Thursday, January 13, 2011


I'm not writing anything today out of fear that whatever I might say on this blog could incite someone to eventually take some kind of action that could in some way be—or be construed to be—inflammatory, hateful, violent, ridiculous, false, faulty, outrageous, ill-advised, tacky, insulting, illogical, ignorant, badly dressed, and/or illegal in the vast majority of these here United States and some commonwealths and territories (with the possible exception of South Dakota, and, perhaps, the Northern Marianas Islands).


Buzz Kill said...

Yes mistress, I will kill all people wearing crocs.

Take a deep breath and for god sakes, stop watching CNN.

Karl said...

Good topic for Haiku. Oh wait it is already.

@Buzz: What a great idea for a new sport.

sparringK9 said...

lets ban guns to honor the woman who stood for the second amendment.

you know, tea party people are always making santaria shrines in their back yards and reading the commie manifesto. (the 1% under 50, that is)

you gotta love a sheriff that fails to act on several flags concerning jared lee psycho and then blames rush limbaugh for his failure

obama, of course, praises this sheriff

the father of the 9 year old killed pleads with media to not exploit his daughters death to further restrict rights -as a businessman who travels often he has already expressed dismay at the level of intrusion via the TSA - ever hear any of that on the news? you never will.

its disgusting. I cant believe how many people i saw on facebook blaming palin and tea party people. We are in deep trouble in this nation.

nobody ever mentioned the Daily Kos hit piece on giffords because she read part of the constitution on congress opening day and because she voted against pelosi, open borders and gun control.

Jared lee psycho knew giffords. THANK GOD for on point bloggers because today, on you tube, ms giffords is no longer a subscriber to "classitup 10" which is jared's you tube channel. But a blogger has the screen shot and it is here

remember. who killed John Lennon? his biggest fan. Who killed Selena? head of her fan club. There are people saying he met with her at least once. havent been able to vet that yet.

Ive been compiling a major list on this situation to present on sparring k9 and then i think. WHY why why would i ever waste a second on informing anybody about anything? the people who understand will understand and the ones who wont, wont.

Lone gunmen are the best things that ever happened to oppressive bureaucrats. how many ways will be pay in liberty for this.

and my number one bitch of the day:

the meme of making one persons crime our collective guilt. for thoughts. for words. for associations. Obama is the most polarizing figure the us has ever seen. that theatre last night was really a pep rally for reelection

*rant over*



Jenny said...

this is why I continue my ban on most news; even blogs. I didn't/wouldn't watch Obama last night. I don't want to hear what Palin thinks about it either. She, like everyone else is grabbing as much media as they can for their personal gain. Pfffft.

I can only think about the innocent people gunned down by a mentally ill person. I can't imagine how the parents of the 9 year old girl are going to live the rest of their life without their daughter. Are they heroes? I don't believe so. They were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. What if this Jared Lee had been drunk and hit them with his car? The end result is the same. Dead. Did the conservative right cause this? Oh.Dear.God. we are so freaking stupid.

K9? Great rant. Moi? we need you for the NGMLF, so good idea to hold back on writing anything and getting yourself on a no fly

moi said...

Buzz: Yes mistress, I will kill all people wearing crocs. I like the sound of that on so many levels.

Karl: Haiku Monday's gonna sizzle next week.

K9: The parents of this little girl are about the only folks who have acted with any kind of dignity during all this.

Boxer: I watched a bit of Obama's speech. How anyone could call it great is beyond me. He seemed stilted and unemotional. The more I see and hear of the man, the more I miss Bill Clinton.

Aunty Belle said...

ditto all

looky, see whar this all leads? to Thought Police. What K9 ain't reminded us of is Rahm baby--remember? Stabbin' a knife an' sayin' "those people are gonna die, die die!" Yet, seen any HuffPo columnists say Rahm is incitin' violence against constitutionists?

Thought Police. The libs is usin' this--an never fergit that this particular politician wasn't popular wif the Obamnation gang.

Please, people, please--write your congressmen an tell them they must not allow this incident to squelch free speech which includes talk radio.

Last thang, no kiddin' now--keep yore skepticism up--the whole thang is a leetle too convenient a narrative fer the enemies of freedom.

Heck, even sick as she is fightin' fer every breath heah in this hospital room, Granny say, "this sounds fishy."

fishy said...

This is fearsomely bad juju.
This media assault is the production of an elite "rapid response team" of propagandists. Already in place, practiced, prepared, primed to pervert by assignment random, shocking events to a predetermined agenda. It's big time, funded, slick evil.

LẌ said...

I don't buy into the notion that the President has to be our Mourner-In-Chief.

moi said...

