Monday, December 20, 2010

Haiku Mondays: Games

five days in Denmark
slapped with sleet and chill, we played
bored game marathon

* * *

Haiku Mondays is a weekly meme hosted by the Troll Stroll. Head on over for the skinny and your chance to win a fabulous Chickory-designed haiku badge of honor and fabulous (any day now) prizes.


fishy said...

Don;t ya hate traveling that far to experience icky weather and too much heated hotel air? Good haiku :-)

Milk River Madman said...

Very nice haiku. Hard to describe a trip in 17 syllables.

Jenny said...

great Haiku. Did you eat those cookies while stuck in the room?

Aunty Belle said...

Love the pun!

Roses said...

Love your haiku.