Sunday, April 17, 2011

Haiku Mondays: Clothes

Christian Dior ad photographed by Walde Huth

* * *


Tramp stamped and belly
pierced. Sixteen? No, she's forty!
Taste is obsolete.

* * *

The Black Hills During Sturgis

Flashing fetishists
bare skinned but for tats. Yuh-awn.
Dressed is sexiest.

* * *

Our host for this week's contest is the HM originator,
Troll (Don't Be Dissing My Jorts), so head on over to his house
and post your 5-7-5 on the topic of:


fishy said...

Jorts, tats, piercings!
Where did elegance go?

Really Moi, it is amazing how much you cleverly communicate in just 17 wisely organized syllables! Have a great Monday.

chickory said...

LOL label. in my case it would be something to aspire to.

lovely photo. I saved a Helmut photo for you once and never posted it...long legs out a car window with giant jet overhead - you know that one?

recently seen on my travels back from the funeral: packs of motorcyclists - what once was a rebel ride is now a rite of retirement. and chunky sissy on back de rigeur. grrrrrrhahahahahaha

Loved both your 'ku's, Moi. Happy haiku Monday!

moi said...

Fishy: Elegance and taste are sharing a spot by the pool in heaven, long since shot dead by our infantalized cultcha.

Chickory: Yes! I love Helmut Newton's work. My favorite photo of his is the woman sitting at a bar in Paris with a bulldog on the seat next to her. The photos he did with Nadja Auermann, where she's literally hobbled by fashion, are great. And don't even get me started on biker "culture." I might go postal.

Buzz Kill said...

What are you doing up at Sturgis - you bad girl. Pornofried is a great title.

moi said...

Buzz: S.B. and I were climbing. We were we blown away by how many bikers think it's perfectly okay to run in packs of hundreds through even the most remote areas of the wilderness, revving their engines and acting like a bunch of teenagers on spring break. The final straw for me was the woman at dinner one night wearing a pair of dirty chaps and little else. It's a good thing for her I wasn't armed. BAM! That's how we thin the herd . . .

Anonymous said...

I remember when you could tell a slut by her ankle bracelet.

Gosh, I'm old.

Glen Gailey said...

"Pornofried" is a great word and description. I'm pretty much the only one at my gym that doesn't have a tat. I feel so old. Bwahahahaha.

Great haikus and that picture is beautiful.

Glen Gailey said...

@Trol - I remember when toe rings were slutty. I'm older.

Fleurdeleo said...

Hi, Moi! Excellent entries, as usual. Having been to Sturgis last summer (when I participated in the Leading Ladies 1/2 Marathon in Spearfish), I can say you are right on!
Listin: for some reason, I am unable to post on the The Troll's site. You and Czar have this official looking identity screening below--the Troll's doesn't look the same. Maybe I need to be pre-approved? can you send me his email address so I can work this out? Sorry for the long comment! Fleur at

moi said...

Troll: You're not old. You're seasoned.

Boxer: That photo is also seductive in a way our overly-sexualized society seems to no longer understand.

Fleur: Hey, I'm a runner, too! I need to check out that half Mary, because I love Spearfish. Although if it's any time near or around Strugis, fuggedaboutit. What a horrifying experience. Nope, nothing unusual about Troll's site, so I'm not sure why you can't get in. Try this:

Pam said...

You turned into your mother.... aha. Isn't that the most awful realization, when you know that it has happened but you don't know when it snuck up on you? Teehee.

Great haiku, but I love your visual. And I feel strange desires to go purchase jorts. For myself.

moi said...

Pam: You know I can be there in a mere 8 hours to physically stop you from doing that, right? So don't make me get in the car.

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