Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'll Be Back Tomorrow . . .

When I'm not floating on a cloud of Beck-induced feelings of goodwill and wuv to all. Which, ding dang it, just kinda takes the edge off being a big blue meanie to the grubber-ment. For today, at least.

In the meantime, I'm putting together outfits for La Revolucion. Which of course means, we start with the shoes. I'm thinking, boots and low heel.

Like this: just right for stomp, stomp, stomping. But still tres chic without being too butch, in case we want to lunch afterwards.


iamnot said...

Bet it's a bitch finding replacement shoe strings for those!

Anonymous Boxer said...

Would you suggest a long-ish skirt or should we stay in fatigues?

Enjoy that Beck-High as long as you can.


K9 said...

wow! those mean business!

i am wearing to the revolution my D&G militaristic tight fitting olive drab jacket with the blood red satin part motorcycle mol and one part straight jacket.

my caterpillar steel toe black boots

the jeans that make my ass look great

mirror sunglasses


cash in a "horse choking roll"

philosophy "grace"

neutragena lip slick in "nude"

1985 BMW 635csi retrofitted to run on chicken poop with mad max style scrap armaments and jerry rigged firepower.


Wow, that was awkward said...

Do those things come with a six pack of whup-ass?

Wendy said...

Mmmmmmm... boooooooots. I have a huge collection of Doc Martens, which I like to wear with my floofy skirts. Which means I can kick ass, but do it all lady-like 'n' stuff.

Anonymous Boxer said...

Coming from the PNW, I'll be wearing my REI approved rain gear (for the shit storm that's gonna happen) MY Kick Ass black Frye Mules and jeans.

I never leave home without mascara applied, and I'll bring enough for everyone, cuz I'm like Wendy and Kick Ass Girly Style Too.

Doughboy said...

aren't those pre-owned by Giant Haystacks?

Big Shamu said...

"...not too butch..."???!!!
I can't wait to see the too butch stuff.

iamnot said...

The whale has a point.

Anonymous Boxer said...

K9 - Philosophy "Grace" is a fav or mine too.

K9 said...

grrrrrrrrherhahaha shamu.

AB: we'll smell clean, even if we arent! ;-)

moi said...

Iamnot: Well at the price they're asking, better not NEED replacement shoe strings.

AB: I dunno if we're gonna be able to kick any butt in skirts. Least not minis or pencils. So I'm thinking pants.

K9: Did you say D&G? Mmmm. Oh dang, I forgot about all about transportation. I'm thinking El Caminos, 'cause of the way cool possibilities for mounting machine guns in the back.

WTWA: A 24-pack, actually.

Wendy: If you can kick ass in a skirt, power to ya, grrrrl.

AB: I'm thinking we need plenty of gloss, too.

Doughboy: I don't know what that means, but I'll welcome ya anyway! Got guns?

Shamu/Iamnot: Yeah, now that I look at 'em. But intimidation is the real look I'm going for here. In that, you know, avant garde fashionista kinda way.

AB/K9: I can count on you for the SWAG bags, then?

Anonymous Boxer said...

GF, you have noooo idea what I can do for Swag Bags.

Trust me.

You should see the schnizz I'm putting together for a b-day party this weekend. The Mister is all pouty because he doesn't get one. HA!

K9 - bwahahah - yup, we'll be smelling good and creating a Krap Storm at the same time. Woot! Can't wait.

K9 said...

im startin' to get excited about the economic meltdown! lets all charge some new clothes, el caminos and firearms & throw it on the bailout heap!

Mandy said...

The Indian summer we're having this week inspired me to slip on my Manolos.

The boots will have to wait.

moi said...

Cool - Manolos! Turn 'em over, and the heel is a nifty weapon against nefarious gub'ment deeds.