Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Movie Clip Wednesdays: Best Comedy Scene

Kevin Smith isn't much of a director, tech-wise. His movies always have about them a kind of amateur art house pall, as if he's using film stock that's sat in his father's basement since 1972.

What he is, though, is one hell of a funny writer, capable of transforming the minutiae of day-to-day middle class American life into pee-your-pants funny vignettes of the human condition. Anyone who's seen it will probably agree that his first film, Clerks, is one of the all time comedy greats. And while the follow up, Clerks 2, is just a wee bit over-striding, it's riddled with some very funny moments.

Like this one. I don't know who this kid is, but he's a comedic genius.

For more funny moments, hop on over to Boxer's place.


Pam said...

Oh good choice; a little obscure for me and another to add to my list of must-see movies. Kevin Smith does speak for a generation. Happy MCW!

Milk River Madman said...

Haven't scene either of these but that scene was funny as hell. Well done.

xl said...

Ha! I have the first Clerks but have not seen anything from the second one.

Happy MCW!

Boxer said...

bwahahahahahaha. I loved CLERKS. Both of them and I agree that Kevin Smith does speak for a certain generation of "slackers."

You know "nerd" is spoken in our home, but I draw the line at transformers.

Great pick! I'm glad to see something current, although I'm loving the Monty Python Fest we have going on here today.

TROLL Y2K said...

Maybe I've outgrown this type of humor. Didn't find it at all funny.
The original CLERKS, I liked.

happy MCW!

Joanna Cake said...

Never heard of either of Clerks - 1 or 2 :)

moi said...

Pam: And I think it's safe to say that generation is a certain kind of Nerd Man Child, epitomized best by Smith himself :o)

Milk River: Rent the first one first.

xl: It didn't do nearly as well because it wasn't as good. But the funny parts are really funny.

Boxer: S.B. took me to Clerks on our first date. I knew then . . . man por moi.

Troll: Seriously? The Bible Camp Flow Chart justifying the sanctity of Transformers? That's not FUNNY?!? Huh.

Joanna: Don't know if either made it across the pond. Here in America, its become a comic icon. Smith raised the $30,000 it cost him to make it by selling his entire comic book collection. Movie ended up making $3 million.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Moi,

I know you get tired of hearing it, I haven't seen this one. But 30k for 3 mil. Now that's impressive.

boneman said...

a Kevin Smith Success story.

savannah said...

*snickering* good times, sugar! tanks! xoxox

Buzz Kill said...

I'm a huge Clerks fan as evidenced by my entry this week, but I have never seen Clerks 2. Looks like classic Randle in this scene too. This engineer thought the flow chart thing was pretty funny. I'll definitely have to see it some time.

Happy MCW!

Kymical Reactions said...

:) I feel like maybe we have hints of parallel lives. A girl after my own heart, you are.

That Porch Monkey scene...? Bawhahahahahah! Happy MCW.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

could not help self- posted a companion vido.

chickory said...

er....not too funny for me. painful even. i kind of liked when the other guy became demonically possessed and listed the areas of satans domain...but overall i hated it.

and people ripped my Gigi clip. BAH!

moi said...

Karl: It's kind of a frat humored cup of tea, but there are some funny ass moments.

Boneman: Conviction and comic books apparently go far in Hollywood.

Savannah: And there's nothing funnier than nerd conviction.

Buzz Kill: Randall will always be Randall.

Kym: How about the "pillow pants" bit? Bwhahahahahahaha!

Pirate: Thank you for playing!

Chickory: Well, if we all had the same taste in life, that would certainly be boring :o) Not to mention, impossible to make a living doing anything. Except maybe manufacturing Crocs.

Aunty said...

Ruh -ro.

Did'ja ever see Charley? (Cliff Robertson, Claire Bloom)

This scene reminds me of when the fat baker stuffed Charley's locker wif' over yeasted bread: