Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Drive By

If I had a Sioux Indian name it would be: She Who Works for Shoes.

Hola, Party People.

It is with extreme regret that I will not be able to man the Idol Snark Station this week, due to deadlines that I can't believe a client would actually saddle me with, except said client is paying me well and on time. Which rarely, if ever, happens, so yeah, I'm their bitch for now. Also, see above caption.

So if any of you want to take it over, please feel free and let me know. Otherwise, also feel free to come over here and leave snarky comments in this post. I won't mind. I'll break on occasion just so I know there is still a world out there not comprised of serial commas and arguments over whether or not it's The New York Times or the New York Times.

I should have been a plumber.

Ciao for now.


czar said...

Pretension. The Coca-Cola Company (and heaven help you in ATL if you break it on the hyphen) and The New York Times and The Ohio State University. I'm mg. ed. for a book series in which The New York Times appears, and in alphabetical listings the Old Gray Lady insists on being alphabetized under "the." Which rhymes with "ugh" (as long as the "gh" is silent). Right, because when I want to look for The New York Times in a book, I'm looking under "the."

A number of establishments here in A Good Place to Live have names that begin with "the," and that's how they appear in the phone book. Thus, if you want to place a call for some bagels from the Messianic Jewish bagel shop owners in town, you look under The Manna Bagel Company. And you find all the other companies stupid enough to do business this way.

czar said...

Oh, wait. Was this supposed to be a comments section about American Idol? Back to your regularly scheduled programming . . .

Anonymous said...

Will-I-Am should be Ex-E-Cute-D for crimes against humanity.

Alfred E Neuman was spot-on singing in a considerably higher register than his norm.

That was a pleasant surprise.

Seeing "The" New York Times and "The" Ohio State University makes THE TROLL want to vomit!

Jenny said...

I feel asleep half way through, but Troll is right, Scott was channeling Elvis last night, although his eyes were doing a weird thing.

I'm watching the rest this morning.

I'm happy you're bizzy, but when you're at that Defcon 4 type of busy, it's not fun.

Plumbers don't wear cute shoes.

Jenny said...

I guess I watched more than I realized. Paul confuzzles me. He has the look; hair, eyes, GREAT clothes but everytime he sings I'm not blown away.

moi said...

Czar: It seems every managing editor has their peccadilloes and half the job of copy editing is keeping track of them. The "The" is just wrong, though. Wrong, I tell you.

Troll: I'm looking forward to seeing Scotty break slightly out of his usual. You know, he really does sing WELL.

Boxer: If K9 were around to post, she'd have something quite slaying to say about Paul's Metro-ness I'm sure :o)

Anonymous said...

Since Scott is 17, I always thought it was a bit unfair to label him "one-note".

Heck, Paul has been MORE one-note and he's an adult and a professional musician.

Jenny said...

Paul only has one octave, one note and really... just one cute blazer.

Oh, I'm missing The Rotty right now (and yes, THE) because she would be ripping it UP!

I can't believe Scotty is only 17. Old soul and my favorite, even ahead of Casey who's just not growing much.

Pam said...

Re "The" ... might be a legal thang. I once worked for a company and you couldn't drop the "The" in the name for legal reasons. However, common sense would dictate that you use the main word in the alphabetical listings with a comma and then the "The".

Meanwhile, AI:
Jacob ~ love his heart but would have loved to hear him sing something besides Man in the Mirror. ZZZZZ

Hailey ~ finally figured out that she reminds me of a girl i used to know that I couldn't stand so therefore I can't stand her, and you don't smile while you sing Janis Joplin, sorry. ZZZZZ

Stefano ~ Go home already. With your snoozy version of When a Man Loves a woman. Gotta go. Surely it is his time now.

Casey ~ Played it safe and I don't even remember what he sang. ZZZZ

Scotty ~ First time I actually voted for him. Loved his performance, he gets better every week. He is loving it on stage and it shows and he is the better for it. He might just win the whole thing.

Paul ~ I sent in one vote for him too just because I'm not ready to see him go yet. I did like his performance but agree that his range is not there. Husband calls him "Pajama Boy" because of that western outfit.

And if I forgot anyone else ..ZZZZ

Karl said...

Good afternoon Moi,

Just stopped by to bid you good day.

moi said...


Loved: Casey (that stand up bass is hot), Scotty (kid can sing).

Didn't mind: Haily, Jacob, Lauren.

Hated: James (Pam, I can't believe that didn't send you into fits), Pia (in spite of my love of that song. Also: cut. your. hair.), Stefano (karaoke), Paul (who should be shot for mutilating one of my favorite singers of all time. although that tuxedo shirt was rad).

moi said...

I'm sorry, I love Iggy Pop, but really. He should not have done that.

Pam said...

I don't mind that Pia went home ... am a bit surprised. But she should have shown more personality. I don't know why Stefano is still there. Argh!

RE IGGY POP, someone please buy that man a shirt. Iggy, study Eric Clapton and your pal David Bowie ... this is how to age gracefully and remain true to your rocking status. Iggy? More like UGGHY.

moi said...

Pam: I was shocked Pia went home, too, although you know I just wasn't a fan at all. So I wonder what that was about? Maybe America is wising up to the utter boredome of yet another bombastic singer? Still, all the fuss from the judges came off as a little bit harsh towards Stefano. Who I think has stayed well beyond his welcome, mind you.

I love that at 67, Iggy is still fit as a fiddle (must be all that golf and clean livin') and tan, tan like a surfer dude. But that doesn't mean he should strut it around. Mainly because it no longer MEANS anything. When he was young, dumb and full of himself, he was making a statement and shocking the kiddies. Today, it no longer reads as something dark and dangerous, so why not put on a cool suit and tie a la Paul and REALLY blow everyone away?

Pam said...

Or better yet, get Paul a suntan and let him strut around without a shirt.

darkfoam said...

i don't watch idol. bit i understand deadlines. i have 2 coming up this week.
anyway, hope you are having a good weekend!