Sunday, June 12, 2011

Haiku Mondays: VACATION


If this word isn't topmost on your mind this month, then I don't know what is. Unless you are a die hard, über dedicated homebody with a cat and/or houseplant problem, either you're going, have gone, or are wishing you were.

So come on, sock it to me with your best 5-7-5 ode(s) to the relaxed life. Real or imagined. Done or dreamed. Upcoming or someday.

You have up until midnight tomorrow, Monday, June 13, 2011, at midnight PST to submit your haiku in this here comment box (visuals at your blog are coolio but will have no bearing on the judging), and I'll pick a winner sometime on Tuesday. Winner gets a copy of this book by one of my all-time favorite writers:


Fleurdeleo said...

Ok, I will start!

My Mom, in Italy

Suitcase swiped in Rome;
only shoes are sky-high heels.
Pieta brings tears.

Best Vacation Ever, Summer of '73

Drive through the Badlands.
Steely Dan on 8-track tape.
Pop Rocks and Blowpops.

True Story on PBS

Trip down mem'ry lane:
her Holocaust Vacation.
It's a small, small world.

Thanks for hosting, Apple-sass!

moi said...

Fleurdeleo: Way to start it off! Good stuff.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Moi,

Speed week: bikes, babes, beer.
Each mile was snow, rain, thunder.
Still, we had a blast!

Jenny said...

working on it, counting, working on it, have a glue gun in my hand.


Sharon Rudd said...

The most memorable character I ever met on vacation (which turned into the year I dropped out of college) was Derf ("Fred" spelled backwards). He taught me how to make an Italian red sauce, eggplant parmesan and guacamole, thanks to the italian and mexican mamas he learned from in the Bronx before he relocated to the Colorado Mountains. He always said he would have been dead much sooner if he hadn't moved from NYC to Colorado. He lived into his 60s with a series of beloved dogs, but I still miss him in ways I can't sum up in a haiku.

Not that I can sum up anything in a haiku. I'm just not a short-form writer. But I do have another installment on my blog from my recent vacation to South Dakota, and a few extra pics on my eggy fb page. I think this link will take you there:

Looking forward to everyone's entries. Happy Haiku Monday!

czar said...

Two Great Places

Reality breaks:
Gethsemani, Bonnaroo.
Spectral outliers.

From Experience

A piece of advice:
Enjoy your vacation spot?
Don’t ever move there.

Secretariat's Poetic Ghost said...

My Winter Vacation

Familiar faces
but flamingos frolic here.
Warm turf under hoof.

pam said...

England's hist'ry calls
Castles, stone circles; but we
visit family

(I might have more later)

czar said...

I don't want to hijack the contest, but Fleur threw down a challenge for me, as evidenced in her own triad: Write a haiku with the phrase "Holocaust vacation." So, I offer this in bad taste, and trust me, it could be worse. And for what it's worth, I'm Jewish and my father lost many relatives in Hungary to the Nazis, so, well, there you have it.

Das German volk took
Der Holocaust vacation.
All I got: lampshades.

Buzz Kill said...

You know what's coming from me.

Family trips abroad.
Rest and fun in faraway lands.
There ain't no such thing.

I'm glad Boxer is only using a glue gun this time and not an acetylene torch.

moi said...

MB: Wait. You're a trollish ghost? I thought Troll embodied you? Gah. I'm so confused . . . but I like all the haiku, most especially the last one.

Karl: Speed racer! Before motorcycles just started to annoy me for good, I did so want to own a fun vintage Triumph and race it around.

Boxer: Stick to it but don't stick your typing fingers together.

Eggy: More SD photos—awesome! I understand about being a certain kind of writer, but you might surprise yourself—and us—one of these days with a spontaneous 5-7-5.

Czar: "Spectral outliers" is great.

Secretariat: But it's always warm and sunny where you are now, isn't it?

Pam: Very nice. And ain't that the truth?

Czar: Well, hell. If you're not offending someone, somewhere, sometime, what fun is life?

moi said...

Buzz: Soon, Buzz, soon. One child down, one to go.

czar said...


It's this simple:

Colorado's Derf.
Eggy meets Unabomber;
Scores good recipes.

No offense to Derf intended. Haiku written for demonstration purposes only.

Karl said...

Good morning Moi,

One year coming back from Speedweek, a friend of mine got hurt and couldn't ride and I'd blown a gear in my oil pump. So I rode his vintage Triumph home for him. The shifter and the break are on opposite sides on the old Triumphs compared to where they are on a Harley. It was a very scary 800 miles.

And guys if you wanna be a really popular with your spouse, try this one:
What is it this time?
You're not really leaving?
Too many vacations.

fishy said...

Summer begins with
Uncle Joe's watermelon
Down in Biloxi

Crossing Nevada
Dawn light revealing splendor
Mushroom cloud explodes

Fontana Village
damdest vacation ever
phobia for life

Cadenced mem'ries
Rhythmic thunder, fluid grace
Olympic feats

czar said...


We went to Fontana Dam for a convention, believe it or not. Quite amazing for my wife to be doing actual important business during the day, only to return to Depression-era CCC shacks at night. Had one or two very young kids with us, and I remember being unprepared for primitive conditions.


Sounds like we're inhabiting the same space.

Pam said...

I know my husband would be jealous of Karl's speed week vacation. And I totally support Czar's "advice" and am suporting it as winner of the week.

darkfoam said...

i guffawed at fishies fontana retreat ...
i've been there. if i'm going to go primitive i prefer my own quarters ... my trusted tent.

anyway .. still thinking on a haiku. i haven't been haiku inspired lately.

congratulations on your last win, btw.

Aunty Belle said...

grrr! Am having a HB (Haiku block)--an now I need a nap. Love all these so far--but none make me wanna face TSA! Hope to be back afore mindnight.

Kymical Reactions said...

My destination
Imagined and untitled
Anywhere but here

Three weeks and counting.
Relaxing vacations; scarce.
It’s all worth it, though.

Fleurdeleo said...

This theme has stimulated much wit and wisdom! Wryness abounds. Is it because we know that nothing stirs up exhaustion and drama like trying to relax and have fun if it kills us?

Troll, you are no romantic--but I love your 3-part epic. Pam, I laughed outloud at yours.

Csar, excellent advice about not moving to your vacation home.

BTW, Csar has 3 other Holocaust Vacation Haiku which he wrote and sent to me in rapid-fire succession.

fishy said...

@ Czar,
I will not be moving to
Fontana Village :-)


Turtle man walking
History etched into hide
Rays of ages eyes

Sharon Rudd said...

Czar – ha! You inspired me. Although I wouldn’t liken Derf to the Unabomber, there was something about his wild eyes and thick Bronx accent that were a little scary when I first met him :) Actually, he looked a lot like Albert Einstein, especially when he let his hair grow.

Ode to Derf

New York émigré,
Einstein of good recipes.
Missing him mountains.

moi said...

All: Good stuff, guys.

Eggy: Yay—most excellent debut!

Aunty Belle said...


Pack light, no bottles
of girly goo, T S A
grope and grab? Unpack!

moi said...

Most excellent work everyone, including first-timer Eggy. I'll be up sometime today (it may be late) with a results post.

Jenny said...

Eggy posted a Haiku!!!