Sunday, March 21, 2010

Black Sunday


Kymical Reactions said...

love it. My fave AIC is Don't Follow. It's one of those that I relate to and moves me in a way no other song does. I think I need to go listen now. x.

TROLL Y2K said...

Elegant statement.

Master Basho's Angry Ghost said...

kabitan mo / tsukubawasekeri / kimi ga haru

the dutchmen too
kneel before his lordship
spring under his reign

moi said...

Kym: Oh man, the bridge in "Don't Follow"? Brilliant. I think AIC was probably one of the greatest rock bands ever. Did you notice the walking death mask that was Layne Staley in this? So tragic. I think his addiction was so bad at this point, all he could do was provide vocals for the chorus. I know the rest of the band did their best to get him some help, but sometimes, there's nothing you can do about someone hell bound to self destruct.

Troll: Unfortunately, statements are all we're reduced to making these days. Power in the hands of the people? I think not.


Bow down before the ones we serve
We're going to get what we deserve.

Boxer said...

I don't feel so good.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Moi,

You know, I would really like to say something profound and positive. And I just can't do it.

I have seen the malicious misuse of power at the local level, I honestly didn't believe I would see it at the national level.

May have to study the Chicory theorem of political science a little closer.

moi said...

Boxer: I tried all day to assuage the pain away with Fresca, Cheetos, and Snowballs. Now, in addition to my head aching, I think I'm going to barf.

Karl: And that would be, "Git in yer hole!"

Anonymous said...

git in yer hole NOW

chickory said...

they sound a lot like nirvana to me.

so. here we are.

first of all, to clarify, the chickory game plan is so much more than git in yer hole. of course, the summiteers know that was V's joke on me; however the chickory plan is a proactive step toward preserving a small personal liberty. its about looking way down the road and trying to anticipate what will cost a fortune and get on the path right now of circumventing that cost as best i can. and its a rebellion too. its saying "i am not going to press the bar for your labor kibble anymore; no more GMO corn laced disease infested food; no more power tyranny and much less participation in the wheel of commerce; its choosing a chill life and rejecting inching along a freeway to a cubicle so you can afford to pay slave tributes to feudal lords.

health care.

on the face of things, clearly we want to be a nation that cares for the least of us, which we do and have done as it is against the law to refuse care in a hospital. and its certainly true that people go bankrupt dealing with catastrophic health care bills. but this bill represents yet another nationalization of a huge segment of the us economy, and delivers to a few pet insurers guaranteed revenue as everyone will be compelled to purchase insurance.

if the G can compel me to do commerce in this arena, what is to stop them from declaring a environmental crisis that also compels me to drive an electric car, or keep my heat or air at mandated temps or how i can or cannot use my own private property? these are the areas that are being primed now as the next battles. big biz will be able to buy credits to continue to pollute or use whatever power they want, pass it on to us and then continue to profit hugely. as mere citizens theres nobody to suck dry to neutralize our cost of living.

did you see the stock market today? wanna take a guess as to which corporations are rubbing their hands together in wild anticipation?

when the evil troika of AIG, GS, and Lehman risked everything, the G delivered us to them, relieving us of our actual money to cover their fake money. the architects of the crash earned huge money on the way down, then again in bailouts and bonuses, and a third time as they were paid to fix the mess they made. all so they can loan us back our own money with interest.

the richest people on earth were bailed out at our expense along with foreign investors, banks and financials. I never was the same person after i saw that, and realized that if we didnt throw an abject hissy fit of revolt then nothing would stop further power grabs. and so it is.

there should be no question in anyones mind now what Obama's function is in the bigger scheme of things. His job is to deliver the USA to the globalists under the guise of equality. what is that old quote about why men fear liberty? because it requires responsibility. this path speaks to our weakest and worst destiny. like little steers in the feed lot.

sorry so long....without K9's blog...well, theres no place to go.

chickory said...

snowballs? are you talking about those cupcakes with pink shredded coconut? MOI!

Boxer said...

I heart Chickory.

and those pink snowballs. too.

TROLL Y2K said...

Ruh ro. It looks like I'll have to defeat K9 in debate again. Somewhere.

She's MUCH closer to the deeper truths on this then she was in the "Wal-Mart" debate.

But her analysis still shows the undue influence of websites that are Anti-Christian, Anti-American, and Anti-Capitalist and most vehemently Anti-Conservative and Anti-Libertarian.

