Friday, November 23, 2007

The Day After

You know the problem with Thanksgiving?

The Day After.

Because the day after Thanksgiving, I always feel like such a slug. It's pretty tiring, all this merry thankfulness. 'Cause, you know, I'm thankful for just about everything. Well, except Crocs. Those can go.

How sluggish do I feel? So sluggish, I can't even walk the dog. I can't even muster up enough enthusiasm to finish my post on Elvis's jumpsuits. And I could not care less, less, Party People, that I am wearing every bit of fleece I own (well, to be fair, temps did plummet yesterday and it did snow overnight, so at least it's cold). Likewise, the fact that I could at this very moment be stalking the racks at the brand spanking new Anthropologie store in Albuquerque, taking advantage of a bazillion percent off that gorgemous Sleeping on Snow tunic sweater I've been itching for all fall, only makes Moi go: Meh. Where's my blankie?

But, all is not lost. In the hour and a half before LSU takes on Arkansas, I did manage to watch Evil Dead on satellite, a guilty pleasure for a sluggish day for sure, which led me to ponder the unsung pop cultural significance of Bruce Campbell's square-cut jawline. Which somehow led me to ponder this:

If you're going to name someone The Sexiest Man Alive, then for goodness sakes alive, you for ding dang sure better put a sexy photo of said winner on your cover! I loves me some Matt Damon as much as the next red-blooded film fan, especially when he gets all muscled up and steely-eyed for those Bourne movies. But here he looks less like a man of steel and more like a man who just finished dragging his ass at 2:00 a.m. to the nearest Wal-Fart for diapers for the Baby Bourne only to return home to a bloated Luciana screaming from the bedroom in Italian or Portuguese or whatever the heck her native language is for more Yoplait pronto.

Not. Sexy.

That's all.


Jenny said...

Oh, I saw that cover yesterday and couldn't even muster the energy to buy it. Boo.

I hope the rest of your weekend is a little more energetic?

Or not. I plan to continue watching the first season of Gilmore Girls. Mostly because I'm too lazy to get up and change the disc.


Anonymous said...

"sexiest english-speaking person you hear about all day every day anyway who will sell some extra magazines" should be the name of this category.

moi said...

AB: Sorry, I'm no help. The last time I was allowed to operate the DVD player all by my lonesome, I shut down power to the entire Four Corner's region.

czar: You know, People doesn't even qualify any longer as a guilty pleasure crap magazine. It's just dumb, without all the fun. They really should retire this category already.

Doris Rose said...

help...I'm still feeling sluggish,and my brain is tired. I am going to throw a turkey in the oven anyway. homeopathic medicine-I will titrate turkey til I feel more alert.

Aunty Belle said...

This ain't no time to be in no flurry --let all them other wimmen tear at the bargains....cultivate serenity an' believe that a better product, color, style or price is hidden in some nook until ya can git to it.
(hey, Aunty DO like Anthropologie though --I does fer shure. Odd quirky fun stuff in theah. But I cain't follow along on the MAtt Damon thang--he is too baby faced fer mah tastes, sorry. A man comes to full bloom about 35...iffin' his jaw ain't lost that baby fat by then, they ain't much hope.

Never seen--how'd them Tigers do?

moi said...

Doris: Ah. Food as drug – I hear ya. You gonna toss some of that turkey the wuppies' way so they, you know, SLOW DOWN a bit?

Aunty: Well, SB and I sneaked out yesterday for a bit to be amongst the living and, uh, guess where I had to slip in for just a teensy bit of 2.5 seconds? Oh. My. God. Anthropologie is heaven.

We're not mentioning the T word in the house this weekend. LSU somehow let Arkansas get the better of them, although it did take three whole overtimes. So no national champ chances. Now we're winging and prayering it for the SEC.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

I'm so lazy I can't even find teh energy to post a bloody response.


where's MY blankie?

Meghan said...

I agree with you - the photo of Matt Damon is unforgivable. It's all about BAD lighting and the photographer should be drawn and quartered. Actually, the editor should for using it. I guess THEY were feeling sluggish as well.

Still, I would have to have say, a man looking tired because he was out buying diapers and goodies for me and the whelps is extremely sexy. Then again, I can see why it might not do anything for you. ;]

moi said...

Meghan: Actually, I find disheveled men working to please cranky women exceptionally sexy. I can be bossy like that :o)

BTW, you should check out Mute Monday (see my newest post). It would be perfect for your mad photo skillz.