Aunty: I write my congress people to the point of bloody fingertips and all I get back in return is rhetoric. You and granny are in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.

Fishy: Looks like the only choices we have for leadership these day are playground bullies or the chess team nerds. Disgusting.

xl: Right. How did that happen? When Bill Clinton addressed the nation after Oklahoma and Bush after 9/11 those were two totally heartfelt and appropriate responses by our nation's leaders to the people they represented. Because both of those incidents WERE attacks on this nation, on its way of life, its ideas, and the best we have to offer in terms of both. This? This was the act of a lone loony that was not politically motivated in spite of his target, and Obama's speech was nothing but a limp attempt to up his approval ratings. He said NOTHING of any purpose.

Anonymous said...

Two things that might have escaped y'all's attention in the maelstrom of malignant lies flowing from the poisonous mouths of the leftist media oligarchy.

1) A democrat congressweasel from Pennylvania named Brady has proposed a law making it a Federal Crime to use "words or symbols" to denigrate members of the Federal Government including himself. That would include flipping him the bird. His bill probably won't pass unless heavily modified.

2) 7 of the Obamanation's Czars have released 2263 pages of new "quidelines, regulations and procedures" in response to the Arizona homicides. These WILL impact ordinary patriot American's lives, do not require Congressional Approval and aren't really subject to Congressional or Judicial oversight in any practical or timely sense.

In the spirit of "Never let a crisis go to waste" most of those 2263 pages were written prior to the Arizona event but not put in place because on a slow news day they'd have been noticed.

moi said...

Troll: I know about both #1 and #2. Unfortunately. So, if anyone has anything nasty to say about anyone or anybody; any organization, corporation, or entity; any animal, vegetable, or mineral; or the service at the corner deli, better get it out now or forever hold your peace (piece).

czar said...


Pam said...

I wanted to comment earlier today but thought I probably should not do so from my location at the time. I didn't listen to the speech, nor will I, but ti doesn't keep me from having opinions! From everything I have read, the shooter was a left-leaner who already had a correspondence or relationship of sorts with the Congresswoman. So how is a left-leaning shooter influenced by anything tea party-ish? Am just amazed that it even comes up! I'm no real fan of the tea party, but they have nothing to do with this case. The guy was a whack job, plain and simple. He set out to do what he did based on his own craziness.

And that is why I basically quit watching the news also ... just enough to know what is going on. Everything is sensationalized and if anyone is to blame ... uh, tv news. How about blaming them? This guy is going to be famous forever, analyzed and re-analyzed, documentaries made about him, movies made about him, etc., etc.

A former co-worker of mine posted this on FB this week: At the memorial service for the 168 victims of the OKC Bombing, Bill Clinton spoke for 9 minutes. At the memorial service for the 2,752 victims of 9/11, George Bush spoke for 8 minutes, 23 seconds. At last night's memorial service (or rather, the pep rally) for the SIX victims of the Arizona shooting, Barack Obama spoke for 34 minutes. I'm just sayin'...

moi said...

Czar: Right. Which is what we're doing to ourselves.

Pam: What bugged me most about O'Bummer's speech was his implication that we as a nation, a unit of people, are to blame for the actions of a lone crazy, and by extension that we need to all get in line and tow the line of a shiny, happy collective. When did we all forget that, in spite of all our best efforts, SHIT HAPPENS, and sometimes there IS no reason for it?

What's happening with the news media is a travesty. They craft these stories to make EVERYTHING high drama, so that we are no longer capable of distinguishing between a small, local tragedy that should be handled as such, and something that touches us ALL, and therefore requires the response and/or acknowledgment of our leaders. The result is that we now exist in a continual, heightened, false state of fear and insecurity. We are rapidly becoming incapable of ascertaining which, if any, event, issue, or idea, requires attention and response and which do not.

What happens when a people are constantly operating on a tuned-to-eleven state of emotional upset? They look for assistance outside their own judicial abilities, which then opens the doors to all kinds of civil liberty abuses.

A rational, cool-headed people who do not let false emotion rule their decision-making will never allow a tyrannical government to form. Those on the other hand who operate off of base fears ("everyone is out to get me" rather than "acts of evil are random and rare") and base desires ("I deserve" rather than "I earn") invite and accept injustice and abuse by those in power. And that's what's happening today. We're losing our power to discern, to assign value, and are slowly accepting a state of servitude in exchange for a false sense of security.

Jenny said...

and her voice finally emerges.


I heart you.

Pam said...

Absolutely agree 150%. Perfectly articulated. Amen.

chickory said...

@czar : a uroboros pangolin thing

moi: you said:

The result is that we now exist in a continual, heightened, false state of fear and insecurity.

thats by design. its a a psych war 24/7