Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What We Need Here is Some Rain

AP image of the Las Conchas fire above Los Alamos. Since it first sparked three days ago, it has grown to 61,000 acres and counting.

Although, it did rain here yesterday. It started off as a smattering of hopeful sprinkles for a few minutes before gathering up full force and letting loose with a hard-driving downpour. For about 7 minutes, 39 seconds.

And it fell selectively. A good friend who lives 10 miles south of us didn't get a single drop. The folks in Los Alamos, nothing.

Things out here at the back of the mountain aren't too bad, but Albuquerque was enveloped in smoke yesterday, which obliterated the mountains and the mesas and volcanoes at the west side of town. We're holding steady at 10 percent chance of rain every day until mid next week, when it shoots to 60 percent for a couple of days.

In the meantime, the entire state is shut down. Even the scenic road to the top of the Sandia Mountains is closed to traffic, the first time ever. The trails behind my house, where we walk the dogs and run? Closed. The river and bosque trails? Closed. The Jemez and Pecos Mountain trails? Closed. Looks like road running and leash walking for us. Which I'll gladly do if it means we up here in the East Mountains escape this:

That's Los Alamos National Laboratories in the foreground.


Anonymous said...

Hope it rains for you soon. But they should probably move Los Alamos to someplace with fewer fires, hippies, and spies.

pam said...

Such a scary situation. Am putting on my head-dress now and doing a rain dance for you and saying some prayers to Man Upstairs. Hopefully that will cover all the bases. Mother Nature has come to call and I don't think she's happy.

chickory said...

uh oh. Im starting to worry about our summit next week. This is so tragic. I am praying for rain. When i read that plutonium waste was stored in a kind of fabric building i was floored. weird. and stupid. I read some terrible accounts about what is happening to wildlife - this is just awful and I hate it for you and all of us. Be careful out there.

moi said...

Troll: The moon, maybe?

Pam: She is very grumpy this year, for sure. If you have even a drop of Native American blood, use it!

Chickory: We've still got nearly 10 days left. The fire will be out by then, most likely, although the bosque may still be closed to us. So it will be an "urban" trek, or the Village of Jemez, where we will be able to walk along the river, etc. The nuclear waste, in spite of the media hysteria, is not in any danger at this moment. Contents of the particles in the air are being closely monitored and there's no increase in radiation or other nasty stuff. That is, if the reports are to be trusted. At any rate, do keep all fingers and toes crossed and pray for rain.

Anonymous said...

The Wakatongo Tribe believes that sharing Blog Summit Pillow Fight pics with Trolls causes Big Sky God to be generous with rainfall for many years.

Conversely, should the Big Sky God be displeased, he will plague the land with the odor of patchouli.

Jenny said...

I wish I knew a rain dance or could send all of our moisture down to you and the wild life. :-(

Here's hoping for those monsoons you're all famous for this time of year because I'm not sure how to pack fire gear in with my feather pillow. ;-)

chickory said...

LOL troll.

moi, is "jackalope" anywhere near where we are going? I would like to go there. Betty brought me some stuff back from her trip that I would like to get more of -specifically the terra cotta bells with chicken heads.

moi said...

@troll: don't worry your big god head about it; we have a photo just for you.

@ boxer: darn feather pillows. I blame jaqueline Suzanne.

@ chicory: I believe a jackalope is on the way. I will google!

Karl said...

Afternoon Moi,

Are all the closures related to the fire or are they "Red Flag" closures to prevent new fires from starting? Looking at the radar they may get a shower soon.

@ Troll: Clinton gave the spies the keys years ago. No need to move it now they've got it all. Not to mention the cost of the cleanup.

@ Chickory: Not really weird or stupid. The materials are being stored to protect from a radiological release. Some are being stored in not your average 55 gallon drum.

moi said...

Karl: The closures are to prevent further fires. Which I have mixed feelings about. Public lands belong to the tax payers and closing them is a curtailment of our right to enjoy those lands.

On the other hand, and I hate to say this about my fellow human beings, most people are jacktards who have no idea how to comport themselves in the wilderness. We have a pack of horseback riders out here, for instance, who regularly smoke and drop their butts on the ground while riding up in the trails. ATVers who do the same, dirt bikers without spark arresters. My neighbor, a grown man, insists on shoot off firecrackers every 4th. It all makes me very grumpy. And trigger happy . . .

Karl said...

Perhaps suppression for them and a Suppressor for you, would be prudent.

Jenny said...

looked up Jacklope.... very cool store!!!

LaDivaCucina said...

I'm so glad you posted this as I've been thinking of you so much with this weather. I lived in Sydney with bush fires too (and California) and it's frightening and unpredictable. I have heard there are seven states on fire right now! (including Florida, we have had no rain either) The rain has finally come for us...all while we were in the Keys, naturally.

Feel the same way as you about the dumbass "public." Too many inconsiderate people without common sense...And at least your neighbor isn't stupid enough to shoot off is gun in the air on the Fourth.

Wish I could be there for the summit....and hope you get some rain.

moi said...

Karl: Either that, or some kind of meditative practice. Aw, fork it; I'll keep my anger.

Boxer: It's a fun place, but one of the locations recently shut down. I'll find out which one.

La Diva: I think I saw on the news that FLA currently has the most fires? That's truly scary, in a state supposedly so moist. Hey, are you still enjoying your vay-cay? We'll miss you for the Summit, but I may be out your way in December.

Aunty Belle said...

That is really really awful. I'se lookin' at the news in horror.

As fer Flrodia, uh, central florida is on day two of heavy rains from tropic storm formin' in the Gulf.

Hop ya has an asbestos hat.

sparringK9 said...

@Karl. 'jus sayin.

darkfoam said...

This drought is terrible!
But I do know you all will have much fun.

fishy said...

Praying for rain.
You know, some of the photos are eerily beautiful, then the horror of the image rolls over your brain and makes you ill. Stay safe.

moi said...

Aunty: No, but I do have an awful lot of tinfoil.

K9: Anything could happen, but right now, so far, so good and rain is expected this weekend. What's chapping my ass, though, is that two major network news stations called LANL Los Alamos Nuclear Labs. Gah! Idiots.

Fishy: Terrible beauty is right. Some of the photos are pretty amazing.

moi said...

Foam: It is my goal to have nothing but a good time, regardless :o).