Monday, March 12, 2012

Haiku Monday: CIRCLE

When Lords of Plains cry
havoc, loose their steeds of war,
circle wagons close.

Or, call this guy:

* * * 

Our favorite Curmudgeon from the Centennial State is hosting
this week's Haiku Monday with a theme of CIRCLE. 
And now I can't get the Billy Preston song out of my head.


Jenny said...

"circling the wagons" is a favorite phrase of mine and you did a good job with pulling it together. Still, when in doubt, dude with gun is more efficient!

Happy Haiku Monday.

darkfoam said...

circling the wagons .. that's a phrase i wasn't familiar with at all.
a very cool and interesting take on the circle theme, moi. i would not have thought on it at all.

and oh look! a dude with a cocked gun! i like ....
(could be a possible theme for a pinterest board)

BlazngScarlet said...

Circling the Wagons!
Being from Buffalo, I hear that phrase a lot! lol

I love your haiku and the visual!

fishy said...

"circle the wagons" in our tribe has long meant put your back to safety and face your foes.

These days I feel the need to circle the wagons when I hear the evening news reports.

Good luck with the elephant! My trick is similar as I put up a sign over my work station which says:
" Right foot, left foot, ri...."

Anonymous said...

Ooh, for a second I thought you had called Karl in...

Yeah, circle the wagons put you in a defensive circle with your mates watching your back, and you theirs. Hopefully the wagons had enough cargo to stop lead and provide cover while you worked your own guns to good effect. The circled wagons were wrapped in circling warriors sometimes many circles deep, often rotating counter to each other to add to chaos and confusion. You had better have plenty of ammo!

Nice circle theme, Moi!


Buzz Kill said...

I liked the Shakespaerean twist. I'm not sure what the Hitman has to do with circles, but I'll echo everyone's sentiments about circling the wagons.

moi said...

boxer 'twas the Colt pistol that helped do the Comanche and other plains warriors in.

all still, the settlers bit it in alarming numbers. And really gruesome ways.

buzz thats Raylan Givens. Hitman sucked but u prolly enjoyed the nekkid.

Anonymous said...

Al Gore ate my comment. Again. It was complimentary.

Rafael said...

Really neat idea and loved how you phrased it! AWESOME!

Is that why Al's git'n so damn FAT...eating all your comments? I think you might be serving up too many carbs in your postings and they're start'n to stick in his middle.


moi said...

Troll: Well, shit.

Rafael: Al G. has been a real lil' bitch lately. He needs to go get . . . sorry. I should really watch my mouth. Children could be reading.

Rafael said...

Yes, Al could make for a nice lil' bitch if you don't mind rolling him in the dough first, but don't look at me for THAT kinda duty...I have my standards, ya' know!!


chickory said...

and the inverse of that is the black rats in a circle butts to butts and faces outward. circle the wagons is a great expression - and a critical strategy for....interlopers.

moi said...

Rafa: Or sprinkle him with a little bit of sugar. Although I'd need more than a spoonful to make the medicine go down.

Chickory: I had a pet rat for years. They are very affectionate and clever. I know that this country would not be where it is, good and bad, if it weren't for the overwhelmingly determined push of settlers into nearly every corner of the West, but something in me will always roots for the Indians. They may have been Stone Age, but they were phenomenally interesting: anarchic, brilliant, resourceful, and most importantly, free.