Monday, March 15, 2010

Snowed Under

Literally and figuratively. It's the 15th of March, Party People, and we have 12 new inches of snow on the ground. S.B. and I did a 14-mile run yesterday, so snowshoeing the trails with the dogs on top of that this morning, followed by the fact that I will also have to spend all day at my desk chasing deadlines, means it's a good thing I can only wear boots right now. Heels, and my muscles just might stop working entirely.

What's it doing out your way? Someone, please, tell me that the sun is shining somewhere.

Oh, and one more thing: Can we all just follow Arizona's lead and give this Daylight Savings thing a rest already?


Buzz Kill said...

Well, here in South Jersey we are into our 5th consecutive day of rain. We've had 3 1/4" not counting today. The ground is so saturated and, coupled with high winds on Saturday, a lot of trees have uprooted and taken out power lines. A lot of local flooding and150,000 in NJ (mostly north) are without power for the 2nd straight day. I miss the sun but I like daylight savings. Getting the kids out of bed this morning in the dark was tough though.

chickory said...

another seriously overcast day with heavy wind out of the northwest. i have seeds to get in the ground but the soil is too damp. i am sick of it and they say this pattern is going to be all summer -much wetter than normal. not sun for days now. its depressing me.

the snow though is bright and makes everything look fresh. enjoy it.

i walked with trout over the mountain...she flushed out a rabbit and left me. came home all apologetic later but i was mad at her and let her know..not for long though i was so glad to see her.

happy day, moi!

chickory said...

i kind of like daylights savings time for garden, but it also means its very late for the chickens to go to bed and if you have to be somewhere at say, 7 pm, then i have to catch them and put them away and then they are fussy about it cause its too early (they think) to go in.

buzz, your weather pattern sounds like ours. im so sorry.

Boxer said...

Oh jeez, what has happened? My tuplips are blooming WEEKS early and Saturday was sunshine and near 60. It's almost as if we're in climate bizarro world.

Back to normal, dark rainy days here, made extra special this morning by the change in daylight. boo. I got to work late.

Pam said...

No! Do NOT allow that snow to move east, not even a little bit. We had one day of a little sunshine over the weekend, but gloomy gloomy for the most part for weeks on END NOW AND WE ARE ABOUT TO JUMP OFF THE ROOF IN DESPAIR. Work hard, sweet thang, and I'm totally with you on the daylight savings time thing .... pick one or the other -- I don't care which -- and then leave it alone!

Big Shamu said...

We had a week of Spring teasing so now it's back to chilly, rainy gray skies. Like Seattle.

No snow though, thank you very much, we all had it sent to you.

Anonymous said...

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Gnomeself Be True said...

74 deg today, 83 by mid week.

I'd like the snow.

fishy said...

Blue skies, cumulonimbus, slightly windy, 59 degrees. Daffodils are starting to show color but not yet open.
There is hope.

I have been late for everything. I woke up at 4:37 am, told myself to go back to sleep for 2 more hours;
2 became 3 and then it was rush, rush, rush. I am still rushing to get my by noon criteria met and it's 2pmish.

TROLL Y2K said...

Wow! It's sunny and about 70 (that's below normal) in Troll County.

Florida put DOING SOMETHING SMART FOR A CHANGE AND DROPPING DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME up for a Legislature Vote about 20 years ago. We'd save even more money than Arizona does due to climate, geography, size etc...

It was narrowly defeated because of lobbying by an industry that barely exists now. The Travel Agency industry. Does ANYONE still use travel agencies?

Hopefully, they'll vote again. New Mexico would save Money too. Prolly a little less than Arizona.

moi said...

Buzz: I have a cousin who left Jersey for Arizona because of the weather. Just sayin' . . .

Chickory: What a bummer! Last week the snow finally melted on my herb beds. The parsley, apparently, overwintered just fine. But it's still too cold to get lettuces in.

Boxer: What IS it with tulips? They never learn.

Pam: Hopefully, this thing just petered out before heading your way. Sun is out now, as a matter of fact, and the snow is melting rapidly. Which now means . . . ta da! MUD!

Shamu: I'm done with winter. DONE.

Anonymous: Any time.

Gnome: Freak.

Fishy: I'm a very, VERY early morning person, but for several days after DST, my inner teenager comes to the fore. I'm draggy and grumpy and want to sleep until noon.

Troll: I think we've toyed with the idea several times, too, and I don't know why we didn't just go ahead and kill the thing. Without DST, at the height of summer, it's light at 5am and dark at 8pm; with it, light at 6am, dark at 9pm. Six of one, half dozen of the other, as far as I'm concerned. I'd rather have the light early.

LaDivaCucina said...

G'day Miss Moi!

Arizona does not have weather. It's just hot. Or really cold at night. Boring.

I feel your pain, dear, in fact, it was the looooong dreary mid-western winters that made me want to leave Chicago forever...and you know the rest...if a palm tree don't grow there, Diva don't go "sweaters" are 3/4 length sleeve shirts. My winter coat is from the '80's. I have a good excuse not to go where there is sno no mo. I gots no clothes!

I like daylight savings so I can ride my bike with hubby after work without getting hit by a car whilst riding in dusk. yay! Missed you! x

TROLL Y2K said...


It's more than that. At least here.

2,3,4 hours AFTER sunrise here, it's not hot, rain is VERY rare and Gub'mint buildings don't need to blast the AC.

2,3,4 hours Before Sunset, it's REALLY Hot and the AC must be blasted and violent lightning storms are common.


Kymical Reactions said...

it's just dreary, cloudy, and gloomy here. cold, not freezing, grey and sad. I need sunshine or I might die.

Karl said...

Good morning Moi,

Are you running in the snow or cleared trails? What kind of shoes are you wearing? The reason I ask is I found running in the snow very uncomfortable my feet frose once my shoes got wet. I'm only doing about 5 miles a time.(Since I broke my back more than 5 miles becomes excruciating)

Forecast here the rest of the week sunny high temperatures in the 60s. the Potomac is above flood stage and tides are running 2 feet above normal.

moi said...

Karl: No, I don't run in snow but have been wanting to try it with snowshoes built for the task. Mostly, I run on cleared trails. For years, I've worn the Brooks Adrenaline Trail runner for women, but the last incarnation is a little uncomfortable for my foot. Will see what this year's version is like.

Five miles at a time is GREAT! No need to go any higher unless your heart is set on distance running. If so, work up slooooooowwwwwwly to increasing your mileage (between 5 and 10 percent per week, every couple weeks) and do lots of stretching – static after running, and dynamic before. Massage may help as well.