Friday, May 6, 2011

What You Gonna Bring Us, Keep us from the Gallows Pole?

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty: No. No, no, no, no, no. In the words of S.B.: "Typical snot-slick politician."

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum: No. Too much of a Fundie for my taste. It makes me cringe to hear the typical conservative social agenda blather trump what I consider to be more important issues. The personal is NOT political. Go. Away.

Godfather's Pizza mogul Herman Cain: Mmmmmmmm, pizza. Best line of the night: When asked about his lack of political experience, pointed out all the people in Washington with so-called experience who have been elected, and then said. "How's that working for ya?" I wouldn't mind seeing him in the White House.

Millionaire businessman and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson: One of the best governors this state has ever had. Honest, upright, clean living dude. I've met him and he's a straight shooter, his ideas are out-of-the-box sensible, but he had a terrible showing last night. Still needs to "cook," as Pam would say. But I liked what he said about Afghanistan. That we went in for good reasons—to get Osama bin Laden and to break the Taliban's stranglehold, which we initially did until we mucked that up—and now we're building roads and bridges and schools and borrowing 43 cents of every dollar in order to do that, adding to a debt so bloated, it's literally impossible to count that high.

Texas Representative Ron Paul: I was heartened to hear that most of the audience's loudest cheering followed Paul's comments. Outside of Gary Johnson, the most common sense, libertarian-minded of the current crop of republitards. What some detractors call a nut case, I just see as justifiably grumpy. He should be. We have a LOT to be angry about. Let's do something really hopey-changey and elect this guy. Most everyone else is just a cardboard cut out that people will vote for for the same old/same old reasons, and, seriously, how bad could it be? No worse than what we've got going on now.


Fleurdeleo said...

Hi, Moi! Will you be a doll an announce the Haiku Monday Challenge to the group? I wanted the Troll to do it, but he's gone on "blog hiatus" and I am not able to comment on his blog as I am not a team member.

I am still learning to navigate this blog stuff...hopefully I won't be a pest forever!

Karl said...

Good afternoon Moi,

He certainly couldn't do any worse than what we have now. And his opinions on fiscal responsibility and right to work are right where they should be.

The question. Could he actually win the election?

Just in case you missed it, here is a Bird call for you.

@ Fleur: You know, I think this week's topic is why Troll went on hiatus.

Just kidding;)

Milk River Madman said...

I like Herman and your former governor. The problem is the GOP. They can be such stupid bastards. Even here in Montana.

czar said...

Pair him up with Kucinich or Sanders, and you could do some serious shaking up.

Jenny said...

What's going to happen with Haiku Monday with Troll's Hiatus????

chickory said...

Loved him. we tuned in late and I didnt get to see DOCTOR Paul say much but he is the best chance we have at not collapsing fully. I loved both him and gary johnson stating straight up that the dollar was failing. thank you. now we need to address the endemic corruption in the financial sector and address who and what we are. we are lost. our foreign policy looks random and foolish and our culture is ugly in so many ways.

herman cain is pretty good. hes atlanta based and has a radio show on 750 same network as neil boortz. I love his show. but I worry its too much oh here we have a black conservative to go up against Obama.

we're eating chocolate covered cherries and blueberries. mmmmmmmm.

chickory said...

@czar: paul and kuchinich could work. a yin yang

Jenny said...

er, What Chickory said. I did enjoy Ron Paul.

chocolate chip muffins, too.....

Aunty Belle said...

Anybody see the CBS video of the Lockheed employees swillin' booze durin' their lunch hour?

Yeah, the same Lockheed that builds our super secret fighter jets. Ya have a brother, hubby, son, grandson flyin' one of them planes over Afghanistan? How'd ya like seein' them slimy, union protected freaks bein' free to do their legal thang while yore fine boy has to fly what them drunks paste together?

Paul ain't good fer what ails us.

He is the fryin' pan to the fire temptation. We cain't survive as an orgiastic nation that is morally corrupt anymore than we can survive as a nation wallowin' in bankin' corruption. That a candidate can have a horror for economic corruption but is blind to moral corruption is the irony of the millennium. A kulchure thas' "free" to engage in ever'thang a fried mind can think up is a culture that cannot build much less guide an economy.

Show me an economically sound but dissolute nation. Cain't be done.

A candidate that won't outlaw heroin ain't got his head on right. We all have to live together. That means moral standards, not jes' economic standards.

If Paul is grumpy over the economic corruption war, Santorum has same claim to reasonable grumpiness--moral corruption.

We's already a nation of sheeple, ain't we? uh huh....jes legalize all the sparkly temptations that snare the young an' the weak, offer no expectations of self discipline, an have fun watchin' how easy it is fer the gubmint to enslave yore hazy minded fellow citizens. Libertarianism doan lead to liberty. It enslaves.

Looky, why is the economy so corrupted in the first place? Somethin' in the air?

Naw naw...we all knows that this nation done turned itself sideways to decent moral standards. The economy is jes' the canary in the mine shaft. Loosen the moral anchor of yore civilization an ya' go bobbin' out to sea, whar' sooner or later the rough, unfamiliar swells done flung yore boat around 'til it be nuthin' but floatin' matchsticks.

Sorry, Aunty ain't been to bed yet at 5 somethin' a.m., an' is jes' too tired to be a playful contrarian. Doan mean to be grumpy meself.

What a lie. I do. I do mean
to be grumpy. It is of colossal importance that we git it right in 2012.

Aunty Belle said...

mebbe if I had some chocolate...

moi said...

Aunty: Oh, Aunty, I wish I had more than just this comment box to address your very valid concerns, but I don't.

I'd tell you sometime about how in spite of the fact that cocaine is illegal, my brother has remained enslaved to that drug since he was a teenager and regardless of jail time, church and state intervention, reason and threats, has still carved a path of destruction through this family that will never, ever be repaired. NOTHING will ever change that. His failing is a moral, psychological, and mental one, one that lies deep inside of himself and which no government law or other type of intervention could have or ever will prevent.

Simply put, people will be lawful and ethical because of what's inside of them, of what their families and other mentor adults in their lives teach them—not because, never because, of what's mandated by the state or the feds.

I know that because you have a highly honed moral code, one that I admire beyond words, you are fearful of a country disintegrating into chaos without laws ensuring one. But with all due respect, you are mistaken. I have a highly honed moral guidance system, too, and it's not there because of what's written in some state or federal statute. Legalize heroin? Won't make a difference either way, believe me. Those who do not choose to live their lives under the influence of a poison, will not choose to suddenly do so. Those, like my brother, who choose addiction, will do so regardless.

The drug addicted in this country, they are the least of our problems. Our biggest problem is the disregard our leaders have for the sanctity of the greatest contract ever written, a voluntarily imposed set of laws, written voluntarily by individuals gathered into a collective for the sole purpose of achieving morality VIA economic freedom.

moi said...

P.S. Oh, and in case you think I'm a complete anarchist, despite my musings on its viability, let me say that I do in fact recognize and respect that we are a country of laws and must remain so. But we already have everything we need on the books.

In order to have our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (the guarantee of which is the only viable reason to establish government, in my opinion), we also have to have laws on the books that punish those who prevent or impinge upon those liberties. Hence, our laws against murder, rape, assault, and theft of intellectual and physical property. Seems to me that covers it. So the Neocon's so called "social agenda" is not only unnecessary, it is in fact tyrannical.

Aunty Belle said...

Moi, Cherie,
real sorry fer yore unnerstan' all too well--I has sad similarity wif' a brother, though he be older now, an somewhat tamed.

I ain't expectin' gubmint to legislate morality per se--mainly cause it cain't, jes' as ya say--

but I do see the role of gubmint, as deputized by us folks, to limit the rate/degree of immoral chaos via laws to prohibit the worst of the worse, jes' as we do fer murder an theft. Do it mean some will still do wrong, take heroin? shure--jes' as they still commit armed robbery despite the law. Some will always do wrong whatever the consequence.

