Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Vision of the Anointed


Anonymous said...

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fishy said...

Hey Moi,
Did you see where the AG's of SC and FL are filing suits the minute the sleazy dealing politicians try to shove the Obammanator bill down America's throat? They claim the bill as written is , as you have noted, not constitutional and will
not stand. Hopefully millions of us will contact the AG's in our states and all of 'em will join in.
We certainly must stop this lunacy!

czar said...

That is seven frightening minutes of video.

Boxer said...

my relatives are on Facebook saying how wonderful the new health bill is.... Mr. Boxer asked; is there an "UNLIKE" button??

I am so not happy right now. This is insanity.

moi said...

Anonymous: Stunning day to you, too!

Fishy: I think there are a number of law suits that will follow, hence tying this up for a long time and wasting more time and money. When what we should do it scrap this and start over with something that is true reform, if that's even the right word.

Czar: Clever answer. However, it's impossible to refute the truth of this: Obama does have an unconstrained vision, which is really an elitist vision that says I know what is the best to be done. and I will do it. When he says, "I will change the world," you realize this is a man who has actually accomplished nothing, other than advancing his career through rhetoric. It reminds me of a sophomore in college who thinks he can run the world because he’s never had to run anything. And you can believe that only until you have personal responsibility and consequences and that’s when it gives you a little humility.

I agree: scary. I would also say: not limited to Obama. But, it's time we stopped hiring these bloated egos as presidents.

Boxer: Insane, nonsensical, and such a colossal waste of time and resources. And still, who wins? The insurance companies.

chickory said...

nobody should be surprised when Obama acts in accordance with the ideology he was groomed in his entire life. this isnt a mistake; its purposeful, intended and its effects reach far beyond health care. its the camel nose in the tent as you mentioned a few posts back.

dont get sick.

meanwhile, the deafening silence from the american left on the expansion of the patriot act shocks even cynical me.

after health care comes cap and trade. and that one really does mean tyranny.

sad isnt it?

planted all my garden salad food in raised beds and made greenhouses over them because it WILL snow again. chicks are producing well, learning how to attract and keep trout close in my creek,...and well, thats a start on my game plan. i wont be writing any senators in other words...i want to see some return on my labor.

moi said...

Chickory: It's a very good idea to operate under the radar. Independence is the ultimate subversive act.

One of our senators is Tom Udall, the ONLY man who voted against the original Patriot Act. Several years ago, I interviewed him extensively for a story I wrote on a local man that was snagged up in its nightmare. When I asked Udall this time around why he wasn't fighting it? The sound of silence. And he remains just as mute on his justification for voting for the health care bill and cap and trade. I expect as much from the two other libertards who rule our roost – Bingaman and Heinrich – but Udall always had sneaky libertarian tendencies I thought he'd uphold. Nope. Forker.

Aunty Belle said...

A friend is a former senator. He say, "It's done, been done fer weeks." When asked why he din't think it could be stopped he has the saddest smile I'se ever seen.

Obama doan care if he ain't reelectable, he has dreams of bein' the American Lenin.

Aunty Belle said...

Yeah..."there is such a thing as a point of no return."