Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy, Happy, Party People!


The food has been cleared, the house spiffied back up, and the houseboys woken and shipped back to MJ wrapped in fur and silk and bearing her gifts of booze and candy as a thank you.

Hope everyone had a great time, and kudos to Boxer for birthing this marvelous virtual soiree into being and to everyone who played along.

BTW, there's still time to play the Guess the Dish Game (scroll all the way to the bottom), so email your answers to Boxer by noon Eastern today for your chance to win a $50 donation to your favorite charity.

Then head over to Eggplant to Go for a fabulous New Year's Day Brunch. Mmmmm . . . bacon.

Peace, joy, and love to you all.

* * *

Dinner at 6pm, courtesy Elie Saab.

Cocktails at 4 outfit:

In honor of the late, great, Alexander McQueen.

* * *

Daylight hours outfit:

From Rodarte's Fall 2010 collection, because, baby, it's cold outside.

* * *

What was I thinking? I nearly forgot the Official Boxer NYE Cocktail? Sheesh. Color Moi forgetful. I guess it's cocktail hour somewhere, right? Right. Drink up, people. You have nothing to lose but your tongue:

Official Cocktail of Boxer's 2010 NYE Soiree:
Inspired by my dinner with La Diva back in April:

Pisco Sour:
Lemon Juice
Egg white
All shaken with ice and Angostura bitters

Other libations: Full bar. Name your poison.

To learn how to make an awesome garland like this,
head on over to Chickory's place.

Alrighty, then, let's get this party started. Remember, Boxer's Place is Command Central, so make sure you drop by there several times a day to check out her latest going's on (games and prizes!) and to drop a comment into her comment box. For every comment she receives during this 36-hour fete, she'll donate 50 cents to her favorite charity. Other bloggers are also hosting food and fun, so make the rounds, why don't cha!

* * *

New Year's Eve Blog Party Menu:

This is a nibbling menu designed so that no one has to walk around trying to balance a plate of food, utensils, and their drink. Instead, a few of MJ's houseboys will be around with trays to serve. SUCH nice houseboys; thanks, MJ!

Skewers of pickled banana peppers and Cantabrian anchovies
Avocado halves stuffed with paprika-dusted shredded crab
Shrimp and chickpea flour fritters with romesco

Wild boar chorizo sausage sliders with grilled radicchio and chipotle mayonnaise
Pork chicharrones with chimichurri dipping sauce
Beef tenderloin and roasted garlic clove kabobs with tequila/chile/mustard dipping sauce

Canapes of caramelized onion and Mahon cheese
Cilantro/pecan pesto tamales
Grilled eggplant, sun dried tomato, and mozzarella roll ups
Platter of assorted olives, peppers, cheeses, crisp breads, and crackers

El Chippo and Dippo
Pico de Gallo
Chile con queso
Cool Ranch Doritos

Chocolate mousse shots
Tres leches petite fours
Fresh D'Anjou pear slices with caramel dipping sauce

* * *

Guess the Dish Party Game:

Guess the correct dish for all eight dishes below based on three of their ingredients and send your answers and your favorite charity in an email to Boxer at

Everyone who correctly guesses all eight dishes is qualified to win a $50 donation from Moi to their favorite charity, matched by a $50 donation to my favorite charity, New Day, a private, non-profit Albuquerque-based organization that provides emergency and long-term shelter, counseling, educational services, and life skills training to children aged 11-17 whose parents have dropped the ball on their care.

If no one guesses all eight dishes correctly, then we'll chose from among the first five received with the most correct answers. All correct (or nearly correct) names will be put in a hat and drawn the old-fashioned way. Good luck and party safely!

Guess the Dish:

Pasilla Chiles
Ground corn tortillas

Rice noodles

Spaghetti Noodles

Bottom round
Red vinegar
Juniper berries

Worchestershire sauce

Curry powder

Choclate cake
Whipped cream

Sponge cake
Ice cream
Egg whites

* * *


Jenny said...

There you are! I was getting worried you had run off with the houseboys or worse.... you were still playing Troll's game.

Love the food you picked. Also love your game and NICE PRIZE!!!!

I won't play because I'll see the answers and oh hell, who am I fooling?

I don't cook.

Happy New Year!!!!!

oh, and that garland? Nicely done. It took me all night just cutting the little pieces and figuring out the flower part. Today I construct. xoxox

Aunty Belle said...

Mornin' Moi!

