Friday, April 11, 2008

It's the 21st Century. So Where's My Ding Dang Clone?

SB says to me today, "When you gonna post something else? I'm tired of looking at that snow scene." 

Me, too. But, I'm also tired.

I had meant to post my muffin experience on Da Baking Blob long before now, but I'll have to get to that next week, after Mute Monday's All About Moi topic. And some sleep this weekend. And maybe some belly button contemplation and catch up on "The Tudors."

In the meantime, y'all occupy yourselves with this: 

Daniel Craig: – Hot or Not.
Discuss . . .


Anonymous said...

well back when i was K9 i was jealous of maydens affection for "danielle" craig. now that i am she i can some way he is more like how i think 007 should be...not too slick as in roger moore or *erp* pierce brosnan. somethings a bit off though in his too short a neck on too beefy a chest or something..but that weird little pouty way he holds his mouth is an irritant. hairs a bit thin, but im nit pickin now. however, i did see casino royale and i liked it.

sean connery will be the eternal bond. none can touch him in the beauty or the bad ass department.

-she via mr shes POS dell

Anonymous said...

by the way i watched i am legend last night and i was on high anxiety most of the time. very stressful. that movie had beaucoup loose ends but overall, i liked it. that german shepard (a resuce of course as most movie dogs are) was the best actor of the year!

in my next life i think im going to train dogs for the movies. i gotta get trout a role -shes so elegant and what a personality!

Doris Rose said...

your clone quit before her first day--too ding dang much work. harrumph. So I suggest you ask HIM ;->

Gnomeself Be True said...

Sean Connery IS bond. Others...not so much.
roger moore, what a fop.
Brosnan wasn't bad.
I thought Daniel Craig was very good. Certainly the best since Connery. I'd kinda been pulling for Sean Bean.

she and I are on the same track. I have "I Am Legend" in the DVD player now...looking for time to watch it.

Gnomeself Be True said...

...of course, having played bad guy in an earlier bond movie...they couldn't very well bring Sean Bean back as Bond.

Aunty Belle said...

Uh-oh...thar's a trend in the responses.

Bond/Connery. That's it, finit.

But iffin' we gotta have a understudy, Craig gits the attitude almost right.

Roger More was Bond's character reversed--an elegant man who tolerated the wet work.

Bond - realist who knew his job, cultivated culture and style the better to serve his mission.

moi said...

She: I agree. He has that compact, bulldog quality I like in a man, but something IS a tad off.

BTW, I know a local gal who trains pit bulls for movies. She doesn't even leave ABQ, as we're becoming Hollyweird II with hardly any effort. She just wrapped three (movies, not dogs). I'm thinking "second career" here myself.

Doris: Yes. I know. The freakin' clone is shoe shopping at Banana Republic as we speak!

Iamnot/She: I was singularly unimpressed with I Am Legend and I'm a HUGE zombie movie fan. But I adore that dog. And Will Smith has long been in the running for Husband #6, but SB forced me down to five, so if any of the others bow out, he's in.

Aunty: Spot on assessment of Roger Moore. What a limp noodle. I cringe whenever I see him come on the screen. Pierce Brosnan does it for me, but not as bond (did you see The Matador? Wow, was he great). Craig is the closest since Sean Connery, so I'll take him.

ThursdayNext said...

I am with Aunty. Connery IS Bond. Period. I need a martini now.

Jenny said...

I won't/can't watch I Am Legend.... I'd need Valium and my nephew told me about the dog and said "you wouldn't be happy Aunt Jenny" and I believe him.

Am I alone in this with Daniel Craig? His Bond was the ONLY Bond I've bonded with (hee.) I say HOT. Those blue eyes? Helloooo. The scene in the bathroom when "we" first see him in the tux? Nobody?



sparringK9 said...

no - that bathroom scene was cool, anonymous boxer. it IS odd to think of bond as blond though.

moi: were you unimpressed because when another living person shows up he NEVER asks her how she managed to stay alive? what was that light gizmo she had? how was she driving off an island with all the bridges blown? why not lay mines every day and try and kill as many DS's as possible each night?

i thought the city looked great and i loved the panic to get off the island scenes too. the dark seekers were hideous. it creeped me. i liked it. i heard 28 days was good but anxiety is bad for my neck -gettin all tense and paranoid ya know.

Jenny said...

ohhh, the blonde Bond. I get it. I guess I didn't look at his hair.

I hate anxiety-filled movies. I rather just watch the nightly news if I want to freak out.

Clarissa said...

Craig is very attractive, but there is something that bothers me about him ... and I think I just noticed now looking at the pic on your blog (which I have seen before but not really thought about) ... he pouts in an annoying way ... a bit like Kiera Knightly.

moi said...

Thursday: Any time is the right time for a Martini, isn't it?

AB: Oh, I'm with ya, only maybe not hot in all caps. And the beach scene, that was Moi's big "hello."

She: For me, the truly scary part of the movie was the idea of the virus and being the only man left alive. That emotional tension that was done so well in the first part of the movie. Then it devolved into a kind of standard zombie movie. See, I LIVE for zombie movies. I've seen 'em all and in comparison to the truly, truly creepy 28 Days (so far, the benchmark por Moi - rent it NOW), I Am Legend didn't quite measure up.

Clarissa: Howdy and welcome to Moi's Blob! Oy, don't even get me started on Kiera Knightly. The girl is downright rabbity. AND she needs a good meal.

Karen said...

Just wanted to mention that my father in law is a dead ringer for Sean Connery. Now if only my husband could age with such aplomb I would die a happy woman :)

Gnomeself Be True said...

Wow...thanks for blowing the movie for me everyone!

I think I'll just return it.


The Poet Laura-eate said...

Daniel Craig is a little bit scraggy-looking for my taste, though he undeniably has a great bod.

Also he didn't have enough personality to play 007. Roger Moore was my favourite Bond as he played it with style, panache and high cheese...exactly as I envisage this improbable hero.

h said...

I didn't know who he was until I read the comments. Last Bond film I saw had Roger Moore. May he rest-in-peace.

Lisa said...

So, SO hot. Thanks for the little thrill!