Thursday, August 14, 2008

All Summer in a Day

(Not Moi)

You know what mid August usually means to Moi? That summer is on the wane. Because it's when almost everyone I know goes back to school: my niece, in her first year as a high school freshman. Sniff. Very verklempt making moment. Wicked, in her umpteenth year as a teacher of, well, teacherly things. Sniff. No more meetings in high priced coffee shops to discuss the merits of Daniel Craig's bod versus head.

Mid August means S.B. goes back to work, too, doing whatever it is he does wearing that sexy ass hard hat of his. Sniff. Bye, bye, S.B.!

So where does that leave spouse-less, friendless, hapless lil' ol' Moi? Chained to my desk for the next three weeks writing a book. Just me, my iMac, a case of Fresca, and my head down, type, type, type, type, typing.

I'll check in here and there. In between sentences.


Mandy_Fish said...

I knew summer was coming to an end when it was dark last night at 9pm.


h said...

Doesn't sound so bad to me.

Doris Rose said...

hello? tap, tap, yoo hoo...hey it's me...remember, chopped livah!?
Retired folks get No respect.

moi said...

Mandy: I'm a solar worshipper for sure. Darkness is for pussies.

Troll: No, the work is great. Summer ending is NOT.

DorisRose: Oh goodness, no, you are indeed not chopped livah! You are in fact the only friend of mine who's NOT going back to work and abandoning me, hence, my last hope at enjoying some summer. I'll need a break next week. Let's tawk.

Gnomeself Be True said...

I can post beach pictures, if that'll help.

Jenny said...

I can smell fall in the air.

*sobs with Mandy*

It JUST got here.

work on Sistah, you know that's what I'm doing.

moi said...

Iamnot: Beach pictures always help. Thank you. Can you send a little drinkee, too?

WTWA: There was a little writer named Moi and she had new shoes and fifty gazillion cases of Fresca because she sat her ass down and did her job. Even though she missed summer as a result.

AB: No way, dude! Y'all just got summer to pay you a visit. Now you're on your way to fall? Dang. You need to visit the desert. After you finish making the world safe for plexiglass display cases.

Wicked Thistle said...

Well, I think we can say no more meeting at high-priced coffee shops on *weekdays* for sure, but the weekends, baby, they're all ours.

(But hold on a minute, Jacky, who's to say we couldn't pop into the Starbucks in Smith's grocery store after school one day? Nothing says country living like sipping your coffee next to a sale bin of Chiclet gum.)

Bretthead said...

Fresca isn't bad with vodka.

moi said...

Wicked: Hey . . . you're thinking outside the box now, girlfriend. It's a date.

WTWA: OMG, I have never in my life diluted The Fresca . . . Vodka you say?

Gnomeself Be True said...

I actually can back up WTWA on that vodka thing.
Vodka and grapfruit with a rim crusted with sugar and salt is a "salty dog." It's pretty much like that.

Big Shamu said...

Type away Frescmoi, just make sure the squirrels don't gum up the works. Since I'm a newbie to your blog world, what's the book about?

moi said...

Okey dokey, then! Get all Moi's blob homies together and what we got on our hands is an open bar!

Shamu – it's an anniversary history for a national company.

Aunty Belle said...

EhhrrrrK! Jammed on brakes!

Wait..what??? Spouse-less? huh? Whar's he goin'??

Writin' a book?? What kinda book--Girl Bbaby, ya' doan jes' dump out all them BIG news thangs and fly on by. Spill it!

.......oh. I see. Read down to reply to Shamu. Not bad, but uh, write a MOI book, would ya!!

Big Shamu said...

I'm with Aunty, I'm sure the company history will be great but you need to write a MOI book.

czar said...

i for one can't wait to Moi's non-Moi book, since she'll be sending it my way once it's done. i'll be scouring it carefully to see how much of the true moi seeps through in what should otherwise be an exercise in deathly corporate prose.

moi said...

Aunty: Spousal Unit runs own company and travels on and off throughout the year in its service.

Shamu: Once this is done, I plan to veg. Then think about a "Moi" book.

Czar: Well, so far I have managed to refrain from using the word "awesome" or "Louboutin." But given that I have, like, 2.5 seconds to write this thing, I doubt anyone's going to be all that impressed. Make me look good, will ya?