Monday, March 8, 2010

Movie Clip Wednesdays: Oscar Winners

I love to hate this movie with every fiber of my being.

For more Oscar Winner choices, hop on over to Boxer's place.


Buzz Kill said...

So I guess we can call this week's meme - Movie Clip Way Early. I've seen this movie and it's kind of a chick flick but there's enough war and violence to keep my attention. I thought the cinamatography was very good and the storyline was fresh for the most part. It's been running on Encore recently so I've catching bits and pieces. Ralph Fiennes is an intense character actor cut from the same mold as Gary Oldman - but not quite. Nice coice.

What did you think of the Hurt Locker winning best picture? I haven't seen it yet but the trailer looks really good. I think they made the right choice and I definitely want to see it.

I'm up at the Buzzkill with - Unforgiven. Happy MCWE!

chickory said...

i hated it too. very much so. rafe's meltdown at the dinner party had him sounding like a 12 year old girl who wants a pony and doesnt get one tamtrum. hard to watch it was so insufferable. i didint read the book but that whole hot and cold routine he rean on KST's character is the mark of a puss. from willem dafoes drug addiction to being left to die in a cave the whole thing was like eating a slice of anxxxiety pie. it was almost as bad as vanilla sky which is the worst movie of ALL TIME.

100% full agreement here.

moi said...

Buzz: TOTALLY cool that Hurt Locker won. WTF, though? Twenty-first century here, Party People, and just now a woman receives recognition for a major film? Hollyweird is very much a Boy's Club.

Chickory: Vanilla Sky doth indeed suck major ass. But the movie I hate most is Eyes Wide Shut. Oh, and Avatar (BURN James Cameron!). All three of those together can just go lunch in hell.

TROLL Y2K said...

I could tell it was a vomit-inducer without actually seeing it.
The "Seinfeld" English Patient episode was pretty good though.

The worst movie I ever actually watched part of was called "The Bad Lieutenant". It was about a Lieutenant. He was bad.

K9 said...

i refuse to see avatar! its like forced commerce the day after thanksgiving. people get up at 5 am to trudge off to a store to get use a coupon for a flat screen tv.

"bring bring! *sigh* time to get up and go see avatar"

scares the shite out of me how programmable people are. and their minds filled with little blue morality tales. i got one for ya - how about a movie that illustrates the abject SAVAGERY between the indian nations? the sioux wouldve f*cked the Navi up Bad. real bad.

lex luther had it right. drop a big ass bomb in the san andreas and let california break off and sail to fairy tale land for reals.

moi said...

Troll: Oh, this is a howler. Best done with a bottle of tequila and plenty of popcorn to throw at the screen.

K9: I had a hate-on so bad for Avatar, I scorched a path through dozens of nerd-film blogs and posts spewing my venom. Don't even get me started on Cameron's pansy wansy misinterpretations of Native American culture.

Karl said...

Good morning Moi,

Glad I missed it. Although tequila and popcorn sound interesting as long as I don't have to clean up.

Pam said...

Oh girl, I'm mixed on this one. First time I saw this movie, loved it ... second time, I thought ewwwwww ... stalker!! But the best bit of the story that I'm drawn to is the bit of love story between the nurse and the Sikh bomb disposal guy. Agree that the cinematography was beautiful; elements of story were beautiful; creepy stalkers, not so much! But Ralph (I say Ray more than either) has an intensity that is very appealing in its own way. I'm torn!!!! My clip will be up tomorrow a.m.

Pam said...

P.S. Re Avatar -- I haven't seen it either and probably won't. The blue people creep me out. Don't do sci-fi much. And I'm not gonna feed Cameron's ego by giving him my movie (or rental) dollars.

Boxer said...

I never saw ths movie. I banned it. My evil ex-SIL thought it was the best movie EVER, so therefore I knew I would hate it. ZZZZZZ.

FARGO!!! Oh yes, now that was a brilliant piece of work.

Re: Avatar. I loved it for the chance to escape for a few hours into a different world, but just the other day I had to think really hard just WHY I enjoyed... not the sign of a movie with much staying power. I think it's lack of Oscar wins says it most people believe the same thing.

moi said...

Karl: Got dogs? They'll hoover up the thrown popcorn. But keep them away from the spirits :o)

Pam: Interesting thing about Rafe. On paper, he's a beautiful man. Tall. Blonde. Carved. But as soon as he starts talking and moving and emoting, all that sexy turns to creepy for me.

Boxer: You're right about the staying power thing. It received so much attention initially and it certainly had quite the show at the Golden Globes but it was soundly ignored at the Oscars. The movie reminds me those supermarket pastries that are so luscious-looking and beautifully decorated. But when you bite into them? Cardboard.

Heff said...

Never saw it, and I'm pretty PROUD of that, lol !

moi said...

Heff: Phew.

fishy said...

I so intensely LOATHED the English Patient i declined to view the clip! Just did not want to put that wrath back on board.That said, i admire your selection to make a statement here.

Bout Avatar, our family went to see this during our Christmas visit to Mermaids. Certainly the story was weak, the horrid Siguorney even weaker.
I will say I DID enjoy studying the sets, the art, the imagery. Some of the music was very interesting too. I was actually delighted to find hollyweird declined to give this film credit were it had not been earned.

BlazngScarlet said...



I saw it once and swore that never again would I subject myself to it.

As for Avatar, I did see it, and I did enjoy it .... but, it was a fuctercluck of Native American mixed with African and god only knows what else Cameron threw in there!
It was kind of offensive really.
One thing I do know, it WAS forgettable.

Joanna Cake said...

I have to say that this was spoiled for me by all the trailers and the fact that someone told me the ending! :( When I did finally view it (knowing the ending really did ruin it), I found it over-hyped but I did enjoy the secondary love story between the nurse and the bomb guy.

As has been said Ralph's intensity really does it for me - enjoyed him very much recently in The Reader, which was another contender for my pick this week (Kate Winslet won Best Actress)

I havent seen Avatar :) And I was absolutely delighted to see a woman finally pick up Best Director - although I hear that The Hurt Locker isn't so hot.