Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Imagine All The People

Living free from tyranny.


Buzz Kill said...

I voted this morning. We have a contentious house of representatives race in our district and I'm hoping the career democrat gives way to the retired offensive lineman republican. If nothing else, the tv adds will be done.

Karl said...

Good morning Moi,

Is anarchy really the answer? I think not yet.

I voted last week. Here in Maryland, there is little chance of getting rid of Barbara Mikulski or Steny Hoyer. Two solid backers of the insanity. Oh well there's always hope. At least until about 8:00 tonight.

Jenny said...

hoping to remove a Senator that has been around for 18 years... if she's voted out, it's a big deal around here. She's Dem.

And Amen to Buzz's comment about TV ads AND the radio ads. UGH.

sparringK9 said...

wouldnt it be divine if by some miracle bonny fwank were ousted? oh that would be a shake of cake batter!
mmmmmmm good. grrrherhahahaha

id love to see harry reid out too. but after 40 years (thats what is WRONG right there) he has lots of minions who depend on his corrupt soul to do their business.

i voted 3rd party - yes, i know, it pulls off of conservatives...but that reason has gone on too long...that it is a lost vote. well its got to get started somehow.

anyway just seeing a bunch of libs get the boot would make me happy. they are, without question, the most contemptuous and cynical people on the face of earth.

how about "dont be evil" google getting caught evading taxes. big lib (and the NSA's handmaiden) outfit wants to tell US what time it is? grrrrrrrrowlf!

Jenny said...

P.S. We didn't have a third party option on one local candidate so we wrote in...Coco (it was the Mister's idea) Does that hurt the Dems or the Reps?


sparringK9 said...

team Coco!

Pam said...

Our elections are expected to be even bigger Republican gains. Going to be interesting. Am predicting a tighter race for Gov here than expected - mainly because the under 30's don't have land lines so they don't get all the annoying phone polls. I'm ready to shake my cake batter too! I don't even CARE what it means! And if I'd known I could write in Coco, well, who wouldn't vote for her?

Aunty Belle said...

Anarchy? VERY temptin', but like Karl, not yet. Not quite yet.

We got rid of some dross--but poor Florida had two crooks to choose from fer goovernor--ick. We did have a veteran elected to House in a south fl district--conservative pro=gun and Black--hooray!

We ain't gonna see much, I fear--mebbe stall out the WH, but we cain't overturn stimulus of Obama care.

I propose a work-out for one whole week. DO NOT WORK for a week. Shut down America ( except fire, police hospitals) No planes, trains or buses, no bankin',no body goes anywhere, no one does any creative, innovative work--nada.

Let'em see what it looks like when WE (productive responsible citizens) opt OUT. They cain't function unless we do--let'em see how it could be iffin' they doan put thangs back in order.