Friday, September 5, 2008


Clicky for music.

Given all the schiesse coming down the poleetical pike these days, I oh so feel a post coming on that is guaranteed to offend everyone on the planet and maybe even some aliens in their space ships. But that's next week.

This week, today in fact, I simply want to enjoy the fair. See myself some Fancy Dress dancers. Yes, that's an actual category in Native American Dancing: Fancy Dress. How fabulous is that?

I also want to buy some art. See if he is here again this year.

I own one of his drawings but would love to be able to afford more, more, more because Maldonado is muy talented. I guess I can take solace in the fact that I just don't have the wall space, never mind the budget.

I'm hoping Kabu is here again this year as well. Again, lack of wall space means I'll be able to pay the mortgage instead of trying to coordinate one of his massive canvases with my office decor. But, look how awesome!

I do think I'll cheat just a little bit though and push the envelope of the question: just how many pair of chandelier-style Zuni petite point earrings does one girl possibly need? Oh, you'd be surprised.

Also in Moi's plans: champion rabbits, fowl, and beef.

And, of course, I plan to stuff myself silly, sat fat cals and political incorrectness be damned.

I know that some of you have your own fairs coming to town this weekend and are, in fact, just as big of fair freaks as I am. If so, I'll raise a deep fried Snickers bar in your honor around noonish today. If not, well, what in the heck are you waiting for? Nothing more fabulous on a late summer day than the smell of fresh horse poop.


The Big Shamu said...

Deep Fried Twinkie. Nuff said.

Aunty Belle said...

Heh, thar' comes a time when a girl jes' needs an intense encounter wif' butter sugar and flour.

have heaps of fun, Pres Moi--stoke up of fuel, 'cause I'se looking forward to your alien alienatin' post next week!

(BTW, I cain't hardly stand the pressure of no pressure (deadlines)

Anonymous Boxer said...

LOVE the song!

Your fair looks much more interesting than the one we have here; although Deep Fried Twinkies seems to have fans all over this country of ours. I love ours for the quilts, the 20 gallon cowboy hats made out of foam and carnies and miles of "Ginsu Knife" booths.

Go buy art! earrings you don't "need" but what the hell, and.....

Write that post, Sistah.

xoxo - you've earned this weekend, go have a blast.

The Troll said...


iamnot said...

AZ state fair turned in to a gang rally years ago. We don't go.

Glad you can enjoy yours.

moi said...

Shamu: Mmmmffffpphmmmfffpp. Burp.

Aunty: I know, I was thinking the same thing the other day! A writer without a deadline is, well, a writer whose house is waaaaaaaay more clean than it needs to be.

AB: I stopped short of emptying out the 401(k) for this:
index.html. Le sigh. Maybe it won't sell and I can go on the fifty bazillion a year payment plan. But at least I have new earrings :o)

Troll: I did. I will again. I forgot the deep fried turkey leg.

Iamnot: Aw, that sucks! Our gang bangers love the fair. Then again, I don't go at night.

Anonymous Boxer said...

Now I know why you liked my brother's work - this is very similar to other artists who show at the gallery he's in. I like it. Very Day of the Dead/etc. This is why we all need to buy more of K9's art!!

Earrings are "art" too.

Wicked Thistle said...

You 'n me: deep fried fair freaks. One of the many things I love about you.

Drove down Lomas today and was treated to the smell of fresh animal poop riiiiight between Louisiana and San Pedro.

p.s. weekend traffic bad. weekend traffic *very* bad.

moi said...

AB: Your brother's work is unbelievable. I need you to send me the linky again :o)

Wicked: I got caught in parade traffic and couldn't get to doggie class. Then I realized, "Hey, what am I complaining about? It's a parade fer crissake!" So I low ridered it down central at 2mph and watched it all go by.

K9 said...

love that music what a perfect compliment to the photos. i like that you and AB give us soundtrax to go with your posts.

i cant wait for the fair here -its a national livestock show so its big big big!

AB's bro's work would be perfect for our big day of the dead party/show were planning for Nov.1

please take LOTS and lots of photos.

what song is that youre playing?

Anonymous Boxer said...

did someone say K9's having a party and we're all invited?


Moi - you should have the linky to the Gallery because I've seen very similar work.... but, just as pricey. :-(

The Troll said...

Is Kira Plastinini good at fashion stuff? I might be spelling the name wrong.

moi said...

K9: The Breeders, "Saints" And did you say, party?

AB: Darn.

Troll: Bless her heart. She's certainly getting her fifteen minutes of tacky-ass a la Paris Hilton fame, isn't she. So, yeah, I guess Kira is fashion if you're Avril Lavigne or Hannah Montana. Otherwise? Nyet.

TidelWave said...

I am obsessed with Maldonado

The Troll said...


Thanks for the 411. I'd never heard of her. Won a 50 dollar gift certificate for her "fashions".