Heh... NICE Garland. I flunked mah star part. Can I send it to yore place fer repairs?

Menu is inspired--akshully wish it weren't so virtual. The Wild Boar Chorizo? Uncle claims every scrap o' that. Jes' lemme know when ya whip this up in the flesh, I'll catch the next plane!

Is ALL them ingredients in ONE dish?? heh

Pam said...

I can't even attempt on the festive dishes to be served. One might be spaghetti, but I'd probably be wrong. Brain doesn't go into that gear at all, especially so early in the a of the m. I'm with Boxie, I don't do the cooking and don't even want to think about it.

MEANWHILE: how is the weather out there where you are? LOL. Evidently the migrating Okies heading to the bowl game are having a bit of trouble making it through NM for some reason!

moi said...

Boxer: I was playing Troll's game with the Houseboys :o)

Aunty: If you, or anyone else, wants a recipe for anything, let me know.

Pam: Oooo, girl, that was a nasty-ass storm. Gale force winds to boot. Should be making it's way across Oklahoma right about now, unless it blows itself out, which let's hope it does.

BlazngScarlet said...

I'm trying to make the garland, but it keeps getting wrapped on the damn pole!
The food is DELISH!
(A HUGE thanks to MJ for "donating" her houseboys too!)

I can't wrap my head around the dishes ... YET!
But I will be back!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's some good eatings.
I had oatmeal for breakfast and was planning on a plain turkey sandwich for lunch. Sigh.

chickory said...

LOL the bottle game with the houseboys? brilliant because its hard to do that with so little on. you should smoke them, moi.

the GARLAND is awesome!!!! ding ding ding another 10 for heather. thank you moi it turned out great. Intriguing painting you have on your fireplace.

the menu? delish! im just gonna hover over the food table all day dont mind me.

Im going to guess SAG ALOO on the spinach ghee and curry dish. I love indian and have a favorite here in atlanta where i eat all the time.

enjoy the day and all the guests. i will pop in and out over the day. i

darkfoam said...

wow! yes, i've had my coffee, but now i'm starved .. lol..

nice houseboys! now i know what to wish for next christmas! :)

and the garland looks great. i'm impressed.

LaDivaCucina said...

Hey there Mizz Moi, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and SB! xo

I'm LOVIN' your par-tay menu, why thank you SO MUCH! The shrimp and chickpea fritters are DIVINE! (sorry that Dj Nevah L8 just devoured all of the chorizo sliders! He's a bear man, after all!)

Just sent my guesses for food over to Jenny! Hope I win! Just was at the "beauty parlor" gettin' my hair did, now off to the store for more food and booze! (and i'm already so full!)

moi said...

Scarlet: Are you wearing the Luisa Beccaria dress yet, or saving that for later?

Troll: You don't have to start on those 10 pounds TODAY, you know :o)

Chickory: That's "Midge" on the mantle; painted by a long-time family artist friend. I coveted it for years until she finally let loose of it. I LOVED making my garland! What fun. I'm going to make some for some friends for the holidays next year.

Foam: Eat up, girl! It's continually regenerating, despite La Diva's husband!

La Diva: Don't worry, the DJ can come back for more :o) Did you decide if you're going to your party tonight? Whatever you do, Happy, happy New Year to you the DJ, and we'll catch up soon!

LaDivaCucina said...

I forgot to tell you that a company that hires out male servers with their bottoms hanging out contacted La Diva Cucina Inc. to partner with them! HA! I never heard from them again but maybe it's because I told her they weren't allowed to sit on any of my furniture! haha!

Tonight's plans have gone to Plan B: No glam high rise dinner with the fabulous view at friend's, the movers have packed all of their dishes and furniture! So now we are meeting at the beach for sunset, snacks and drinky poos. Then back home to watch the myriad fireworks from downstairs and then upstairs for champers and crab legs, a late night supper to bring in the New Year! Will be by again, later hon!

Karl said...

Happy New Year Moi!

Reaches for your hand to give a spin and a dip in time with the music.

All of the food looks just wonderful.

The peaceful and prosperous new year to you and SB.

Sharon Rudd said...

I'm up with my contribution to your holiday table with Bacon and Blue Cheese Dip. Too bad I was fresh out of Cabrales!

Sharon Rudd said...

Love your "current" outfit, Moi - just fabulous! Stay warm now, ya hear!

chickory said...

wow! that outfit is like desert storm insane asylum. i l LOVE it!

well. was i right on the sag aloo???

glad you enjoyed making the garland. cmon people give it a try!

