Saturday, March 31, 2012

Eventually, It Happens

Is is wrong of me to be glad that at least his dog is safe? 
I hope they find Mr. True soon.
Alive and kicking, because he's a pretty cool dude.


Jenny said...

That's a sad story and it sounds like as each day passes, the odds of finding him alive get worse? it just shows you can be experienced, but you need to be PREPARED. No cell phone (is there service?) Remember when Chickory was lost in her woods? You said you always run with a survival pack. I think I understand why now.

and... I'm glad the dog is OK too.

Anonymous said...

Hope they do find him, but it does sound grim. We had a NOLS instructor go out for a weekend day hike in November and not come back. They combed the area where he went and did not find him - not until spring when friends found his pack and car keys. He had fallen from an obscure cliff.


czar said...

Saw the headline and immediately thought of you. Hope he's OK and that you return to the trails soon.

Pam said...

I haven't heard of this but it does sound very concerning. Hope there has been no foul play. Or coyotes.

Karl said...

Morning Moi,

You likley know his body was found. No signs of trama. So it was probably natural causes. He had the advantage of passing while doing what he loved to do. A lucky man.

moi said...

All: Just heard his body was fund. It's good news that there were no signs of trauma. And as Karl points out, he died doing what he loved. Although geez, he was young! If there's heaven, I hope there are running trails and he's on them. RIP.

darkfoam said...

Oh, how so very disconcerting and with a sad ending. I hope he's still running in the afterlife.

grins said...

Winds blowing like crazy here. This weekend two Pits were shot by policeman in self protection. I wish they would shoot the owners instead. This town is rife with Pits that no one takes care of, or train to be mean. Just what I wanted to hear.

I'm sorry about your friend.

Anonymous said...

Unhappy outcome, but I was relieved to hear they found him so they had a body to bring home. So much harder on those left behind when there is nothing, or as in Clay's case keys and bone fragments.

Be safe out there Moi.