Note that there was no mention of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac without whom AIG/Lehman etc... would not, could not, have happened. Why is that, K9? Why do your websites never mention them? Why do they not rail about the incompetent (and very wealthy and very politically connected to the left) managers there being given larger bonuses than AIG/Lehman etc...?

Why do they not mention who VOTED for the bailouts of Fannie and Freddie and GM and Chrysler and CERTAIN Wall Street firms? And who COVERED UP the most sinister aspects of the bailouts? Who VOTED to give certain "rich" Pharmas and Insurers and Wall Street firms unfair uncapitalist advantages?

Why so much tired rhetoric about "rich bankers" getting our money but virtually nothing about the FAR LARGER transfer of money and power that is the driving force of the Obamanation administration?

Do your "neutral doomer" websites ever mention that States and Counties who operated in a responsible manner during the good times are BAILING OUT the rest?

No, because they aren't "neutral" at all and their vision of "doom" is Anti-Christian, Anti-Capitalist, Anti-American, Anti-Conservative and Anti-Libertarian.

My favorite democrat is avuncular Ed Rendell, the mobster "Governor" of Pennsylvania.

He'll sometimes tell the truth why he supports the Obamanation rather than indulge in weepy sob stories.

One Example: Pennsylvania already went WAY BEYOND Federal Mandates in making more people dependent on Government by giving medicaid (a state/fed partnership)to people claiming to have an income 33% over the "poverty line". And Pennsylvania's vote-buying system was ALREADY riddled with graft and corruption adding as much as 35% to the cost.

The difference between then and now, as Ed gleefully admits, is that taxpayers in RESPONSIBLE States and Counties are now PAYING FOR Pennsylvania's profligate spending.

Of course, Ed said "The Federal Government is now paying 90% instead of 50%" rather than TROLL COUNTY TAXPAYERS are paying it.

Similarly, Ed Rendell gleefully admits that Pennsylvania lost it's most productive entreprenuers to States that offered them a lower tax structure and a less corrupt regulatory environment. And that Obamanation policies are designed to reverse that trend and PUNISH those States that are operated in a responsible PRO-CAPITALIST mode.

But you won't here him quoted at "theworldsgoingtoendandit'sallRONALDREAGAN'".

moi said...

Chickory: Beautifully summed up. I think the path you have chosen and the approach you are taking to life is admirable to the most awesome degree. Your response has also got me thinking about the implications, one that I will share in a future post.

Oh and, yes, Snowballs! A local bakery makes a variety of these that would knock your socks off.

Troll: While I don't believe this is what Chickory believes, I would agree with you most heartily that there are factions both conservative and liberal who do not understand that the free market system is not only the most prosperity-making of our economic systems, but also its most moral – the ONLY one in conjunction with what it means to be human.

Most people in this world on either side of the fence are what I like to call "top of the brain" thinkers, i.e. people who mistake knee jerk emotional reactions with actual thinking, i.triple.e: "If you don't believe in the health care bill, you must support people dying in the streets and are cruel an inhuman. Grabble, grabble, grabble. Big business is bad business, grabble, grabble, grabble." And so on . . .

Again, fodder for a future post.

Pam said...

Chickie Chickie Boom is my new hero. I need to adopt her vision soon. But then again, maybe I could adopt a Lortab and sofa lifestyle instead.

chickory said...

er, Troll, your counterpoint to me requires that you set up an entire pack of straw dogs first! grrrrrrherhahahaha. I'll be back this evening for a proper thrashing, right after i put in another raised garden bed with a variety of carrots, gourmet lettuces and rainbow radishes for the Big Dog.

K9 said...

1. websites with undue influence on the dog:

nope! Troll, please. i am in the art business. ive been marinating in leftist thought my entire career. theres nothing new for me to be indoctrinated into, unless you think the new tip i got on how to attract and keep trout in a fast moving creek (you punch holes in Alpo, put it in a net sack, hang it from a tree and let the water make the stuff trickle out a bit at a time)...yeah, the doomer sites i visit have far more to do with low tech approaches to sustainability and where the good farmers markets are than which party or ideology is to blame. its a lot more mother earth news than huffpo. frankly, i am POST ideology. i have cut the cord; because insanity and anxiety are the handmaidens of investing further in this total sham.

