Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Night Funky

And if you don't like Beck, then head over to Undaunted Baker and let me know what you think about apples and cheese and caramel. Together.


Aunty Belle said...

uh...I'se late to the fur fight--but may I jes say, fur is a renewable resource. We GROW mink and fox like trees, so whas' the problem?

The massive fallacy is that PETA doan care if foxes eat chickens. Or wolves eat rabbits. News flash: man is an animal. He also has right--oh yes! the RIGHT to eat an keep warm. ONLY idjits cain't unnerstan that. to the Undaunted.

Big Shamu said...

The fur fight. I've never been a fan of fur. Historically the fashion industry has been incredibly vicious in it's hunger for bird feathers, animal fur and hides. Yes there are farms but fur trapping is still an industry in this country and it's a horrible way for an animal to die. For what? So some dumb broad can feel like she's worth more with a fur than without? I'm not a PETA member or even a fan but I'm sick of being accused of being as radical as PETA when calling for humane treatment when dealing with all the other species on the planet.

Following Aunty to the Undaunted.

Aunty Belle said...

Ruh ro.

Well, Shamy, I can hear that. Aunty do NOT favor Paris Hilton shmucks in Russian Lynx or Red Macaw plumage. Ditto any rare creature.

Mah only point is fer raised furs--an I agree it should be humane treatment, but ain't got a whiff of worry over wearin' raised pelts.

Gator huntin' is now legal again in Florida--mebbe a necessity as that thangs is like steppin' stones in a cartoon round heah now. RICHT IN CITY CENTER, even. Ugh.

So iffin' Uncle's gator licensed buddy gets one, I does hope to get a pair of loafers made, an mebbe a tote too. Is that wrong? (better example fer real life for Aunty, cause ain't got much call fer fur in this climate!)

Jes' wanna stress, I ain't fer pillaging of the beauties of nature, but decent management of wildlife an' fur bearin' animals is fair use of resources.

Shaheen said...

I like Beck, but in the U.K he seemed to have been a one hit wonder with Loser Babe.

Of to check out the Undaunted Baker.

moi said...

Aunty: That's the crux of the problem; PETA does not consider human beings part of the earth, the eco system, etc. They see us as "alien."

Shamu: Of course, "humane" is always the operative word when dealing with any creature. The problem is, PETA and HSUS have co-opted the word to the point where you are either with them or against them. I have nothing against anyone wearing fur, although I do feel it is a wee bit ridiculous if one isn't an Eskimo or Laplander . . . As you know, all mine is fake :o)

Aunty Again: In addition to humane treatment, I would advocate as well the use of the whole animal. Thankfully, this is easy to do with the gator, which is both tasty and pretty!

MangoCheeks: Welcome! Beck has had a lot of hits over here. He's still a big concert draw. See you at Undaunted!

Anonymous said...

I would love to hear the SnottaFe report, maybe some pics, and what was the dog decision?

moi said...

Anonymous: No dog, unfortunately. Ivan is getting too old, I believe, to tolerate a young'un at this point. But the Recycled Art Festival was amazing.

LaDivaCucina said...

Ok, WTHELL? I go away for a few days and now have three THREE posts to read?! Yikes! I'll be back....AFTER i eat dinner! sheesh!

PS: I love animals but hate peta.

LaDivaCucina said...

I love wearing fur as in the true cold, I mean like Chicago kind of Siberia cold, nothing, NOTHING will keep you as warm as a fur. I had a vintage Beaver coat from the 40's and it kept me warm for years and years.

I too believe in humane ways to farm animals and harvest their skins, you can't eat meat and be sanctimonious about it. And you certainly can't eat factory meat and feel that way!

And of course, exotic furs, feathers and pelts are a no no. However, if anyone wants some nice Burmese python choos, please come on down to Flo-duh, getchur license and get to huntin'. They are an invasive species and are killing all the birds in our gorgeous wetlands.

Take THAT, Peta bitches!

moi said...

La Diva: Right. Leopard and tiger? Better be fake. But python? Show me the way . . .