Monday, April 2, 2012

Haiku Monday: SENSE

What ten bucks will buy:
"Mellifluous chirruping."
Ten cents? "Tweet, tweet, tweet."

* * *

Señor Rafe is hosting this go round, so head on over to his place to check out the action. 
Looks like there's a whole lotta sensin' going on!

* * * 

Also, my favorite non-sense band:


LẌ said...

I'm sending those proofreader marks to a couple of former colleague Technical Writers! I used to reduce a programmer to near tears with standard marks; I only wish I had had these as well!

Pam said...

Happy Haiku Monday. I've been mindlessly surfing this evening. Then I found this and thought of you. Here's your ding dang flying car.

Anonymous said...

"This ain't no disco" will be the code phrase to be allowed on Troll Territory after the Obamanation Wars end civilization. Much better song, btw.

Nice haiku.

czar said...

Ah, the sliding-fee scale of freelancing, haikunified. I wish I had the sense to employ it more often.

"Girlfriend is better"? I have a feeling this isn't the Fred and Ethel version. Or was that the Grateful Dead?

sparringK9 said...

we played this concert when Boxa visited V's palace of media technology. It was LOUD but he still fell asleep on the couch. good times. grherhahahaha

thats a fine commentary on the nation of twits - yes, lets have all thought reduced to OMG c u L8R

czar said...

Oh, wait. That was "Women Is Smarter." Noun, verb, adjective. They're all the same.

moi said...

lx: I need them for the current crop of "artistic" endeavors I've been editing. Give me a ten-cent word any day.

Pam: And only a quarter mill? Gimme!

Troll: "Life During Wartime" is a better apocalyptic song, but this one's funkier. What kind of fortifications do you have?

Czar: Actually, it's a play on the amount of ten-dollar words writers have been sending me lately. When ten cents will do. I'm about to switch careers. I think slinging pizza would be less stressful.

K9: This is one of my favorite movies of all time. It's difficult to beat the sheer volume of absolutely terrific songs these folks put out over the years. Even their filler was killer.

Czar: Dunno. I stay away from the Grateful Dead on principle. Fish, too. About the only jam band I'll tolerate, on occasion and if I'm buzzed and the sun is shining and all is right with the world, is Widespread Panic.

Anonymous said...

Here is a gift. Hope it works:

Jenny said...

I think I fell asleep too, but I blame jet lag not V's AMAZING techno set up of sound. Wow.

Love the term "ten--cent word". Ha! I like the view into the world of a hired gun.

moi said...

Troll: I like it, thanks! Who is it? I Googled the lyrics and got nothing. A lot of this current new wave of electronica/ambient music is pretty good.

Boxer: My first editah evah told me, "Don't use a ten-dollar word if a ten-cent word will do. UNLESS you really know what you're doing with all that money."

Anonymous said...

I think the group is called "Star" or "Stars".

Rafael said...


Your haiku always has a melodic chirp mixed with the perfect amount of sour!

It fits exactly as I sense you--


moi said...

Troll: OMG, they're Canadian, eh?!? And ubiquitous, although I have yet to find the song you sent me. "Your Ex-Lover is Dead" is really good, too.

Rafe: And I sense you would be a great time at parties! At which my chirpier side always reigns.

darkfoam said...

yeah, but sometimes it's mighty fun to through around $10.00 words such as

Scintillate scintillate asteroid minific
Fain I would fathom thy nature specific
Loftily poised in the ether capacious
Strongly resembling a gem carbonaceous
Scintillate scintillate asteroid minific
Fain I would fathom thy nature specific

aunty belle introduced me to that one. i'm sure you are familiar with this version.

LOVE Talking Heads, btw. We do have similar taste in music.

darkfoam said...

oh, loved the haiku btw .. mellifluous chirruping ... rofguffawingmao .. :)

moi said...

Foam: Ooooo, awesome ditty. I need to put it up on the fridge. I have often wondered if perhaps you are a former punk rock grrrrrrrrl?

darkfoam said...

Did I really write through? I'm blaming that one conveniently on auto correct. Oh wait, I was on the laptop that doesn't do that. Punk rock grrrrl? Nah, I never did look the look ... That didn't keep me from doing a bit of slam dancing though ... :)

Anonymous said...

The proofreading marks are GREAT! I made a copy to send to an author friend. I think he'll like them.


czar said...

Life is but a passing spasm
In an aggregate of cells;
Kiss me, pretty protoplasm,
While your osculation dwells
Glucose-sweet, no enzyme action
Or love-lytic can reduce
Our relations to a fraction
Of hereditary use.
Nuclear rejuvenation
Melts the auricle of stoic:
Love requires a balanced ration—
Let our food be holozoic;
Let us live with all our senses
While anabolism lets us—
Till—with metaplastic fences
Some katabolism gets us,
Till, potential strength, retreating,
Leaves us at extinction’s chasm;
And, since time is rather fleeting,
Kiss me, pretty protoplasm.

Philip Wylie, Finnley Wren, 1934

moi said...

Foam: One of my clients, a magazine publisher, communicates almost exclusively through her iPhone. She has not taken auto correct off. You should see the directives she sends out. It's become a point of high hilarity between me and the art director.

Serendipity: I particularly like Z-z-z-z- No One Cares. And I recently started working on an article the writer nicked almost exclusively from the web. I won't even go there with a rant on the devolution of the written word or the talent it takes to wrangle it.

Czar: I think I simply must make it a point to use katabolic in a sentence today.