Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Move Clip Wednesdays: Favorite Movie Set in Winter

I don't know whether it's because I was born, raised, and remain living in the West, or whether it's simply because I'm an American and therefore come packaged with a certain segment of my DNA that is compelled to long for the wilderness, but when I dig deep and really think about where I would feel most at home, the place I always come up with is Alaska.

I've never been there. I know little about it and if I ever found myself in a cabin alone somewhere on the Tundra, I just might crumble like a girly-girl and head for the nearest Starbucks and Nordstroms. But if life is about pushing frontiers, it seems to me that Alaska is the last great one readily available for exploration.

Which is why I love this movie so much. Never Cry Wolf has been called one of the best nature movies ever made, based on biologist Farley Mowat's explorations of the relationship between Arctic wolves and the caribou herds that the Alaskan government accused the wolves of decimating. More than that, though, it's a movie about being alone without being lonesome, about being resourceful instead of wasteful, and about whether or not human beings are in fact capable of existing in harmony with the wilderness. The visually gifted Carroll Ballard nears soapiness on occasion, but for the most part holds tight to a restrained documentary style that lets viewers come to their own conclusions about the themes he raises.

Unfortunately, all the clips of this movies are over 8 mintutes long; this is the only short one I could find.

Pop on over to , Milk River Madman's place for more favorite wintertime movies:


Karl said...

Good morning Moi,

I haven't seen it but the right up on it's pretty good.

It must be good for you to tout the virtues of a Disney movie. Much less the first Disney movie to show someone's bare bottom. How racy.

I have a hard time thinking of you crumbling like a girlie-girl in any situation.

Happy clip day!

Jenny said...

I've never seen this either, but the whole subject fascniates me and the clip I watched is just beautiful.

As for falling apart when removed from all things "MOI"... hmmmm...

I tknow you'd do just fine. AND I'm positive you'd still be styling during the worst of it.

question; what lipstick color goes with killing blizzards?

Happy MCW!

Milk River Madman said...

Alaskan scenery is always a winner. Guess what? I know you'll be shocked, but, I havent scene this movie. Hard to believe I know. Happy MCW.

Aunty Belle said...

have not seen it, but would if I have a chance.

Alaska has a certain romance, I reckon.

I likes documentaries--has we had that as a theme?

sparringK9 said...

this was good -starring the "toad" grrrrhahahaha. but i love how it examines our myths about certain creatures. ANd i loved what you wrote about alone and lonesome. I know the truth of this.

Moi - youd be great in a snow foxhole. think of the neat schizzz you could wear!

im up. follow me back to ice planet Hoth.

Buzz Kill said...

Chicky beat me to the "Terry the Toad" comment. Charles Martin Smith is a good character actor and I never knew he ever had a leading role. I've not seen this picture either, but I do like nature movies.

Happy MCW!

Madman - Can't you see Alaska from your house?

moi said...

Karl: I think it was the movie that launched Disney's Touchstone, so for that I'll forgive it. But usually, I am of the opinion that Disney is Satan.

Boxer: Nars, Fire Down Below. Or M.A.C.Lady Danger.

MRM: The hell you say? Dude, what are you waiting for?

Aunty: That's okay, Aunty; Alaska is COLD, so I understand if you don't see the full on romance :o)

K9: How Charles Martin Smith doesn't ruin this pic, I'll never know. Good point about the dressing, for I am at heart a winter dresser and am dying for an occasion to wear a really massive fur coat without fear of a PETAbot all up in my bidness. In my next life, I want to be Inuit. Or Norwegian.

moi said...

Buzz: Comment of the day!

chickory said...

next summit is Iceland. in the winter for the aurora borealis! im wearing that thing i wore to NYE only with thigh high fur boots.

Jenny said...

I'm down with going up to Iceland.

I hear they serve their vodka VERY cold. Just the way I likey.

Jenny said...

To Buzz, We CAN see Alaska from here.

moi said...

I'm down with Iceland, too, but, whoa. A cool four thou for a flight? And that's coach.

Master Basho's Tasteless Ghost said...

Master would have chosen "Porky's" had he participated. Again.

NYD said...

I think I will wait until Summer is roasting me to see this film. Right now it just reinforces the fact that it's -6 degrees here and I'm freezing my butt

moi said...

Basho: Oink. Oh, wait, you're shooting turkey. Never mind.

NYD: Right! And make sure you don't eat any ice cream, either. (Good to see you again.)