Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Movie Clip Wednesdays: One Hit Wonders

What a great subject for this week's Movie Clip Wednesdays! I chose this one not so much because no one knows who Tatum O'Neal is or what happened to her (in fact, we probably know a little bit too much), but because she never really went anywhere after her first movie, Paper Moon, for which she was nominated, and subsequently won, the Academy Award for Supporting Actress.

There was that teen flick Little Darlings with Kristy McNichol and Matt Damon, but after that she disappeared into marriage, motherhood, divorce, and addiction. Only to reemerge as an actress in B movies and television shows as well as a peddler of dirty family secrets on the talk show circuit. Ah, well. With the kind of childhood she had, more power to her, if this is the way she needs to work things out.

For grins and giggles, click here to see Tatum's acceptance Academy Award speech (You Tube's disabled the embedding):

It's interesting to note that another child actress and one hit wonder, Linda Blair, was also nominated the same year. The clip also showcases the juxtaposition between Jill Ireland's cool blond beauty and her husband's eternally craggy looks. They were married forever and a day before she passed away from breast cancer in 1990, so he must have had something to recommend him.

At any rate, to see who's playing this week, head on over to the Meme's Supreme Hostess, Ms. Cake's place.


Anonymous said...

Really great theme idea and a very good selection in Tatum O'Neal. Didn't know she'd become a junkie and all that.

Re: Jill Ireland/Charles Bronson.
He's a TROLL. Need I say more?

Anonymous said...

i love the hell out of Bronson. We always think of him as the urban bad-ass but he made a good cowboy too. I never saw paper moon -but i always sort of hated Ryan O neal. dont know why. This IS a good MCW theme and if I have time today, I might play. Its a travel day, then I teach a class this evening, so mine wont be until later tonight, if ever, but

happy MCW to you!

and about that little dog...the right situation will present itself someday. maybe a little fella will show up at the cabin one day.

chik 'ry

moi said...

Troll: D'oh! See, you really need to write the Ultimate Guidebook to All Things Trollish.

As for Tatum, she married John McEnroe when she was barely out of her teens, birthed him a bunch of babies, and by all accounts seemed to enjoy a good life. It wasn't until they divorced 20 years later that she fell into drug addiction. Lost custody of her kids, yada, yada.

Chicky-Boom: Bronson's urban revenge movies are exceptionally satisfying pieces of cinema. As for Ryan O'Neal, dude's always given me the creeps. I think it's his slack mouth. As for DOGS, funny you mention "show up." I was just thinking the other day, how I've never chosen a dog for myself; they've always found ME.

Aunty Belle said...

Tragic what happened to that chile'--but now, really? ya dress a pretty wee girl in a tuxedo an a boy haircut fer the AA? Chile' was used an' traumatized by the machine.

Jill Ireland is interestin' woman--it ain't ever' day ya see a woman reputed to have the highest IQ of any actress wear earrings long as a trapeze. Still, I liked her.

@ Troll hahaha!

Happy MCW--I might try to git one up at Ether Capacious late.

Jenny said...

I remember seeing this in the theater and it was good and I remember her winning the Oscar... all too much for a young person.

Good choice.

pamokc said...

Great choice! I need to get back on the MCW bandwagon. I loved this movie and yes, Charles Bronson was very hubba hubba in his day. He was in some western where he played the Indian character and he basically wore the loin cloth for the whole movie. :) Otherwise, he is and always will be "Danny, the Tunnel King" in The Great Escape.

Aunty Belle said...

Ok--I have an entry up now--creepy scary thang too.

On Bronson, it's possible to be so ugly as to be cute. I think he wuz an interstin' fella.

moi said...

Aunty: I think poor Tatum was pretty much left to her own devices from age 8 onward. Tragic, to do that to a child, because your basic personality and tendencies are pretty much formed for life at that age.

Boxer: Yup. I wish Hollyweird would leave kids alone.

Pam and Aunty: Interesting, isn't it, how sexy isn't necessarily tied to conventional good looks.

Anonymous said...

Paper Moon - I have seen it on tv sometimes in the 1970s in Germany and liked it. The O'Neal girl was the first actor aho popped up in my head when I read Joanna's theme proposal.
I remember Jill Ireland as a beautiful woman. Bronson did not run away while she was dying from cancer.

Buzz Kill said...

I always wondered if Ryan Oneal had anything to do with Tatum Oneal's lack of success. He's like Alec Baldwin - there's something not right about either of them. I always thought this was a funnier movie than it was suppose to be.

I'll chime in on Bronson amd Ireland. They were agreat movie couple and made 14 movies together. I always liked From Noon Till Three and remember seeing it in the theater. And what 2nd Ammendment loving American doesn't like Death Wish?

Happy MCW!

Anonymous said...

Man Vs. Food was in New Mexico this week and those green things you're obsessed with figured prominently.

Not sure if you'll like it.

Joanna Cake said...

Hey Charles Bronson has always done it for me - there's something about him and when he does smile :) He reminds me of Ruf, I guess.

Tatum's story is just so sad but seems to follow what has become something of a wellworn path for the pampered offspring of celebs/money. I had forgotten Linda Blair! But then that is the scariest horror movie of them all :)

Thanks for playing!

Next week we have best period drama and the week after that, in honour of the upcoming Harry Potter premier, we have best bespectacled hero :)

moi said...

63Mago: Welcome, Mago! Right-o. Bronson's cut from a different cloth than Gingrich and Edwards. Too bad the republitards can't run him.

Buzz: I always thought the tone of Paper Moon was confusing. Was it supposed to be funny? Sad? Bittersweet? A weird amalgamation that didn't quite come off for me.

Troll: I knew that was coming up, so thanks for the reminder. Adam is so cute and squishy, I just want to squish him and kiss him, but he better not have dissed my 'hood.

Joanna: Yeah, we've all been there with that "There's just something about him . . . " thing. Which is good because otherwise, the world would be filled with Brat Pitt genetics. Yew. You're doing a terrific job with these themes. I hope I have time to play next week.

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