2. anti christian/anti capitalist: you wanna tell me what is christian about the behavior of these capitalist poster boys who when their pitiful engorged greedy guts were on the line, sold capitalism right down the river? didnt W, the traitor, sign that bailout? didnt john mccain, republican candidate stop campaigning long enough to join obama in the sell out? they sure did embrace socialism when it suited them. and understand, youll be paying for all this shite -their money is in trusts and off shore banks.

we say we are a capitalist nation. apparently NOT. and the ones that were to hold the line caved like weasels. WHY are you carrying their water? fannie and freddy we know are G monopolies and so its to be expected. but the phony conservatives should be hung out to dry because they talk out of both sides of their mouths.

i dont think it is anti capitalist to take a hard and honest look at american corporations and how they do business. isnt the christian ethic somewhere in the neighborhood of yeah, make a pile of money but at least try to minimize the collateral misery of others along the way? I noticed Monsanto was Forbes' company of the year. this company is so rotten there are more lawsuits than you can shake a friggin stick at. they lobby for the most egregious sweetheart deals (and get them) falsify research, and make people sick all while destroying smaller independent farms here farms of people all over this world. im not going to waste space documenting the malfeasance of Monsanto in this is a well known fact. Business of the year. is this what we are about? seriously. I chose Monsanto because they were, again "company of the year" thus indicating a model company as defined by people who claim to be capitalists and i bet there are some christians among that group who voted.

the wealthy left: agreed. of the top ten millionaires in G, 7 are demoncrats. and in general, there are more demoncrat millionaires. i have no love for the libs, but i never did. what the so called conservatives have done is far more disappointing. this recent co-opting of a legitimate grass roots movement, the tea partys, have made them weaker. theyve been "hannitized" and packaged and sold like some rc cola....not even pepsi, much less coke.
these idiots do not represent conservatism! all they do is give a forum for people to bitch off doing absolutely NOTHING to advance anything but their own bank accounts.

doomers: ive never seen doom peddling like i did on that bailout. its the collapse! its the end! there will be marital law! hahahahaha! sukka! we got your money and killed capitalism along the way.

my version of "doom" involves being as independent of the structure as i possibly can. im doing it now the way others put away for retirement. i want to do it now while i can and am physically fit enough to do so.

finally: dont let a narrow definition of what is conservative and christian blind you to the many paths available to us.

moi said...

Chickory: I can't tell you the number of times I have to argue with people that we are not and have never been a truly capitalist nation nor do we have free markets, ergo capitalism did not cause our economic meltdowns. Also, it can't be pointed out enough that business does not necessarily = capitalism. Most businesses/business people, whether small, large, or whale-bloated, are not operating under the concepts of a free market. At best they don't understand those concepts, at worst they actively BETRAY them.

Plus, I'm going to get this on a tee shirt: "Chill, y'all. I'm POST ideology." Love that.

TROLL Y2K said...


Okay, the truth is I just wanted to goad your handlers into letting you out of the yard. Cause I missed you! And goading is a large part of what being a Troll is all about.

However, a few points:

1) Both of the "politically neutral" doomer sites I visited from your old blog WERE Anti-Christian, Anti-Conservative, and Anti-American in IDEOLOGY. They didn't contain ANY helpful ALPO hints at all. But they did manage to shout "HALIBURTON!" and "WAL-MART!" rather often.

If you're now reading only practical sites, good on you.

2) Bringing up something that NON-CONSERVATIVE GW Bush did NOW is like complaining that the paper-boy threw your paper in the bushes after the neigborhood thugs have set fire to your house. It was annoying, but you've got a bigger problem NOW.

3) You seriously understate the role that Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac played. And ignore the fact that they not only weren't punished AT ALL, they were given MORE power by the Traitor-Democrat-Party-Of-Filth and their democrat "managers" were given HUGE bonuses.

Again, I state that those Wall Street Firms COULD NOT have screwed things up without Fanny and Freddy. I would not describe what those firms did as subordinates to Fanny/Freddy as "Capitalism". And, NONE of the managers of those firms fit my definition of either a Christian or a Conservative.

Robert Rubin is the Troll's ideological twin?

4) Seeing the main problem as American Corporations with a Global Reach with a lust for profits is a MISTAKE. Seeing the main problem as a political party with a lust for POWER is the right vision.

5) I understand that Chickory's stance is beyond POLITICAL ideology. However, I hope K9 retains some of his. And that both don't abandon or misunderstand CHRISTIAN ideology.

6) My definition of a Christian is this:

A Christian says that Christ Jesus either WAS a heretic and a lunatic or he IS the Risen-Son-of-The-Living-God and the ONLY Path-To-Salvation. The Christian believes the latter and will say so proudly in any situation before any audience. Including muslibs and art-libs.

What's Chickory's definition?

What's K9's?