy Choo sold out. Loubou could be next.

fishy said...

The fat lady sings
Our red, white and blue high notes
While patriots weep

Our 'balancing act'?
We weigh our bad paper now
not golden eagles

If I am lying
I am dying to see you
standing tall again

It's a crying shame
these legislators blame game
forfeit our good name

I'm up with visuals :-)

Jenny said...

Excellent! that's a great visual and even better haiku. One of your best.

Pam said...

Oooh, all of these are great. I'll be making the rounds today. Don't think I will throw a haiku out there since I am judging. And Kymster better pony up and post one since it is *her* theme idea!

Kymical Reactions said...

I'm up with visuals.

here's the entry..

grandma used to say,
you've made your bed, lay in it.
heard mom say it, too.

chickory said...

China shops tremble
Grasp the horns, order now!
Bull Art. No B.S.

Im up with a visual.

Good one Moi! What do you call a smart blonde?
a golden retriever! Grrrherhahahaha.

Lots of good ones this week. Mines not a contenda. But my visual is fun.

Happy Haiku Monday!

Pam said...

I will do a write-up tomorrow morning (Tuesday A.M.) and post the winner and prize :)

Aunty Belle said...

HUff, puff--think I'se in time
( but mah article ain't finished, though the draft is done---grrrr-- More midnight oil).

Visuals up shortly.


Mark my words: It gets
my goat when kids talk that way
twenty-four seven.


Egg on your face, mate?
You got your just desserts. Piece
of cake? Humble pie!


April Showers bring
May flow: Old Man River heaves.
Open the flood gates!

Karl said...

Good morning Moi,

Thank you for hosting. Pam and Kym picked a good topic. There are many fine ones this week.

Here are two for entertainment purposes only.

Hot enough for you
Went from fifty to ninety
What happened to spring

Offline all weekend
Well, better late than never
Still missed the deadline

Pam said...