Wednesday, May 11, 2011

American Idol Snark Station: Ich Glotz' TV

The weirdest gospel album you'll ever listen to,
but it sure beats Tina McBride.

* * *


This show just isn't any fun without Simon Cowell. But at least Gaga somewhat alleviated the over arching soap opera schmaltz. And managed to pull out of lil' ol' Hailey the night's only great, maybe even slightly weird, performance.

Long live weird.


czar said...

Well, I've always been concerned about a guy named Norman Greenbaum singing about his love for the baby Jesus, but now that we've got some young JoAnn Worley dressed up in a Halloween costume covering it, the whole package begins to make a little more sense.

Sharon Rudd said...

Lol to czar's comment about the JoAnn Worley costume (I am trusting czar's spelling and not off to google it myself).

I tend to forget when AI is on or be busy otherwise. Moi, have you been watching "The Voice"? I like the singers, although I think the production is a bit confusing and uneven. At least they don't belittle the contestants.

P.S. Got an earful of grand N'Orleans music and heaping helpings of fine food last weekend. And I even managed to get a new blog post up about the celebration :)

xoxo, eggy

Pam said...

Have to agree that Hailey was the best tonight. Here's my analysis.

Durbin: Oh, how the judges want him to win? Opening AND closing the show? Clever marketing. He did do a good job on the Journey song. It is so obvious they are setting him up for the win, I don't even want to watch much anymore. But meanwhile, he is everything Glambert should have been.

Hailey: Girl is hitting her stride. Don't know why why WHY the judges were so rough on her. Clearly she is the one they want out this week. Trampy still, but had the best performance with a torchy song tonight.

Scotty: I'm over it. Cheese factor through the roof. Seeya.

Lauren: Finally, FINALLY showed some personality in the performance ... glad she upped her game.

Finale? Durbin and Hailey.

czar said...

Eggy: Always good to question. I looked it up. Jo Anne Worley.

You went to New Orleans Jazz Festival? Color me jealous. I've only been once -- around 1995, I think. What a great time. We had basically good weather through the weekend. Six hours after we left, it rained 18 inches in the next 24 hours, and boy was I glad I wasn't trying to enjoy myself in that slop.

moi said...

Czar: I'm sure Nina Hagen would kiss you to know you called her young. And her path to this particular musical point in her career is long and sincere. If weird. But she's always been weird.

Eggy: No, I haven't been watching The Voice. Looks like it might be good, though. I'll have to check it out. I'm over AI.

Pam: I can't believe we're at the point where Hailey could win this thing. Scotty embarrassed himself with that second song, never mind the judges' ass kissing, but his exchange with Gaga was priceless.

Czar: We used to go to Jazz Fest all the time. Soup is right. But probably some of the best days (and nights) of my life.

Jenny said...

I was just saying the very same thing to my co-workers: I miss Simon. I don't even bother listening to the judges anymore. ZZZZZ. I did like Hailey's song and think she could be one of the top two? Do I care? *sigh* Not as much as in the past seasons.

Gaga was a breath of fresh air, although I really, really wanted to wash her face and start all over again with that make up.

Pam said...

Is something up with your blogger? I tried to come over and comment earlier about Durbin being gone, now all other comments eaten? Interesting that despite obvious favortism, Durbin got cut. Or is it? He left in the Daughtrey week, which means he might have a future in the music bizniz anyway?

Jenny said...

Blogger wiped out all comments! James left? Wow. Did not see that coming. He and Daughtry.

Typing on a phone. Leetle tiny buttons.

moi said...

Ladies: Blogger has been forked up since early yesterday. Lost all comments to this post (including Czar's coffee-spewing comment equating Nina Hagen with Jo Ann Worley) and most comments to previous post. Boo. Blogger sucks.

Was floored that Durbin was voted off. He was my fave to win, simply because I think Scotty is too one note (in spite of his great voice), and the two gals too unformed. Boo. AI sucks this year.

Aunty Belle said...

Blogger gone nuts--around heah, ain't been no blogger access since Thursday--or mebbe late Wednesday when I had "read only" access.

Weirdness roams around in the WWW.

czar said...

I've been watching some Nina Hagen videos from the Personal Jesus tour and reading up on her. Very interesting.

Jenny said...

I May be officially done with AI. Waiting to see if XFactor is worth my time?

Anonymous said...

I stopped watching when Casey was booted. And never watched the Wed-Night editions.


moi said...

Aunty: WWW doth indeed stand for weird, weird, weird. Also: wild, wild, wild. As in anarchic. Which I'm cool with :o).

Czar: A must is the Nina Hagen Band EP with "Wir Leben Immer Noch" (a cover of Lene Lovich's "Lucky Number"), "TV Glotzer" (to the tune of "White Punks on Dope"), "Superboy," and the über cool "African Reggae." Also, Nunsexmonkrock for the blistering "Smack Jack."

Boxer: I'm officially done with most reality telebizohn. Are you still typing on leetle tiny keys or did you bring your iPad?

Troll: Shame he went home. But his girlfriend . . . who'da thunk it?

sparringK9 said...

i lost my modem. I have to wait for a new one to ship from wisconsin - i should get it tomorrow. but i couldnt comment anywhere for a few days and older posts were up where i knew new ones were. so i dont know.

AI sucks. i dont like any of these people and the show is boring to me. gack.