Sunday, April 10, 2011

Haiku Monday: Observations of Nature

Sun beats, wind gusts.
Fur and flesh scoured to bone.
Desert's proof of life.

* * *

This week's Haiku Monday is being sponsored and judged by Troll, with prizes by Boxer. If you want to play, head over there and post your 5-7-5 on the theme of


Princess said...

hi Moi
I think I got the 5/7/5 thing this week! I'm Up with 3.

fishy said...

"Deserts theft of life"

This is one part of Mother Nature
it's best to respect else the lesson is severe.

Nice job, as always.

Jenny said...

what happened to my comment?

I really like this one, especially the last line. Very cool.

darkfoam said...

great visual!
i love this haiku.
only somebody who lives
in an arid region would think
of a haiku like this!

Sharon Rudd said...

Oh, yes. Your photo and your haiku perfectly complement each other - great spartan acknowledgment of Mother Nature's force in the desert.

Happy Haiku Monday!