Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I've Only Got Two Fingers Left

And one of them is pointing at the door:


The other is snapping itself to a tune by Beck.

I can't help it. Yes, I'm as pissed off as I have ever been by our gub'ment's betrayal of We the People. And pissed right the fork off for We, the People's, betrayal of ourselves. For our la, la, la, la, la-ing the past ten years over what we all knew, just KNEW was coming. And yet we still didn't change our evil ways. That kind of denial should only ever be used for those times when you come home with a brand new pair of retro 1940s tee strap sandals with a 4" stacked heel and the husband goes, "Huh? Don't you have fifty thousand pair of those already?"

And you pretend you don't hear him.

But we should never, EVER, have our heads in the sand rooting around like a bunch of little piggies while our gub'ment and their fat cat buddies piss all over the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. This is our fault.

And while I'm busy trying to figure out how to continue, how to offer something soothing to despondent friends and relatives, how to plan for the future when I realize that everything I've ever worked for and saved could be worth little more than the dust that settles after this debacle, I also have to LIVE.

Which means going to the Beck concert tonight and having myself a ball. With S.B., who took this week off from working just so he could go with me and I wouldn't be forced to drag a reluctant friend or try and scalp the thing and risk possible arrest. Sure, S.B. likes Beck well enough, but he knows I ADORE Beck and since S.B. adores me, he's hoisting himself along for the ride. Even though the evening will take him way past his bedtime and two new episodes of House and Fringe. And I adore S.B. for doing that. See, ya fucks in Washington? Love makes the world go round. Not your dumb ass power plays.

Peace, out. And Viva la Revolucion.

P.S. Recent quote by George Will:

"The political left always aims to expand the permeation of economic life by politics.

Today, the efficient means to that end is government control of capital. So, is not McCain's party now conducting the most leftist administration in American history? The New Deal never acted so precipitously on such a scale. Treasury Secretary Paulson, asked about conservative complaints that his rescue program amounts to socialism, said, essentially: This is not socialism, this is necessary. That non sequitur might be politically necessary, but remember that government control of capital is government control of capitalism."


Head Basher said...

The Wolves are going to rescue the Sheep?

First off Moi - been much too long since we've talked, my fault. Will call you soon.

No time to get into a long post now, but here's a good link that points out the obvious absurdity of allowing the Wolves who created the problems to be the ones in charge of solving the problems.

The complete (though ever-changing) elite consensus over the financial collapse

The supposed "Free Market" has not existed for quite some time. The fraudulent manipulations and propping up of "asset" prices has been going on for many years, but under the radar. Now the fraud has grown so huge that it is falling of its own weight and further attempts to keep Humpty Dumpty together cannot be hidden.

Will have more to say later - gotta go to work now.

The Troll said...

Barney Frank (one of the biggest villians in the scandal) just said " This was a failure of the private sector".

He managed not to crack up laughing when he said it. Dude should play poker.

moi said...

HeadBasher: Hey, cuz, I knew you'd have something to say about this. I remember, what, three, four years ago you predicted just this very thing?

Troll: Barney Frank. Even his name is smarmy.

K9 said...

let it burn. lets take our lumps now let the chips fall. this rush job means cover up. paulsen is a fuck up. i ran it in the ground - now trust me wwith all the booty. grrrrah i cannot even tyope iam wired with fury/

have fun at beck im jealous

Doris Rose said...

I think the concert is the best solution. 3 cheers for SB, steppin up for his lady.
Well written rant, as usual.We have been lulled and suckered, but I somehow feel that the pain will still be disproportionate to the crime.

Wendy said...

This is why I never write about politics. I'm not smart enough to understand 'em. However, 1940s T-strap sandals I get. Got any with tooled leather?

moi said...

K9: How long does it take to drive to D.C. from Hotlanta? :o)

Doris: Yes, for about four hours tonight, sushi and Beck will make things better. But I'll still wake up in the a.m. pissed right the fork off.

Wendy: No, no! Politics is really quite simple. Politicians are lying, thieving scumbags out for all the money and power they can grab at the expense of the civil rights of the average, hardworking American. Am I cynical much? Not at all. Just realistic. Now, ding dang it, where'd I leave that glass o'Kool-Aide?

Anonymous Boxer said...

If it quacks like a duck, it's a duck.

It's socialism.

On a lighter note ... HAVE A BLAST tonight. xoxo.

Reverend X said...

Nice to meet you. Nice rant. I caught something over at K9's bout a "Viva la Revolution" team... Where do I sign up? And as far as credentials go.. follow my icon link or go to Blasted Reality. As you will see, I have only hid my head in the sands when the wind picked up in Albuquerque and I could not get my head above them.

The Troll said...

Emails and calls to Troll County's Congressman are 17-1 against the bail-out.

We The People stopped the Kennedy Immigration Bill. Maybe, just maybe, we can stop this.

moi said...

AB: And if it stinks? It's rotten.

Reverend: I've been following your links. I like your style. I am formulating outfits as we speak.

Troll: I think 17-1 against is pretty much the entire country. I plan another bombardment today. Must. Be. Stopped.

The Poet Laura-eate said...

Those boots look just the ticket to give that gubberment a good kicking! Or stomping.