Aunty Belle said...

luv yore ensemble! Snow is good fer somethin'--excuse to shop!

First installment of guess- the- dish

.......oh, wait! Iffin' I list it heah, others will see it? RIGHT. Got it. Off to PNW email. Igit Cracker lady.

Roses said...

Love your outfit. Sexy and warm, an unusual combination and on you, it works.

The garland looks fantastic, well done you.

Here's to an awesome 2011!

moi said...

La Diva: Think of me, won't you, as I shiver in my NYE dinner get up?

Karl: My, don't you look handsome for the occasion. Thanks for the feet-sweeping spin!

Eggy: Ooo, goody. MORE FOOD! I'll be right over.

Chickory: The Rodarte girls paid homage to their Mexican heritage with this current Fall collection, but so much of it says Teutonic Warrior Princess to me. Which is what I'm going for with this first outfit. Battle against the snowdrifts.

Can't tell you on the sag aloo yet :o)

Yes, people, make those garlands and help raise $10 per for Chickory's most worthy cause. I finished mine in an hour, y'all!

Aunty: You got it :o) Oh, you can bet I'm using the weather to shop. Have you seen the spring shoe collection at

Roses: Thanks for dropping by! I'll be round to see you soon . . .

Val Kilmer said...

Hiya Neighbor,

I see that you, like me, believe in giving to charity. Would you consider giving to the "Bribe Eric Holder Into Not Prosecuting Me Fund"?

moi said...

Val: Val, you ol' hunk of chub, you. If you remember correctly, the last time we met, you aimed a shotgun at my car. So, no. But stay cool and sweet and I'll see ya in the summer!

LaDivaCucina said...

What are you doing tonight, Moi? Dressing up and having a nice, romantic, cuddly, fireside supper?

Whatever you do, don't get too close to a candle in that outfit! Looks like a fire hazard!

Just sent some stone crab claws over to Boxer's, better hurry before they are gone!

OOOOH and I jut lOVED your pecan pesto tamales!

Jenny said...

are you playing music?? I love it.

Karl is quite dapper in his Tux!

moi said...

La Diva: S.B. and some friends and I are headed to a local restaurant for their annual NYE wine dinner. That's right: icy rural roads, booze, and gale force winds. We know how to LIVE. Although, dinner's at 6, so I'll be back in time to join the Blogger fete in full swing.

Boxer: That's an instrumental of 3x7=21. I wanted the blusier version sung by Jewel King, but PlayList doesn't have it.

Buzz Kill said...

Wild boar chorizo sausage sliders - that's a some speesy spicy hamburgers. Even though I'm in my briefs (I don't like to go freebird) I still feel over-dressed next to the houseboys. And I have to say your outfit reminds me of...the mummy. Bwahahaha

Nice eats for a happy new year.

moi said...

Buzz: Hey. You know what? YOU COULD houseboy! Come on, whaddya say? You KNOW you wanna pass out the food and drink, right?

LaDivaCucina said...

PISCO SOURS!!!!!! I LOVE 'em! Wait, is that BUZZY IN CHAPS?! Crikey! Hang on there, Houseboy, I'll take another drinky poo, that first one went down too easy! Muchas gracias, Mizz Moi, me likey!

Waiting for hubby to get home from work and debating to go without him or wait...not answering phone. MUST. START. DRINKING.

Be careful out there, Moi darling, c u later!

chickory said...

looks good like a greyhound. too late. i am on bubbles. its 5 :18 here!!! and fireworks is started in the hood already!!

love that alex mcqueen. now that i think about it, i need to loosen up the snake a fur blumarine now.

moi said...

Chickory: Girl, you need a houseboy to help you get dressed? 'Cause I can hear you giggling from here :o)

LaDivaCucina said...

Hey Moi, I just did a mini mix on You Tube, check it out in Boxer's comments!

Jenny said...

yay! you're getting dressed and added a cocktail!

darkfoam said...

i need a houseboy to help me into my little red shoes ..
cause i just adjusted mr foams tie and now i'm headed out myself.


Hi Moi! It's Me! Sterling! I have a new blog page because I need more attention. Do any of your hired help look like Sally Cat? I do like the fashion show.

Jenny said...

Mr. Boxer made me the cocktail! it's light and frothy and I'm raising my glass to you Pal!

I'll have a picture up soon.

Sharon Rudd said...

