Saturday, January 1, 2011

And the Winner Is!

The winner of Guess that Dish is actually a tie. Here's why. Of all the dishes, the one that was perhaps the least succinct was number six. The dish I was thinking of was Saag Paneer, but another of you guessed Saag Aloo, which is actually curried spinach and potatoes, not curried spinach and cheese (Saag Paneer).

So, in all fairness, I believe that BOTH of these contestants are deserving of a donation to their favorite charity. The first one guessed every dish absolutely correctly and that winner is . . .


The second entrant also guessed every single dish absolutely correctly, with the exception of the whole Saag thing, as outlined above. And that winner is . . .


Finally, Honorable Mention must go to Troll, the third entrant (Buzz, where were ya, dude? Karl?), whose guesses for several dishes were spot on, while a couple others were totally—but highly creatively—off the mark.

Here are the ingredients with their dishes:

Pasilla Chiles
Ground corn tortillas

Mole Poblano

Rice noodles

Pad Thai

Spaghetti Noodles

Pasta Puttanesca (Troll said pasta acciughe)

Bottom round
Red vinegar
Juniper berries

Sauerbraten (everyone guessed this one correctly)

Worchestershire sauce
Catfish meuniere (ditto)

Curry powder

Saag Paneer (Troll went neither paneer nor aloo, but Spanish curry)

Choclate cake
Whipped cream

Black Forest Cake (ditto)

Sponge cake
Ice cream

Egg whites
Baked Alaska
(Troll said Strawberry Shortcake)

So, Aunty and La Diva, send me your charity info and I'll get a $50 check in the mail to each of them in your name on Monday. Troll, I will make a $25 donation to your charity via PayPal.

Thanks for participating everyone!


Buzz Kill said...

You know, I didn't have time to play and I wouldn't have won anyway. I got the mole but that was it. No surprise that Diva and Aunty won although I thought maybe IE would have been in there.

Happy New Year!

Karl said...

Good afternoon Moi,

I too, plead time. Between the party and real life, I just flat ran out of it.

Congrats to Aunty Belle and LaDiva!

Happy New Year!

Sharon Rudd said...

I flat ran out of time too. But thanks for being such a marvelous host, Moi!

Here at the river, we've almost recovered from last night and are cooking pork, sausages and kraut for dinner. It may be a bit before I have a chance to review all 300+ comments at Boxer's for the "Eggy Sent Me" ones to calculate my donation total, but I thank all who stopped by and participated!

Jenny said...

You know me, I just don't have the chops (pun!!) for this kind of game, but I thought it was a great idea for a Blog Game and Yay! to LaDiva.

You did a most wonderful job and thanks again for your enthusiasm, creativity and willingness to donate money that would have otherwise gone for new shoes.


LaDivaCucina said...

Wow! How cool, that was so much fun! Thanks so much, Moi, you know I could think of a lot of food places here in Miami that I'd love the donation to go to but I so like the idea of just helping ONE family, so yes, please send it to Chickory's friend Heather. And I'll put some towards it as well too. I almost wish I could be there to see her face!

This was so much fun and such a great idea, everyone went through so much effort! I enjoyed it much more than talking to drunken neighbors by a long shot! haha! thanks again, Moi, Boxer and everyone else! Well done. xoxox

LaDivaCucina said...

Hey can we get a tally of all the money and charity raised? Maybe everyone send their info to Boxer and get a final total? I'd love to post it on Facebook and help inspire some other people.

moi said...

Buzz and Karl: No worries. I was mainly just ribbing you :o)

Eggy: After that brunch spread, you still had time to cook? I am attempting my nemesis, the prime rib roast. With baked sweet potatoes and haricorts verts. Then, after that? It's salads and fruit for the rest of the month.

Boxer: Thank YOU for the great idea of making this a charitable event as well.

La Diva: Will do! I like your idea of everyone sending Boxer a final tally, too. Everyone should know the score by the end of the weekend.

fishy said...

Congrats to LaDiva, Aunty & Troll.
Fun game Moi, I think even we spectators enjoyed the play.
Happy New Year

Aunty Belle said...


Congrats to LaDiva!

Thanky Moi fer invitin' us to play this fun game--after all the Top Chef bloggin' posts, the food theme wuz so "us". I'se humbled to be alongside of La Diva C an her well known talent fer all things gourmet.

An', may I also share la Diva's idea of sending the donation to Chickory's Heather? Mah own charity would have been a local crisis pregnancy center, but as Heather has stepped up to the job of foster motherin' four, I think sending her the $$ is in the full spirit of mah choice.

Thanky thanky, Moi.I know I am not the onliest one to feel a happy glow from the friendship an the generosity we have in this blogger community.

BTW, winners of word play posted on the Front Porch.

moi said...

Fishy: Thanks, Fishy!

Aunty: The glow is indeed happy, isn't it? Thanks so much for donating to Heather. She's going to be mighty surprised!

Aunty Belle said...

Moi, got a minute?

Pls ck Front Porch--Uncle an me had a spat over the winners. Ate at me all night. This mornin' I rectified --wait, usin' Uncle's own word-- I *equified* thangs.

Oh, an I'se redneck lazy, so can ya take a three mile run fer me--work off all that yummyness I ate a Eggy's. Thanks, youse a pal.

Anonymous said...

Thanks on behalf of ManateeSolve. It was a hard challenge. Big congrats to Aunty for getting ALL of them correct.

chickory said...


I am so excited. I think heather is going to receive:

$120 from the garland actitivy
$50 from la Diva
$50 from Aunty

and i think

$25 from Boxer


astonishing. i am so thankful for everyones generosity. I cant wait to give it to her. I am going to tell her i had written about her on the blog and that the money is a REWARD for her bravery and selflessness.

thank you all and congratulations to the winners of the food contest. I didnt have a prayer in hell. i had one i thought i knew -and even that was wrong. sucked bad on trolls bottle game too.


moi said...

Aunty: I'm waiting for the temps to warm up (it was 6 degrees at 7am) and then I'll take that run for you :o)

Troll: You made good guesses. And tonight I am making pasta acciughe, because I'd forgotten how much I like it.

Chickory: Wow. That's one heck of a haul. She'll be thrilled. You guessed saag aloo, right? That was correct, technically :o)

The Mistress said...

Congrats, everybody!

Kymical Reactions said...

I clearly missed out on some fun contests. :/ I am going to be around a lot more this year, so hopefully I won't miss anything this fun again.

Happy New Year, Moi!