Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Movie Clip Wednesdays: Favorite Christmas Movie

I'm sorry, but I'm a sucker for Christmas. Everything about it makes me warm and fuzzy-feeling and not just because of the presents. Or the egg nog. Or the party shoes. Or the tree with the blinky lights or that it celebrates the birthday of one of the most influential human beings ever born on earth. Even if you don't believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and savior of man, you must admit, no one else packs quite the same historical, cultural, and sociological punch.

What I like most about the holidays is that people are so nice to each other. I haven't gone anywhere in the past several weeks where someone hasn't thanked me profusely for my patronage and followed that up with a hearty Merry Christmas. Okay, so it can all be a little commercial and overwhelming, and yeah, yeah, we should be nice to each other all the time, blah, blah, blah, but still. I think I'll surf the wave of this general goodwill for however long it lasts and damn the cynicism.

Naturally, I also love Christmas movies, and was trying to decide which movie to post for this meme (the original B&W A Christmas Carol with Alastair Sim or Bad Santa), when a brightly wrapped package arrived from the PNW this afternoon, inside of which Boxer had placed, amid a couple other rockin' goodies, a copy of this:

Well, now. Christmas movies just don't get any better—or whack-ass crazy—than this. If you haven't seen it, rent it now. It's worth whatever price they're charging just for the thrill of watching and hearing Grace Jones disco-fy "The Little Drummer Boy."

Totally. Awesome.

Thank you, Boxer. Mmmmmmmmwah.

To see what other holiday movies are spreading goodwill to humankind, hop on over to our host with the most, Milk River Madman:


Princess said...

Thanks Moi for the reccommendation.
All the blessings of the season to you and yours...

sparringK9 said...

who knew? i might have to check it out as there are not many xmas movies to begine with. im on a travel day - so have a HMCW and thanks for all the fish!

(will catch up on prev posts later)

and see email for my thoughts on black swan

Roses said...

I'm not into Peewee, but that does look fun.

Have a great one!

Jenny said...

bwaahahahahahahah. The opening is the best. Nice to see it again.

I agree about enjoying the spirit of the Season when everyone is nice to each other. I love going to our annual movie on Christmas because strangers greet each other warmly and I love saying "Merry Christmas" ON Christmas.

xoxo -

Pam said...

Now this I can do! Thanks for sharing! Don't think I have seen it before and now I want to see it all. Loves me some Peewee. Happy MCW!

Joanna Cake said...

I dont know this one either - clearly I need to regain my Christmas movie spirit to keep up with all these films I've never seen.

Merry Christmas Moi xx

LaDivaCucina said...

I'm not sure I've seen this but I did record PeeWee's Big Adventure last Dec. 26th and managed to keep it on the recorder without erasing for an entire year. Last night, I told hubby we'd watch it again and laugh and he said, "Yeah, YOU'LL laugh." HA! Go figure, young smart ass punk!

Merry Christmas, Moi, hope you and hubby have a grand time. All the best to you for the New year! xo

Anonymous said...

Helluva list of guest stars. Good pick.

Karl said...

Merry Christmas Moi,

That was quite an impressive cast. I liked the fish.

Hope you and SB had a great holiday!

Milk River Madman said...

Cowboy Curtis is Laurence Fishburn? GTFOOH!! Oprah on Peewee? Those were the days. PeeWee is an underrated comic genius. Tell K9 I saw a scene from Black Swan and, uh, yeah, I think I'll go check it out.

moi said...

Princess: Same to you!

K9: Got 'em. You make great points; but I'm still sticking to my guns that it didn't go far enough. Travel safely!

Roses: He's not for everyone, but regardless, he's pretty harmless.

Boxer: The booze is good, too :o)

Pam: If you're a fan, it's a must.

Cake: There just aren't enough hours in the day, are there?

La Diva: Really? I thought those Aussies-Now-Americans laugh at everything so long as you get 'em likkered up right.

Troll: Charo's bit is quite amusing, too.

Karl: Thanks! Say the fish.

MRM: I know exactly the scene you're talking about. Boys. I swear.

Buzz Kill said...

I watched Pee Wee's Playhouse when it was on TV back in the 80s (until that little mishap in the theater). But I did not know he had this special. And I don't think those were the US Marine Corp either. Hard to believe Lawrence Fishburn and S. Epatha Merkerson were regulars.

Happy MCW and Merry Christmas!

moi said...

Buzz: Laurence Fishburne still surprises me every time I see him. He seems so . . . jolly.

czar said...

Good god. The guest stars make me think of It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. I'm wore out.

The Mistress said...

I watch Pee-wee's Playhouse Christmas Special EVERY Christmas!

I love the heavenly intonations of the Del Rubio Triplets.