Sunday, April 15, 2012

Haiku Monday: SMOKE

Like a bad boyfriend,
addicted, foresworn, and mourned.
I still dream I smoke.

* * *

Who put the Troll out, who, who, who, who, who?

He's only half back, so in his stead, Anonymous Boxer has kindly offered to host this week's Haiku Monday. Come back soon, Troll!
Until then, I'll just have a bit of a pout.


Jenny said...

Trolls never go far away, I'm really hoping he's back soon.

GREAT Haiku. I would have been a GREAT smoker, btw. It's one habit I never picked up, which isn't to say I didn't have others. :-)

Love the visual too. Happy Haiku Monday and thanks for playing!

Aunty Belle said...

whoa--thas' a really good one , Moi.

This thang wif Troll has me all undone. The whole internet is corrupting--spying an' caching our stuff, most folks usin' blogs or FB to make a buck--advertisements on board, Worrisome.

Aunty Belle said...

BTW--I got burned. Mr Homer Hickam dropped by to say he was real. Mercy Maud, I go t caught wif' mah manners down.

czar said...

@Aunty: Homer Hickham? October Sky? I always presumed he was real.

On smoking, like Boxer, it's one vice I've managed to avoid. Having parents who smoked did it for me.

As far as Troll's blog, it certainly wasn't me. If bad things happen in Troll's life and he automatically thinks of me, that's his issue. And it's not a small one.

moi said...

All: I loved to smoke. Loved it. Hated the stale smell, though, so I never smoked in the house or in my car. But it's probably the single worst thing you can do to your body, so I wouldn't recommend it. As for Troll, I'm not implying that anyone alerted Blogger. Just that Blogger itself seems to have these highly capricious criteria for pulling or investigating blogs.

Anonymous said...

Written as only one who had the habit could have. So clear, and such a great pairing with the bad boyfriend.

Perfect visual to match with it.


Rafael said...


When you dream of smoking, are you always naked in your tub with same said boyfriend or were you born to tease me?

Great haiku --


fishy said...

Accurate as can be!
If I dream of self it is always when I was younger and I always have my smokes. I am glad I no longer smoke.
It was a hard fought battle. While there are lots of very bad side effects to smoking ... I liked the positive effects a lot.

moi said...

S: I think ciggies are one of the worst things going, but I so wish they weren't!

Rafe: If only I could have been naked in a tub with Steve McQueen at some point in my life--even in a dream, darn it. He was something, for sure. Sorry to tease, but admit it, you pinned the photo :o)

Fishy: Ah, a fellow addict who understands. Isn't that funny about the dreams? In mine, a pack of Camel Lights is always tucked in my bag, and I'm always having "just one." And there IS no better appetite suppressant on earth.

chickory said...

great haiku! one of my favorites of yours in a long time. youre a contenda all right.

on Troll. you can see the blog -you can comment on the blog. the photos are alerted -but since when has linking an image URL been a violation? Is it a teeny bit possible that he is just tired of blogging again? I am. I cannot find any reason that his blog would be suspended unless he has been out dogfighting elsewhere. which i know that he does. but I have seen blog wars that would curdle your blood and those blogs werent shut down. so I cant figure this one out other than a glitch like Aunty had that time.

Troll - if you are reading, you are missed! and if you cant be here -perhaps master basho can sub.

happy HM! moi

moi said...

Chickory: My blobbing interest waxes and wanes, too. But y'all are my water cooler. Otherwise, I'd be yakking at the ravens and the dogs . . . never mind.

Le Troll, he is an international man of mystery. Still, he should do us all a favor and pop in somewhere soon.

grins said...

It was a super great haiku. I think I quit when I was 26, it cost a fortune. I'd buy a pack smoke a cig and throw it out. It took me two years of that to quit completely.

moi said...

Curm: You quit that young? That's quite an accomplishment, since most people START in their late teens, early twenties. I think smokers tend to fall into three main categories: those who flirt with it in their early twenties, like my dad, and quit after a few years with no problem. Those occasional smokers who smoke mainly at parties or when they drink, and do this all their lives with no ill effects. And those who go full 'tard, like me, and quit in their late thirties, early forties, after two-three decades of smoking. I started at 13, quit at 38, and never again picked one up.

Karl said...

Good afternoon Moi,

A most revealing haiku. The picture makes me want to walk up behind the girl with an ice cube in one hand, running it up her spine and douse her cigarette with the other hand. I hadn't yet noticed the boyfriend when the thought came to mind.

I started at 11. At times of high stress, 3 packs a day. It really started to affect how I could swim and run. Quit cold Turkey at 35. I don't miss it a bit. Hell, I wonder how much better I could've been if I never did smoke. A bloody stupid habit.

moi said...

Karl: Good on ya for quitting! Funny about "better" part, though. I think up until our mid-thirties, we cruise mostly on hormones and resiliency. It didn't seem to affect my running, for instance, or my sense of taste and smell.

Karl said...

Well I don't really have much of a sense of smell anymore. However Mrs. K still complains, I'm running mostly on hormones. Perhaps complains is not the correct way to describe it.

darkfoam said...

I completely missed last week's haiku. I used to smoke but quit when I was 24. This haiku is great as well as the image.