The folks in the middle--the weak, not the die hard addicts nor the puritans --is the ones for whom such restrictions make a difference. That added expectation of the society, that ya' not DO THIS because laws and the culture that made the laws say DON'T DO THIS, is effective fer weak folks--folks lookin' fer direction. But whar the kulchure says, "OK" these folks figger it must be OK--an' you an' me know it ain't.

We agree that the hard core ain't stopped by no law, an the goody two-shoes doan need no laws, but the vast mid-ground? They need guideposts.

chickory said...

there is no greater calamity than the moral collapse at the top. guideposts? we have not even begun to prosecute the robber class that has taken what should be a representational republic and turned us into corporate and financial serfs. until this is addressed nothing else can be resolved. Paul is the only candidate that seeks to chop the head of the tyrannical beast. lets get that done and see if we dont have a better chance at addressing escapism and self medication. the culture is sick, in this we are in agreement. Start at the top to set things right. When justice is served than the real HOPE can return. until then its bread and circuses.

moi said...

Aunty: So what do we do about people who refuse to eat right and exercise? Who refuse to dress properly for dinner? Who don't return their shopping carts to the bin or give up their seat on the bus to the elderly? I would argue those behaviors, in their aggregate, are as detrimental to a healthy society as drug abuse.

Chickory: Nail. Hit. Head. Now go back to enjoying those blueberries and chocolate covered cherries :o)

Pam said...

Please tell me you didn't watch this stuff already? I have to stick to mindless things like AI and DWTS. Brain will explode if more politics has to be endured/observed/viewed/heard.

Pam said...

Oh wow, I just came back and read the comments. I'm so sorry your family has to go through this cycle of drug addiction. But I am definitely with you that there is something within that gives a person the ability to overcome. Some have it, and some do not. I'm sure this situation colors your own self-reliance. Peace be with you.

Aunty Belle said...

@ chick9

Reckon I see yore point, but thas' also makes MAH point: The trouble at the top din't BEGIN at the top.

History of democracy is the lesson book on this:

The slime on the surface--the banker/ politico class--that came from the core--us'uns. We permitted it. We elected it, we educated it.

We ourselves is corrupt in our *core values*--we adopted the 60s flowerchile' "do yore own thang," "let it all hang out," "live an' let live" sloppy, undisciplined attitude, an we INSTITUTIONALIZED it, then it wuz codified in law.

We thought freedom meant no fetters, do mah own thang. Freedom means the freedom to do as one ought to do. True freedom is freedom from mah own worst instincts--instead the easy, vice flirting-culture done grabbed us in a choke hold. We hate but we want it. If WE want to live unfettered, we have to let all live unfettered--thus a disordered nation.

We have to rip that weed (heh) up at the roots--otherwise, all our fumin' under the the yoke of the powers-that-be is pointless.

Hope? hope begins wif' YORESELF. As ya know from what all ya's done wif' Chickory. BE true, be good, be disciplined an' hold others to that standard too. Spread the word--it can happen again--look how quickly somethin' as mindless as Do Not Litter became a social mantra and self-regulatin' feature of the culture. Stop moral litter bugs--an' note too how we was serious enough about litter to legally fine and jail people for littering.

When it matters to us, we will return to the right side of thangs. If it doan matter, an folks wink wink at the immoral dominance in culture (as Paul does) because "it's the economy stupid" then we's buyin' serfdom.

Ya cannot have a solid economy whar' the citizens is immoral. NO nation has managed such a hybrid/ divided society.

Aunty Belle said...


youse speakin' to good manners--an' I agree. But good manners come from the willingness to do the right thang. Do we punish them who doan return the carts? yes, socially--when we see folks doin' that, we oughta nicely remind them to do this simple act of good citizenship. Jail? no, social censorship? yes.

Were it gits sticky is that Paul ain't proposin' we overlook the Doritos addict. Mothers Against Doritos Drivin' doan claim much attention fer me either.