Well, I'm home from dinner and thankfully blogging in my jammies, here at Cindie's "Command Central." Shiny new laptop, and beers in her office fridge. Now if one of those houseboys could just serve me some tapas, I'd be all set.

moi said...

La Diva: You are a mixologist master!

Boxer: And now I'm getting undressed.

Foam: I wore red shoes this evening, too!

Sterling: You are truly, truly a cat after Moi's heart. Do you think Pam would loan you to me?

Boxer: Isn't Pisco the best?

Eggy: Yay! Back home safely! How was dinner? The highlight of mine was a duck confit tamale with cilantro/red chile/honey sauce. Man. I'm going to dream about that.

chickory said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! only 26 minutes to go!!!

Sharon Rudd said...

I'm in envy of your duck confit tamale with cilantro/red chile/honey sauce. But I had some fine fried okra and penne with gorgonzola-spinach sauce. I limited myself to one Hurricane, served up by the fine young Nicholas. Beers, however, I'm not counting.

Happy New Year!

fishy said...

2011 has arrived
Wonderful of you to greet her in style with fabulous fashion, food, fun. Funny, I never appreciated "F's" until now.

Hope you and SB have a joy blessed year.

chickory said...


its 2011 here moi. I wish you and SB the best of everything!

Jenny said...

I'm pretending I'm on the East Coast and will soon be in slumberland.

Happy New Year to you, SB and your pack..I wish you all a most wonderful 2011.


Aunty Belle said...


thankfully, I'se in mah gown, in bed wif' a libation/ dessert--a "girly" drink that will send me to dream land afore much I jes' wanted to stop by an wish ya all the best in 2011!

Aunty Belle said...

Oh, an lemme jes note too, that the food was smashing good, Moi, Cherie. DOan know when I'se enjoyed such an array of terrific vittles.

darkfoam said...

wow! on your red sandals! killer shoes.
here's to new year's day and the rest of the year, eh?

chickory said...

thank you MOI for a fashion forward good time. looking forward to 2011! best to you and SB Ivan and Maddie all the snakes who will seek you out this spring and creatures of all manner that inhabit your wild space.

Jenny said...

There's a rumor that you're hiding one of the housboys in your closet.

Bad Moi!

Love the fashion parade. Love the first one.

moi said...

Nope, I returned all the Houseboys safe and sound, with gifts of booze and candy and everything. Even if they did steal my Prada and my D&G. Freakin' houseboys.

LaDivaCucina said...

Morning, Moi! Man, that was SOME PARTY last night! Me and the DJ were going to come by for more grub but got sidetracked back at Boxers!

I'm lovin' your fashion choices but maybe that second number is a TAD too much for the day? Oh, f*ck it, if anyone can pull it off, it's YOU!

Thanks so much for hosting, the fabulous food and friendship. AND the Pisco Sours! Heading over to Eggy's now, I"m STARVING!

The Mistress said...

I need a nap but I'll be back to visit your blog again.

Thanks for returning the houseboys in reasonably good condition.

LaDivaCucina said...

Moi, the beach party was ridiculous but over with quickly. Hubby got home a bit later than expected so we got there about six and it was so dark in the park as to be ridiculous. So, we sat on top of a hill, in the dark and the wind. The park had no proper lighting, it was really strange and NO ONE was about except for a lone stray cat that was lurking and waiting to pounce on the ham! It was LOADS of fun.
I ate, I drank and tried to talk to my friends but of course, all attention is now spent on chasing/scolding/playing with the 1 1/2 year old that is at that whiny/grabby stage. I love my friends but glad it was cold and dark and they had to get home!

So, came home, recharged and had some lovely cheese and then went downstairs to hang with our neighbors. One of them was already really drunk and trapped me for 15 minutes crapping on about her day and how her boss wouldn't let her leave before we even sat down. We hung for a bit and then escaped upstairs to hang until midnight. We watched some funny tv (Kids in the Hall) and then went back down for the fireworks, which were fabulous over the water! Then had problem with super drunk, obnoxious neighbor and called it a night. But things really GOT BAD when I HAD TO OPEN the other bottle of wine. Why? WHY? haha!

It was a good night, but certainly not the best time of my life and at least we had no snow. I would have preferred to have been freezing with you guys!

The DJ just made me the most beautiful scrambled eggs with St. Andre cheese....mmmmm....

Thanks for being such a cool hostess. Now give me my prize! heheh! xoxo